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Greetings from Charleston SC. We have had a very impacting time here. Thank you all, and especially Brubakers, for praying!

One of the most important directives of the Holy Spirit occurred while praying at a church where revival broke out in 1857. Blacks and whites joined together in a downtown church, which was unprecedented for this time period. They cancelled all preaching during services and instead pressed into God in prayer until He came in power.

This act was also unprecedented—still is, as a matter of fact.

A Lamp was Lit… for East Coast Revival!
History records the great value of their perseverance. Not only did genuine revival break forth, but it soon spread across the entirety of the east coast! In New York City, Jeremiah Lamphier was pressing into God in a similar manner. A pastor working with Lamphier went to Charleston to catch the fire… and when he returned, the Fulton Street Prayer Revival broke forth! Soon prayer meetings from Boston to Atlanta consumed both churches and the business communities.

At this time, we are in a similar window to press into God, catch His fire, and see our lamps blaze again. Great opportunities are opening. Lets go for it!  But as you will see, we must also guard against an onslaught from the enemy in the form of delusion, division and alleged defeat.

The awakening known as the Fulton Street Revival became the final move of the Spirit to unite the east coast until this very hour. Civil War broke out only four years later, and we have not seen a major awakening like this since.

Mantle Restored—With a Warning
So it was profound that the Lord summoned a group of intercessors yesterday to literally “pick up the mantle” that He was activating again for east coast revival. Awesome! We are going to see every tongue, tribe and nation standing before the Throne, seeking Him together until the heavens give way and revival breaks forth.

Just as hundreds of thousands were swept into the Kingdom immediately before the Civil War, I believe God is granting a window of opportunity for the harvest of this hour to be reaped before a greater measure of conflict arises. The conflict itself can be abated or even stopped—but as in the days before the Civil War, American society itself must hear the directives of God and actually turn.

Please remember the Lord asked us to embark on the Glory Procession this summer with a two-fold message. Awakening and revival is coming to the east coast. But just as with the days before the Civil War, conflict and desolation are real probabilities if we do not fully heed His directives.

Dream—Guard Against Delusion
That leads me to a very disconcerting dream I want to briefly share with you in this victory season. The Lord is conveying a warning. I saw many people I knew in the dream, all of whom were being persuaded by the enemy to give up on their callings and destinies in Jesus Christ.

The enemy could not take them down through outright opposition, so he instead began to capture and divide them through delusion.

A man was leaving his new bride. A prayer movement left its post, literally abandoning their directive from the Lord. The counsel of Holy Spirit from seasoned elders was being neglected. An onslaught of delusion had set in, making people believe that they could disobey the clear directives of the Spirit of God and the Word of God and still fulfill their destinies.

Prayer Bowl Given Over
In the dream I saw myself weeping over a large basin, representing the bowls of heaven that retain the accumulated prayers of the saints (see Rev. 5:8, Rev. 8:5). My tears were flowing into a small pool of water that had accumulated and remained.

In the dream I was weeping because I knew this sacred prayer bowl was being turned over by this prayer movement to ungodly leaders who had drastically compromised in their own mission. I knew they saw no value in the bowl of intercession that this movement was handing over to them. They simply wanted the validation before men that came with this transfer, in an attempt to prove their value again before men.

In the dream it stunned me how quickly and easily people were being persuaded to give up their covenants, their covenant relationships, their sacred birthrights in the Lord. Battles of the hour had taken a toll, but these folks had actually conquered. And they were literally being seduced to give up the earned authority the Lord had just bestowed upon them—with hardly a thought. Even believing God was leading them down this path.

Remember Covenant
Warning! Major victories have just been won. I submit to you that the enemy is coming to many in a different form—not in the way of conflict, but in the way that may even appear to be blessing. The only problem is, it may actually be delusion. At this point, it’s the only way the enemy can sabotage your victory and take back the ground many have just gained.

Please watch and pray against delusion. Take time to review the opportunities before you according to the plumb line of God’s covenant and clear directives. Remember the covenants you made with Christ, and in Christ with your brothers and sisters. Resolve to keep them. Don’t be seduced by either a sense of your own greatness or a sense of your own failure.

Where Many Are
Many are in a time of testing similar to Christ’s own testings in the wilderness. The Spirit had just fallen. Validated by God before man, Jesus was suddenly offered extraordinary opportunities to use His power for greater favor, provision, position and influence.

If Jesus had compromised, He would have won the entire world—apart from His Father. His covenant would not have redeemed us, and satan would have retained his ownership of mankind.

Lets thank God that Jesus’ covenant prevailed. So will yours, if you perceive and obey! In this season of new favor and breakthrough, I urge you to test the source of both your promotion and your despair. Test the spirits and hold fast to the covenant destiny you were created to fulfill.

Because the enemy has a strategy of demonically-empowered delusion to graft you back into the very cycle you have just defeated. We are in days similar to the Civil War, where the enemy could steal your greatness through a delusion that leads to division and defeat for all parties involved.

You might guess that this word is especially relevant for folks entering into a new season of leadership for our nation. Friends, I’m believing God for a better destiny for you personally, and for the dreams in Christ you have lived for and died for. If you are being tested, please stand firm and prevail!