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UNPRECEDENTED EVENTS ARE OCCURRING BEFORE OUR EYES. The US Capitol has now been stormed by thousands of pro-Trump protesters. Vice President Pence, Senators and Congressional leaders are being evacuated. The entire Capitol building is overflowing with tens of thousands of protesters, as an estimated hundred thousand protesters took to the streets. Many streamed inside as the doors of the US Capitol building were accessed. Windows were smashed, offices accessed. Shots were even fired inside the Capitol, with at least one woman wounded. 

At the very moment the walls were breached, the US Senate and the House of Representatives were engaging in a fiery debate on the veracity of a hostile takeover of our government through election fraud. This debate was a prelude to the vote on certifying the Electoral College votes for the 2020 Presidential election. 

Frankly I cannot imagine how disrupting the Constitutional process can in any way promote an election turnaround. Most likely it will have the opposite effect. 

Now the National Guard has been called in, apparently to remove tens of thousands of protesters still onsite. Please watch and pray. Speak and pray God’s shalom. Lets connect tonight for a special call. No King but Jesus!