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“Christmas is over. We have a nation to save. Get back to work!”

I sent this text to the Gideon Group last night. Pretty much joking. Except that with the extraordinary crises we are dealing with nationally and internationally, it totally rings true. 

So I expect a full house on the prayer call tonight. Return your oversized shirt and those undersized shoes tomorrow. Turn off the Hallmark Channel. Turn on Revolution 2018. No excuses!

Speaking of Revolution 2018… we decided to host the gathering because the Lord spoke to us He was convening Heaven’s Council over Washington DC as of Hanukkah. I believe this perception proved true. It’s extraordinary to see how clear prophetic revelation from the gathering has now become a plumbline for us to evaluate events unfolding before our eyes. 

Counsel from Heaven’s Council—for you personally, and for our nation and world. 

Border Wall, Syria Withdrawal
Obviously we had no idea when we gathered at the Trump International just how much of a pivot point Hanukkah 2018 would be. Just a week after, two major decisions came down from the White House. 

First, when provoked, President Trump made an unprecedented turnaround and stood for border wall funding. 

Second, in a dramatic and costly decision, he decided to expedite pulling out our troops from Syria. 

Today I want to briefly touch on both issues prophetically.

Restoring Homeland Security
Note that Chuck Pierce directly addressed border security during his Revolution message, clearly warning about border wars continuing into 2019. He clearly articulated the need to ramp up border security, both through vigilance in prayer and tangible action. 

On January 5, 2016 the Lord showed me in a dream His desire for Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. In the dream Trump received the contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security. He disappeared to work on a dilapidated portion of the campus that had been severely neglected. While he was away, I saw black and hispanic women being ushered through the gates of Homeland Security, shouting high praises to the Lord! Trump is renown for saying “You’re fired.” But in the dream I kept hearing the echoes, “You’re hired! You’re hired!” 

Finally in the dream Donald Trump returned with his entourage. I caught his eye as he walked by. And I declared to him, “Sir you must restore Christmas!” (from “Turnaround Tuesday… Trump?” To read the full posting CLICK HERE). 

Homeland Security—Trump’s Primary Calling
This dream seemed to set the course for 2016 and beyond in so many ways. What I want to emphasize, though, is how the dream conveyed President Trump’s first and primary calling is to restore homeland security to our nation. This absolutely includes parts or aspects of homeland security which have been severely neglected by previous administrations, such as porous borders.

By the way President Obama has taken most of the blame for our porous borders. But the problem goes back many administrations. Mideast terrorists posing as hispanic refugees were crossing our borders during the Bush administration. Sorry! Both Republicans and Democrats bear the responsibility together to restore border security.

Mexico—Second Deadliest Nation in World
And in case you are “on the fence” on this issue, here are some facts you may not yet have heard. I don’t know why they are not front and center in any debate. 

Drug cartel wars have made Mexico the second-deadliest nation in the world. Worse than Afghanistan or Iraq. Close to Syria in bloodshed.

According to an article on, “After six years of civil war, Syria remains the bloodiest battlefield on the planet. But there’s one other conflict zone whose violence in recent years has come to eclipse both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — and the bloodshed is right on America’s doorstep…The reign of terror wrought upon innocent civilians by Mexico’s drug cartels accounted for 23,000 fatalities in 2016…That’s compared with around 16,000 deaths in Iraq and 17,000 in Afghanistan.”

Further, according to an article on the Forbes website, “In 2016, according to my analysis of the data, more Americans were reported killed by homicide in Mexico than the combined total of Americans killed by homicide in every other country abroad.”

Will a border wall impede trafficking and bloodshed? Hopefully. But the most important aspect of border security remains your vigilant intercession. And right now we need to pray for the stalemate in Congress to be broken. 

Again, both Democrats and Republicans are well-informed. They simply need to do what’s best for America at this time. Because as Chuck Pierce noted, the threat is greater than we realize.

Syria Troop Withdrawal
OK. I want to briefly touch on the second major issue, Trump’s decision on the Syria troop withdrawal. A more comprehensive posting will come later. But here’s the bottom line for now.

I mentioned in our previous posting that, in the spirit, the Syria issue “feels” bigger than any other issue at hand. I felt this when Rick Ridings and Andrew Brunson first warned of the dangers of the emerging axis of Iran, Turkey and Russia during Revolution 2018. Especially related to Syria. 

We need to pray. 

Obviously it is patently wrong to abandon the Kurds in Syria. They have been our closest allies in defeating ISIS. And Erdogan’s army is right now mobilizing to take them out.

To allow Erdogan to slaughter the Kurds in Syria is a betrayal of incalculable proportions. It would cause irreparable damage both in Syria and among nations who right now respect the integrity of the United States. 

Further, withdrawing our influence and yielding Syria’s destiny to Iran, Turkey and Russia puts Israel in great peril. Really, the entire Mideast.

“When Provoked, He Will Do The Right Thing”
That said, remember Trump is called to be a Churchill for this hour. History shows how victory for England was predicated on victory for freedom in Europe. 

Further, Churchill needed the prayers of Rees Howells to secure this victory. And I guarantee you President Trump needs your prayers right now.  

For your intercession, I want to submit to you the whisper I heard this morning from the Lord. I was seeking Heaven’s counsel regarding Trump and Syria. Holy Spirit spoke simply that, in concert with our prayers, “When provoked he will do the right thing.” 

That statement alone is worth this whole posting. 

Once again we need to pray! Keeping in mind that Trump’s decision is not an end, but a beginning. For now, hopefully it creates some leverage with both Turkey’s Erdogan and Iran’s Rouhani in persuading them to do the right thing. 

That said, both nations should know emphatically that failure to do the right thing will necessitate the return of the United States as an intervening force. 

That said, please continue praying for President Trump. Especially that “When provoked, he will do the right thing.” Talk with you tonight…