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AMERICAN POLITICS is currently the greatest show on earth. That’s about to change. However, the nail-biting, made-for-media race to the finish did not fail to exhilarate. As governmental intercessors we are breathing a sigh of relief that it is finally over. And as governmental prophets we want to share with you today what we are sensing from the Lord. For more than a year we have been prophesying a new way forward for America. Here are twelve points. 

  1. Which wave prevailed—blue or red? Neither. Just as prophesied. I have shared from Albany NY to San Diego to Washington DC just Monday that the “tsunami” at hand is neither a blue wave or a red wave. Instead it is a river of fire from God’s throne. We saw this played out last night. Read Daniel 7, and you will see this river directly proceeds from God’s throne of justice. And the current of this river is going to direct the course of the nation over the coming months. We are being commissioned from His holy fire. God’s lampstand prevails. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

  2. Where is God’s hand in governmental turnaround? Remember the Lord showed us that 2018 was the year of L’CHAIM. It has proven true! This year God’s hand was unflinchingly demonstrated in bringing national turnaround through the seating of Justice Kavanaugh for LIFE. The Senate became the true battleground for this turnaround. And from Capitoline Hill to Capitol Hill, we saw God’s governmental turnaround. Covenant with death and hell anulled. COVENANT OF LIFE PREVAILS!

  3. Teshuvah has been decreed! This is actually the primary dimension of God’s governmental turnaround now being released both to the body of Christ and the political world. The trumpet sounding over the nation right now, red and blue and me and you, is TESHUVAH. The Hebrew word for turnaround dramatically conveys repentance. The Lord conveyed this early in the year for 2018 for all. We must return authentically to Jesus, empowered by Holy Spirit, devoid of the political spirit. Our agendas must yield. Our mouths must be cleansed. And this current of God’s river must immerse our nation to bring us to repentance instead of the brink of civil war.

  4. Unveiling the Unshakeable Throne. We have also prophesied that we are in a year of governmental shaking similar to Isaiah 6. In the midst, this year God is unveiling His unshakeable throne. His majesty, His holiness, His justice will be clearly perceived by all.  I will never forget listening to Chuck Pierce prophesy at the Head of the Year conference. My jaw dropped as my own words were repeated back to me as sovereign thunder. Thrones are going to shake this year! And a freedom movement is being commissioned. MAKE SURE YOU JOIN US FOR REVOLUTION. Speaking of which…

  5. God’s council is convening in DC this Hanukkah. It was amazing to experience Heaven’s Council—see Jeremiah 23:22—over Yom Kippur. And then to even pray through the word He granted during our White House tour that night was extraordinary! But I honestly could not find the “access door” to God’s council regarding the 2018 elections. Instead I have been sensing since early fall that the Lord will be convening His council over Hanukkah 2018. My first thought immediately was, “Lord, isn’t that a little late for the elections?” Beloved I want to compel you that the turnaround the Lord is bringing is greater than the elections. At great cost, we are facilitating Revolution again at the Museum of the Bible simply because we want to align with His open door. Make sure to join us!
  6. Left Wing, Right Wing. Which prevails? Neither. Instead both are being summoned by the Lord to TESHUVAH—to genuinely return to Him so that the eagle of this nation may gain wholeness and fresh vision. We have today an incredible opportunity for genuine collaboration which will cause our nation to soar higher. This window is actually a gift from God. The big question for Congress is simply this. Will we destroy each other or finally learn how to fly?
  7. Where was Heaven’s Court Not Satisfied? If you’re disappointed in the election results, you must ask this question. I am going to go out on a limb here on one issue. God is the Father of all in this nation. And He desires for His heart as Father to be embraced. One reason we didn’t see a “red tide” on election day is that the Republican Party has as yet failed to break the divide and inspire America as the party of “we the people.” Of all the people. Justice regarding immigration remains a major issue before Heaven’s Court. When a window opens from the Lord and His desire is not embraced, a movement can quickly become an old wineskin, even in a way that endangers the nation. As prophesied, the dreamers still need their legitimacy granted. And the gatekeeping capacities of this nation through improved border security and reformed immigration policy still must be strengthened. These are not just good ideas but mandates from Heaven’s Court.

  8. Justice for Victims of Abuse. I mentioned the covenantal shift to LIFE as the first “turnaround priority” on God’s heart this year. L’chaim! The second turnaround priority on His heart is redemptive exposure of the perpetuation of abuse, especially child abuse and pedophilia, and the healing of the victims. The coverup by government and even structures within the body of Christ will continue to be exposed. The travail for justice will birth wholeness in the end.

  9. New Way Forward. The Lord often confronts the greatest evil with the miracle of a new birth. As we mentioned, we believe over the next three months the Lord is commissioning His freedom movement for this hour. A new way forward to define the future of our nation. This new way forward is not the byproduct of our agendas but the birthing by His Holy Spirit. Lance Wallnau pointed out Monday that Isaiah 42 is being highlighted. How does he fight? By travailing for birth. “The Lord will march forth like a warrior.… I have kept silent for a long time, I have kept still and restrained Myself. And now like a woman in labor I will groan, I will gasp and pant, I will lay waste the mountains…” (Isaiah 42:13-16).

  10. Time for 2020 Vision! The year 2020 does not just demarcate another presidential election. More importantly it demarcates the 400th anniversary of our nation’s covenant with Jesus Christ through the Mayflower Compact. Remember when the Pilgrims cut covenant with the Lord, they established their work as a beach-head against antichrist dictatorship. We need to seek the Lord and realign with His 2020 vision—His dream for America—beginning right now.

  11. The Mandate Remains the Same. Complete the Turnaround! We must rise up higher to perpetuate in our time the freedom covenant our forefathers lived for and died to entrust to us.

  12. No King but Jesus! A final point needs to be heard. The thrones of this nation are not owned by Republicans, and they is not owned by Democrats. Ultimately Jesus Christ alone retains the right to establish the thrones of our governance and rule in the midst of them. Trust His rulership in this year of governmental shaking. It is a rulership of covenant love. NO KING BUT JESUS