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Weight in the Weight
Our lives were changed by God this weekend. Glory!

Jolene and I were invited by Dale and Luanne Mast to join them for a weekend with Dutch Sheets. It was an extraordinary time. And on Saturday evening, Dutch’s message on waiting before the Throne literally became an experience with God.

The Lord spoke to me during this time, “There’s weight in the wait!” I knew immediately He was inviting us immediately into the next phase of our year-long Turnaround Project. So beginning tomorrow, May 7, the National Day of Prayer, we are launching 21 days of waiting on the Lord.

Beloved, there’s Weight in the Wait!

Further, it “just so happens” that we were already scheduled to do a webinar teaching tomorrow, May 7 on “The Turnaround Verdict.” Gary Beaton will be joining. Further, it’s the National Day of Prayer. What perfect timing to launch this project nationally. Thank you Lord!

Wait… wait… there’s more…

May 7—Historic Demarcation for Body of Christ
May 7 is also the 32nd anniversary of a solemn assembly that literally demarcated the birthing of the 24/7 IHOP movement. What’s so important to understand here is that Mike Bickle started the 21 day solemn assembly based on a prophetic vision from Bob Jones. Bob saw the Lord raising up 24/7 prayer as a forerunning catalyst of “the greatest move of the Spirit since the Book of Acts.” He said this move would combine the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts!

Further, God promised Bob he would live to see the beginning of this new movement. Bob went home to be with the Lord on Valentines Day 2014. He had just been told by the Lord that the move he had been praying for all this time was actually released from Heaven on Hannukah 2013—the historic convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

Crown & Throne—New Move of God
Beloved, we wholeheartedly believe we are in this time now. At the foundation of this new move, you will find three key principles being emphasized. These principles form a primary core of what we have come to call the “Crown & Throne” movement.

Covenant restoration with Jesus Christ is the first principle. Restoring covenant with God apart from all idolatry as a foundation for the new beginning the Lord desires to grant His people. Just as marriage and divorce are both legally binding contracts, so covenants in the spiritual realm are legally binding, even through generations. Heaven’s legal system must be engaged for true and lasting freedom to be gained in the lives of individuals and nations.

Note that Thanksgiving celebrates the establishment of national covenant with Jesus Christ. Hanukkah celebrates the restoration of God’s covenant after Israel’s very temple had been defiled by Baal worship!

Crown & Throne authority is the second principle. Kingly, governmental authority in prayer to deal with the thrones of our hearts, the thrones of our families and churches, and even the thrones of our nations—to bring them into covenant alignment with the Lord.

The shift into this expression was prophesied by Rick Ridings in 2012. Just as the Holy Spirit emphasized the “harp and bowl” during the previous decade, so He is emphasizing the “crown and the throne” in this ensuing decade.

Both aspects of this Throne Room reality are found in Revelation 5:8. So interesting that in Washington DC, we had just experienced an earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale a few months before this message! Even more extraordinary is that we had just completed the assignment mandated by the Lord for covenant restoration. On July 4, 2011 we presented the Lord with the completed work of “Divorcing Baal” in our nation. We then presented Him with a “Declaration of Covenant,” asking for His hand again in marriage to the land according to our covenantal foundations.

Exactly 50 days later—to the day—this unprecedented earthquake rocked Washington DC, cracking the Washington Monument, toppling gargoyles from the National Cathedral, and even cracking the roof and damaging the altar of the primary temple of Baal worship in our nation, just a mile north of the White House.

Can’t make this stuff up, folks. The Lord granted signs and wonders to confirm not only our historic divorce from idolatry, but our restoration of covenant with Him!

This is one aspect of Christ’s ministry to the nations we are just becoming familiar with. But Miriam, mother of Yeshua, exclaimed that “He brings down rulers from their thrones, and exalts the humble…” Exodus portrays God leading a revolution against Pharaoh and his government to bring His people into freedom. And our Bible ends with Jesus leading a revolution against an antichrist spirit to topple his throne and usher the saints into freedom.

In every case, thrones are restored to Jesus Christ by a verdict from the Court of Heaven. We will get into this in a moment as we explore “the Turnaround Verdict.” But first…

Restoring Glory is the third principle. We won’t delve too far into this during this posting. But if the embrace of idolatry by God’s people provokes Him to lift His glory, then the divorce of our idolatry and restoration of covenant with Him opens the door for His glory—His tangible presence and power—to be restored.

This is our greatest hope! When the Glory of God comes upon our land, it is often termed a revival or an awakening. But at the core, it’s the restoration of God’s presence and power being welcomed and enthroned over a region. By His people.

We are now at a vital time in history where the Bride of Christ can see God’s glory restored in our land. It’s time for His Glory Procession! But of course that’s another message…

Court of Heaven—the Turnaround Verdict
Within every aspect of this “Crown and Throne” expression is engaging the Court of Heaven to present our case, and see Him render judgement in favor of the saints. And as we engage with God according to these foundational biblical principles, we have seen absolute miracles.

On July 22, 2014, the Lord called us to gather at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall to hear and receive a historic verdict for the Body of Christ. The prophet Daniel bore witness to this verdict, as recorded in Daniel 7:22.

In a highly unusual way, Jolene and I, along with our new friend Gary Beaton, were summoned together to bear witness to the release of this verdict in our hour. The twining of our respective journeys related to Daniel 7:22 is incredible—even with Gary presenting a case before the Throne 9 years beforehand according to Daniel 7:22. On, of course, 7:22.

And on 7-22, 2014, the Lord summoned us all to receive His verdict and have the gavel fall. We were honored to be joined by Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, and Linda Clark, all of whom conveyed His verdict in an extraordinary way.

Similar to Elijah’s day, the gavel’s release was literally accompanied by fire from heaven. And since that time, as we have stood on this verdict two historic elections have turned literally on a dime. America in 2014, Israel in 2015. Because of the dramatic signs accompanying the release, and the dramatic results following the release, we have come to term Daniel 7:22 “the Turnaround Verdict.”

Daniel 7: Window into Today
Daniel 7 gives us perhaps the clearest prophetic window into the Court of Heaven, or heaven’s legal system. We learn that the Ancient of Days presides over this Court. Myriads of angels and redeemed human beings attend to this Court. Scrolls that record every aspect of each individual life, and the lives of nations, are regularly reviewed in contemplation of His verdicts.

And Daniel literally served as a “court reporter” when Heaven’s legal system was engaged to render judgement on three verdicts that would forever alter the course of human history.

When Daniel recorded this Turnaround Verdict, he included key details that make sense of our time. From Daniel 7:21, a horn—representing an antichrist spirit—is waging war on the saints and overpowering them. By implication, the saints are doing everything they know to gain ground. Maintaining extreme integrity, connecting with Heaven through worship, prayer and fasting, engaging society to see transformation.

But they are losing at every turn! Their values are being mocked, their influence is being marginalized, many are even losing their lives.

Maybe this sounds familiar. I am convinced Daniel 7 is a window not only into the future, but into this hour of history.

And the good thing is the saints’ persecution is not the end of the story. When the Ancient of Days is seated, judgement is rendered in favor of the Saints. Accompanying this verdict, the Beast is restrained, and these same marginalized, weary, discouraged saints are suddenly released to possess the Kingdom! God grants a complete turnaround.

This Verdict is Yours, Today!
Some may question whether it’s valid to contend for this verdict in this hour. We are doing so by God’s clear invitation. Further, the Bible proves how verdict carries application for every era—beginning with the very generation after Daniel, when Esther stood before the king and received God’s judgement in favor of the saints. Not only were they preserved from a holocaust, but the saints were literally released to posses the kingdom—restored from Babylon to Israel!

I want to say this to you. God is going out of His way to give you an extraordinary invitation to receive His turnaround. Your turnaround personally, and even the turnaround of this nation, depends completely on a verdict from Heaven. I am convinced that in many cases, we are not even aware of the proceedings going on before Heaven’s Court as your plea is readied for release. Yet God is rendering judgement, restraining the enemy, in order to grant you a turnaround!

That said, I believe the Lord is giving us all revelation so we can more successfully partner with Him in achieving the manifestation of His desired verdict for us “on earth as in Heaven.”

There’s so much more to share on this. For now, I want to encourage you to sanctify these next 21 days to wait on the Lord. To stand in His courts, see His glory, receive His revelatory word, and see your turnaround. Please make plans to join us on the call tonight, and the webinar tomorrow.

Covenant blessings to each of you!