CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Honored to have Georgia prophetic leader Rocky Abernathy with us! Rocky was part of a roundtable with Bob Jones 30 years ago when Bob prophesied about the Glory Train through Georgia to nation. Conference call number: 641-313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

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FIRST—Lets continue to pray for Israel. Remembering from Isaiah 6 that we are in a season where the thrones of the earth are shaking as God unveils His unshakeable throne. 

I literally dismissed an impression yesterday that later proved to have validity. “Bring Me the Benjamins! Netanyahu and Gantz to form coalition government.”  That may or may not happen. But as prophesied, the thrones of nations are shaking. God is absolutely provoking us all to embrace a new level of humility, integrity, unity and focus on intimate reliance on Him alone. Because as Isaiah 6 conveys, a greater dimension of His governmental glory is now beginning to be unveiled. 

Tracks of Glory, Days of Awe—Thru Yom Kippur
Jolene and I are so excited to announce today our Glory Train journey through Georgia during the Days of Awe! We will announce our full schedule tomorrow after we finalize a few details. Grateful for prayer!

Speaking of prayer, counting the days I was surprised to discover that tonight marks 21 days until Yom Kippur. Yes, The Lord is summoning us to another 21 day prayer project… in what has honestly become one continuous flow since the year began. In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, Daniel prayed. So are we thus engaged. Glory!

Glory Train Georgia Journey
Remember Georgia is the Reconstitution State. The Lord spoke this to us in 2014 and asked us to focus uniquely on Georgia for awakening, revival and even the shifting of governance nationally. It has been amazing to watch the movement of His glory progress in this state ever since. As of 2019, the nation has even been baptized from Georgia! Firewater, Lord…

That said, early in 2019 God spoke to us to bring the Glory Train through Georgia during the “Days of Awe” from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur. Just as a prophetic experience from the Lord mapped out the northeastern tour for us, so a prophetic experience mapped out our Georgia tour. 

Only it wasn’t our experience… 

Bob Jones Prophesied Glory Train GA 30 Years Ago!
As you’ll hear tonight, prophet Bob Jones actually saw the Glory Train moving through Georgia some thirty years ago. This is long before his and his wife Bonnie’s public release of the Glory Train word in 2012. We have been summoned by the Lord to follow the tracks he laid through this experience. It is amazing that even as far back as 1986, the Lord was already speaking about a time when the Glory Train would roll though Georgia, signaling to our nation the restoration of His glory!

As you will see, in Bob’s vision the Glory Train literally released holy fire along the tracks from Cartersville/ Kingston in North Georgia through Atlanta and all the way to the coast. Prophetic leader Rocky Abernathy mentioned this to Jolene and me in 2016 as we visited at Roselawn, the historic home of evangelist Sam P. Jones. 

Amazingly, just a few days before this a train had literally CAUGHT FIRE in nearby Kingston. A train… on fire. Flames were even shooting out of the smokestack! 

We visited with Rocky again this January at the home of Ed and Lynn Alderson. When we mentioned the Glory Train, he reminded us of Bob’s vision. Instantly I knew we were to take the ten Days of Awe and retrace Bob’s vision as a forerunning journey bearing witness to this word, carrying the fire of God from Cartersville to the coast. We will begin on Rosh Hashanah eve in Kingston, roll through Conyers and Savannah, and culminate down in Brunswick Georgia.

Tracks of Glory, Days of Awe. Rocky will be joining us tonight so you can hear in his own words the incredible story surrounding Bob Jones’ prophecy. Here is just a foretaste, in his own words.

Rocky Abernathy—
Bob Jones Prophesies Glory Train Through Georgia!
We can’t remember the exact year but we are estimating it was around the fall of 1986 we received a call asking if we could come to Roselawn to meet Bob and Viola Jones and a few other pastors from Atlanta to have lunch. We were so surprised and quickly made arrangements to go. 

I was just a young pastor then, well over thirty years ago. We met with Bob Jones, Bobby Conner, other leaders from all over Georgia. They gathered for a roundtable at Roselawn, a big long table with 20 chairs or so, to pray and talk about what the Lord had done. They began to tell some history. Roselawn was the home of Sam P. Jones, the evangelist who sparked a fiery revival in Nashville Tennessee. They met in Ryman Auditorium, later home to the Grand Ole Opry. He was told not to preach message of holiness in Nashville because the revival was emptying bars and gambling saloons. Captain Ryman showed up with his goons to stop the revival, but he gave life to Christ! He later built the Ryman Auditorium.

So as they began to tell history of Sam Jones and his revival, that’s when Bob was moved on by the Lord and stopped them. He began to prophesy: 

The fire is coming back! The Glory Train is coming again! The fire is coming! It won’t be like the Civil War, a fire of destruction like Sherman set from town to town during the Civil War. But it will be a fire of glory. There’s a fire that’s coming through north Georgia, Kingston and Cartersville, and will light the tracks as it goes through Atlanta all the way to the coast. 

You’ll know then the Glory Train, with the fire of God, has come across the nation from Georgia!

Some thirty years later the hand of the Lord bringing us into the very season that was spoken prophetically during this time!