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FIRST—GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN LOOMS over America’s midnight hour! Friday is the deadline for the House and Senate to either approve another lift of America’s overwhelming debt ceiling, or enter another government shutdown. 

The challenge could not have come at a worse time. Economic turmoil has already been roiling the stock markets, and shortages of necessities has again surfaced due to supply line challenges related to covid. 

As we have shared—America is indeed in a midnight hour. Lets watch and pray. 

We also need to continue interceding for this shift the Lord highlighted from abortion to awakening. December 1 marks the date a highly-anticipated abortion case from Mississippi will be heard in the US Supreme Court. 

Lets not get caught again in backtrack prayer. Lets engage in forerunning prayer! 

Travailing for the Turnaround Decree
In the midst of this, in addition to praying, Jolene and I have been hard at work writing The Turnaround Decree. Well, more like travailing to birth the Turnaround Decree, both in the spirit and as a scroll. No more important time than now! 

The book will be a companion volume to White House Watchmen and will be published by Destiny Image sometime in mid 2022. The project has really gripped me. We are shedding light on many of the challenges of 2020 and beyond, while seeing the Lord birth a movement that is far greater than the travail it is taking to see the revelation released. 

When our friend Tina Pugh, an agent with Destiny Image who partnered with us on our previous book, approached me this summer with the idea, I was initially reluctant. We were already moving with the Glory Train as our primary focus for 2021-2022. 

But things changed after I prayed. I felt the weight of the 2022 elections, that it was actually ordained as a pivot point for our nation. I felt this book was to help define the turnaround the Lord was granting our nation in His mercy. 

Vision of the Turnaround Scroll—July 4
Interestingly, on July 4, 2021, the Lord gave me a brief vision as confirmation. A scroll appeared before me, hovering over our bed. It then unfurled. Similar to the Declaration of Independence and other historical documents, this scroll was golden brown and brighter in the middle than on the sides. It looked aged. But surprisingly it was completely blank. 

Often the Lord imparts revelatory “knowings” as part of prophetic encounters. In the midst of this the vision I suddenly “knew” four things. First, scrolls from Heaven are being prepared for release with the potential to dramatically shape our world. This is part of a move of God’s Spirit for this hour. 

Tremendous authority is accompanying each turnaround decree to catalyze God’s intended breakthroughs for countless individuals, for Israel, for the United States of America and many  other nations.

Secondly and equally important, the blank scroll seen in the vision actually symbolizes your own scroll. As with Queen Esther in her day, the Lord is inviting you to become an active participant in His rulership. Which means that you and I have a vital role to play in writing these decrees, seeking Him for wisdom and revelation and then releasing words that change history.

Now you write to the Jews as you see fit, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s signet ring; for a decree which is written in the name of the king and sealed with the king’s signet ring may not be revoked” (Esther 8:8). 

The third “knowing” imparted in the visionary experience is fascinating. The reason the scroll appeared aged is because the words which will soon fill it will impact not only the future, but the past. Through our combined efforts efforts it will become a bridge through which God’s healing connects with the past, the present and the future, probably all at once. As you know, there is so much to this! 

Please note that you cannot escape your past. But at His decree you can actually repair it. You can repair your past to redeem your present, and restore God’s dream for your future.

The “fourth knowing” has already been covered. From the vision of the unfurling scroll I knew that July 4, 2021 marked the date to begin writing “The Turnaround Decree.” As mentioned, I believe a dimension of God’s move is being released concurrently with its publication. 

Please Join the Travail!
Jolene and I are writing all this to ask you for your continued intercession and support! The vision is bigger than us. Remember how Daniel prayed through a 21 day period until an angelic messenger appeared with a scroll hot off the press, defining even the end of days. But there was such a battle for breakthrough. Heaven’s messenger was blocked by the Prince of Persia, and could not fulfill his mission until Michael the archangel, guardian of Israel, joined the fight. 

The description of the battle in the spirit over its release literally defines our understanding of spiritual conflict today. That said, we are asking you to be as Michael. Join the fight! Lets together see the release of the Turnaround Decree. The Kingdom advances will be worth it all!