Prayer Call tonight! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

And covenant blessings to you this Passover season. God is riding on a swift cloud! These past few days in Washington DC have simply been amazing. On the morning of Palm Sunday we posted prophetic perceptions about the Lord riding in to our Nation’s Capitol. In Sunday evening we discovered a midnight visitor was coming. Cindy Jacobs!

Cindy had been invited to the swearing-in ceremony of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. After meeting Justice Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas, Jeff Sessions and others, she still made time for dinner and greeting the leaders of our home group. Precious time!

And we have much ground to cover in prayer. Today I want to share three major announcements. We have been working very hard behind the scenes, extending our capabilities to serve you more effectively while imparting the essence of God’s heart and word at this critical hour.

Announcing Crown & Throne—School of Kings!
First, we are delighted to announce our first Crown & Throne “School of Kings.” April 21-23, St. Paul MN. More info click here.

In this year of the Crowned Vav, the Lord is inviting you to grow in your identity as a king and priest to the Lord. I don’t say this lightly. The Lord is releasing fresh revelation guaranteed to change your life.

Across the nation the Lord is establishing Thrones of Glory! It’s time for you to rule and reign in your spheres of influence. But most importantly, it’s time for you to see your King and relate to Him in the royal identity that He has bestowed on you.

Our first “School of Kings” is being hosted by Karen Kruger next weekend in St. Paul, MN. Jolene and I will be joined by our friend Martin Frankena. Most of you know of Martin’s extraordinary gifting in prophetic ministry as well as healing and deliverance from present and generational bondages. He has been receiving prophetic downloads from the Lord over many years on the “kingly anointing.” After almost a decade, we together felt the release to move forward with this message and impartation just this year. So please join us in St. Paul April 21-23!

We feel that now through August is “the key time” for this release. I was instructed by the Lord earlier this year to hold off on fully planning our year until completing the “Crown & Throne Israel tour.” As you know, the Lord showed me Passover as the time for the release of His new move. I will get to this later in the posting, but this morning I had a dream clarifying the next hundred days as the time to take this ground.

Therefore if you are interested in hosting “Crown & Throne—School of Kings” in your region please let us know. This will be a primary focus for the next 100 days. This will be followed by the much-anticipated Glory Train journey across our nation beginning this Fall.

Friday—New Website Launches!
Jolene and I are so excited to present our new website to you. The site vastly expands our presentation of Lamplighter Ministries and gives you much easier access to postings and information you need. A high quality hub for Lamplighter, Glory Train, and Prayer Storm. What an amazing upgrade!

Until now I have built and maintained our Lamplighter site completely by myself. What a joy to work with folks who actually know what they are doing! Darin Schiflet of Life Designs and Media has done an amazing job transforming our wild ideas into tangible solutions. We are beyond grateful to the Graybills and others within the Lamplighter family whose intercession and gifts have made this possible. On a personal level this is a dream come true.

Friday—New Prayer Project Launches!
Along with launching our new website Friday, we are launching a new prayer project. So get prepared now for an extended time of watching and praying from Passover to Pentecost. This train is bound for glory!

As I shared earlier, this morning I had a significant prophetic dream to bring definition to the next 100 days. I was on a high hill, similar in scope to both the view we have of Washington DC and the unforgettable view of the Jezreel Valley from Tel Megiddo. It was as though these two views were somehow juxtaposed together.

It was clear that we were evaluating the next steps necessary in order to take new ground. I could see both opportunities and obstacles both near and far. In other prophetic experiences my vision was limited to what I was shown. But in this prophetic experience, it was as though my vision was only limited by what I chose to focus on.

Now that’s really key for our new season. Fresh revelation is coming. Some of what we receive will be by God’s sovereign choice. But some will actually be determined by what we ourselves choose to focus on!

So together lets prepare to take some ground. Looking forward to tonight’s call with you. And heads up—next week we will be privileged to host Jamie Fitt, James Nesbit and Ed Watts on the call. Time to share some glory stories from the Crown & Throne tour!

No King but Jesus…