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FINALLY… My heart is bursting with God’s goodness. Today Israel’s transportation minister just announced that Jerusalem’s new railroad station is going to be named “Trump Station” in honor of President Trump’s courageous declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. 

As I begin this posting a strong train whistle is actually piercing the air. A train is rolling by. You can’t make this stuff up.

For years we’ve said that the ultimate destination of God’s “Glory Train” is the Temple Mount. The train departed there thousands of years ago, after a covenant people embraced idolatry (see Ezekiel 8-9). And the Bible culminates with God’s manifest glory being restored there, as Israel’s Messiah takes His chosen throne and begins His reign. Jerusalem then becomes the ultimate destination wedding! A midnight cry awakens God’s people to make this glorious procession, culminating under a bridal canopy which covers Zion and all her assemblies. 

Glory restored. Forerunning this great expression was the stated goal of the Glory Train journeys from the beginning. When we embarked on our 50 state tour in 2016, we clung to a promise that the Lord was bringing a national turnaround that would get our nation back on track. In early January 2016, the Lord spoke through a dreams that Donald Trump was His chosen catalyst for this turnaround. 

At the time, we had no idea of the magnitude of this work. 

You might remember that as part of the Glory Train journey, on September 11, 2016, we made an unplanned excursion to Jerusalem. We went specifically to “peg in” our covenant commitment to the only geographic space on earth declared to be “the Throne of the Lord.” Zion. The Temple Mount. I even regained my identity at the Western Wall. But that’s another story. 

The most important point is that in journeying to Jerusalem, we were “pegging in” God’s intended breakthrough to Jerusalem, declaring the convent alignment He intended between Jerusalem and Washington DC. And even more importantly, honoring again the ultimate “station” of His Glory Train journey. 

And amazingly, if the planned rail line runs through Jerusalem til Messiah comes, we will literally be riding to Trump Station for this Western Wall destination wedding. You know what I’m about to write. Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up.

Can I say this? The extraordinary honor bestowed upon President Trump conveys just how seriously Israel takes the extraordinary commitment made by him at the outset of Hanukkah this year. What a turnaround from a year ago when we were fighting the Obama-inspired UN resolution that the Western Wall was illegally occupied by Israel.  

Now the train is coming into station… at the Western Wall! Just one of many tangible signs that God’s governmental glory is being restored. So grateful for your legacy of intercession. I hope you can see the difference each of you are making in this world. 

And friends, the best is yet to come. NO KING BUT JESUS!