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Jolene and I look forward to connecting with you on tonight’s call. LIVE from Bill and Marlene Brubaker’s home in Seattle WA!

We just flew into Seattle yesterday. Our journey to the West Coast has been very timely. Things are being set in motion which will truly accelerate the turnaround the Lord has granted.

Most of you know that just over a month ago, the Lord visited us about entering the next phase nationally of His Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict.” It soon became clear He wanted this decree covenantally released from coast to coast. We were already scheduled to fly to Newport Beach CA immediately following the 222 Turnaround gathering, to visit with precious friends and rest a few days at their invitation. I was amazed to discover we would actually be in Newport Beach over Purim. Turnaround Time!

All that said, Holy Spirit has moved powerfully out here. The “Midnight Cry” seminar Saturday was extremely impactful, thanks especially to the excellent work of Sharon Webster in putting it together. She and Audrey Pannier then led small team to the state capital in Sacramento to pray and connect. It was a breakthrough time. And an assignment from the Glory Train that remained unfulfilled finally was brought to completion. 

We culminate this West Coast journey in Alaska next week, traversing virtually the entire west coast with this message. Friends, if Washington DC can turn, so can California. So can Oregon and Washington. So can Alaska. Don’t give up on the west coast! A Moses Movement has been covenantally and governmentally released. And the next phase of God’s “Turnaround Verdict” is now in play.