TONIGHT—LAMPLIGHTER CALL! 9PM ET. Conference Call: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Remember pre-conference call prayer begins at 8:45pm!

VIDEO—COMPLETE THE TURNAROUND! Saturday night Rally for America in Tahlequah. Amazing experience. Receive God’s impartation!

VIDEO—THE BREAKER BREAKS OPEN! Sunday morning Rally for America in Tahlequah. Receive His breakthrough!

VIDEO—AUTHORIZED TO POSSESS! This video is VITAL to prepare you as we enter into the 14 days until the elections. Gain vital insights and impartation for this new season. Shared Sunday morning at Church on the Rock OKC.

FIRST—PHILADELPHIA YOUR CHAINS ARE BREAKING! Lets continue to pray for the city of brotherly love. During a powerful FB Live video hosted by Jamie Fitt, the Lord showed me how He was moving to bring turnaround. I saw a huge, dark principality using occult chains as a lasso to squeeze life out of many people as they became confined to the rioting. Suddenly the Lion roared, and all at once the chains broke. They didn’t only break across Philadelphia but across the state of Pennsylvania and, following, many cities and states across the nation. I saw how the enemy sought to use the Philadelphia riots as a flashpoint to hold a nation and a covenant people hostage to an ungodly agenda. But instead, all of the sudden lights began to shine. Philadelphia became a turning point for those very chains to be broken and rejected across the nation as the reprehensible agendas truly driving the riots became visible. 

Lets light up the night! We will pray into this more on our call. Declare NOW that the chains seeking to constrain God’s turnaround for Pennsylvania and the nation are broken. Declare THE SWEEP FOR LIFE PREVAILS—beginning now!

The Lion, the Scrolls, and the Unsealing
As we shared yesterday, the Lord continues to give revelation and breakthrough in conjunction with the visitation He gave me last Monday while in Oklahoma City. The Lion of Judah appeared—and roared. While praying over this experience I saw how this Lion was referenced only one time in the entirety of the New Testament. And the implications are so significant for today.

In Revelation 5, the Apostle John is recorded entering into weeping in the midst of a vision of Heaven’s Throne. He saw a scroll in the hand of the Father, representing His desire for humanity. It was locked up with seven seals, and could not be unsealed until someone prevailed and gained the earned authority to open the book. 

An angel comforted John by showing him the champion who prevailed. The Apostle John saw Jesus—first as the Lamb that was slain for all humanity, secondly as the resurrected Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Jesus’ prevailing for our redemption qualified Him to unseal the scroll and release the Father’s desire for all humanity!

I just want you to see the interplay here. The conquest of Jesus’ redemption qualified Him alone to open the seals. And He is perceived both as the slain Lamb and the Lion of Judah, roaring over the enforcement of His redemption!

Which brings me to my visitation. By the Spirit of revelation I saw how, in conjunction with Jesus’ redemption and our combined intercession, the scroll of the Father’s intended destiny for our nation had been redeemed—and the Lion of Judah was roaring His enforcement for our land. Turnaround time!

We’ll share more on this tonight. For now, just remember that the appearing of the Lion of Judah has everything do do with the unsealing of His scrolls of redemption for mankind. Come on! Further, in my visitation He promised to be with us through this extraordinary time for our nation. I believe the breaking of the chains I saw over Philadelphia, by this Lion of Judah, is even pointing to the challenges obstructing God’s turnaround being removed. Our nation will align covenantally with Him. The forces seeking to use this election as a gateway for Pharaoh governance tied to idolatry and unjust bloodshed will lose. The Lion of Judah has prevailed!