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Vigil Continues! Parameters of Your Promised Land
Thanks for your vigilance over Israel and America. Please keep blazing! I awoke yesterday with the phrase “Do not let the enemy define the parameters of your life.” It’s such a word for the hour. Today I awoke with the prayerful phrase, “Israel Turnaround! Do not let the enemy define the parameters of your Promised Land.”

Before we delve into our vigil for Israel and America, let me first say that this word applies to you personally. What promises has the Lord given you? Allow Him to define the boundaries of your life and calling in Him. We serve a limitless God who specializes in bringing forth the impossible. Let Jesus define the parameters of your potential and your promise!

Because we have now entered a window of fulfillment.

Turnaround for Israel? Pray!
Obviously right now Israel’s enemies are seeking to define Israel’s parameters. Please let me say emphatically that Israel’s enemy is not the Palestinian people. You could make the argument that the Palestinian governments have been more of an enemy to the Palestinian people. Funding from many nations comes specifically so that they will continue violence and terrorism against Israel. The government mandates that children be taught hatred.

But the Palestinian people are not Israel’s enemies. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers” (Eph. 6). Governmental thrones influenced by these powers have sought to disenfranchise Israel not only from her protection and prosperity but from her very covenant with God.

UN’s Unprecedented Invalidation of Israel
Just remember the extraordinary UN resolution just two days before the convergence of Hanukkah and Christmas. I will say that the most dramatic threats to Israel recently seem to have come from the United Nations, with the encouragement and clear direction from the current administration. Even seeking to invalidate Israel’s stewardship of the Western Wall, claiming it was Palestinian territory illegally occupied by Israel. Seeking to invalidate God’s covenant with His land and people by claiming Israel’s most sacred and holy space!

The UN sees itself as the governmental body that established Israel. Behind the scenes, a globalist confederation within the UN, aligned with idolatry, seeks to rule the land they believe they established. Read Psalm 2. Read the prophetic warnings about the “abomination of desolation.” It’s pretty clear.

But it was actually God who birthed Israel, not man. According to His covenant, which He swore to uphold. And the same God who called forth Israel, as a nation born again by His power, has the inherent right to define the parameters of the Promised Land!

Still now, the threat remains that by January 16 a UN Resolution could be brought forth mandating the division of Israel and even Jerusalem for the forced creation of a Palestinian state. Our consistent warning is that this could easily provoke a third world war.

So lets keep vigilant! This morning I awoke with a sense we’re going to see a turnaround for Israel. Hallelujah!

Three Immediate Prophetic Warnings
I want to close out this posting by summarizing three prophetic warnings regarding this season—from an Israeli student, from our friend Jamie Fitt, and from Melissa in New England. It is amazing to perceive the continuity within these warnings. Almost as if they together provide a prophetic picture of the very hour we are in!

More than a year ago, a young Israeli student had an extraordinary dream about President Obama leading a coalition of nations against Israel in an Armaggedon-like battle. In the dream the IDF was not strong enough to overcome. It took intervention by God Himself to preserve His covenant land and people!

Many details aligned with details found in the rabbinical study of biblical eschatology, yet this guy admitted he was a nominal believer who had rarely engaged in his faith.

Amazing what a dream can do. This young man felt that Obama could even have a third term in office. Or perhaps the warning is that this could have occurred if Obama had received a third term in office. In any case, the video of his testimony went viral across Israel and across the globe. To see click here. 

And in light of current circumstances, it seems there was at least some truth to the warning dream even right now. Pray that God put a lid on wickedness and sabotage. Pray that He uphold and enforce His verdict of justice in favor of the saints! (Daniel 7:22). Pray that He preserve His covenant land and people.

Jamie Fitt—Warning Word December 23
The second prophetic warning I want to highlight came from our friend Jamie Fitt of the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David on the morning of December 23. Jamie is a primary visionary of the upcoming Crown and Throne Tour of Israel, and we have worked together for four years on the annual Revolution gatherings. As you will see, he is admittedly not prone to receiving these warnings, especially with such specificity from Holy Spirit.

What did God warn of? A perilous season for Israel specifically between December 23 and January 16. Jamie wrote:

On the morning of December 23rd, I woke up with the Holy Spirit speaking the phrase ‘the 15th of Tammuz’ in my spirit. As I was processing this with the Lord later that morning, I was reminded of the 17th of Tammuz which is a day on the Hebrew calendar that is infamous for bad things happening to the Jewish people and is also considered the first day of a time known as the Dire Straits. This is a three week period of time ending on the 9th of Av – another tragic date in Israel’s history. As I pondered why the Lord would be speaking about the 15th of Tammuz, the events of the day unfolded – the UN passed resolution 2334 that afternoon. It suddenly became clear to me what the Lord was saying when He highlighted the 15th of Tammuz. The Lord was likening this season, for Israel, to the Dire Straits. It was as if December 23rd was the 15th of Tammuz. The month of Tammuz and Av are months that occur in the summer time, but the Lord was drawing a parallel to the roughly three week period of time starting on December 23rd and going until January 16th. These three plus weeks will be a Dire Straits season.

What I recently learned is that there is a very strategic and potentially detrimental (to Israel) ‘peace’ summit scheduled for Jan. 15th in France. Many believe this summit could be a place where further action is taken to move toward dividing Jerusalem and other parts of Israel. Upon learning this, it became even more clear to me why the Lord emphasized the timeline that He did. To be honest, I am not the most well read on this subject, I do not have lots of information in the natural, and I am not swayed by media perspectives or even prevailing evangelical mind sets. I do, however, believe that the Lord gave a very specific timeframe to watch and pray for Israel and the nations that are making these decisions. This is something that I specifically believe the Holy Spirit is highlighting. I believe this is underscored by events that have occurred or will occur during this timeline.

Melissa—Storms Over Temple Mount—from Sept. 14 Post
The third prophetic warning I want to highlight actually conveys the heart of what I feel the Lord is bringing as we all continue our vigil. Turnaround!

Our friend Melissa from New England shared the following dream just before we journeyed to Israel this September 11. Amazingly, the Lord gave her this dream the very morning she was hired by Donald Trump’s campaign on August 29.  We shared the full dream and interpretation in our posting September 14. To read it click here.

As you will see, it prophesies profoundly both to the storms we have just experienced regarding the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, and to the turnaround we are all contending for. I’ll close the post with her writing below.

“I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” Isaiah 62:6-7

I shared this with Jon (right before he and Jolene left for Israel). It felt relevant to insightful strategy for how to posture in prayer, hope and victory. That’s what we’ve been asking for: Heaven’s strategies.

The Lord emphasized to me an important correlation. His covenant-keeping nature regarding the inter-connectedness of America with that of Israel and Jerusalem. This is a key insight for how to pray, specifically in this our election season. In other words, to pull on (in prayer) the tender strings of covenant within the Father’s heart, over Jerusalem & America. Because He desires to be magnified as the Covenant-Keeper. So that is how we should pray. To remind Him of His covenant. (Hebrews 13:20.)

Here’s the dream & a personal parabolic story that played out last week to emphasize this correlation.

I recently returned back to New Hampshire (where I grew up). I mentioned to key people in my life that I felt I was supposed to be in NH for the elections, but I wasn’t sure why. Then suddenly, I was recruited by a series of surprising and sovereign connections, to be hired, paid to work for the Trump campaign in New Hampshire. Plot twist! This all happened in the last week or so.

Storm and Rainbow Over Temple Mount
The morning I was to make official this new job, August 29, I had a dream. Here is the dream:

I was standing in Jerusalem looking directly at the Mount of Olives. I was on the hill facing it. I saw a huge, ominous storm swirling around the Temple Mount, and the city of Jerusalem. Interspersed among the huge, dark storm clouds, were large and bright effervescent rainbows. For some reason, not many people could see the rainbows. 

Some rabbis came up to me. They were looking at me for a word of insight. They were speaking to me with tears running down their faces, swollen from crying. The rain of the storm was drenching their orthodox curls. 

The rabbis asked me desperately if there was “Any hope?!?!” I pointed to the rainbows and said, “Look! Don’t you see the rainbows?” The dream ends…

Here is the hint for how to pray: We must stand on the high places with great hope and faith in our Covenant-Keeping God. Jerusalem and America… Both precious to Him. Both in covenant with His Son. Let’s remind our God, in faith, of these covenants, in this critical hour, and watch His victories unfold.