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FIRST—WE HAVE A DATE! After a weekend reviewing the edited manuscript of White House Watchmen and making a few revisions, the publication date has been set… apparently around August 18! That’s 8-18 in case you missed it. Consistently, by God’s Spirit, one of the most important dates of each year. Two years ago an angelic visitation on 8-18 dramatically changed our lives and ministry. So for this to be the date of publication…

Can’t make this stuff up.

We will have copies even before the official date for you to purchase. More information coming soon!

SECOND—IT’S SUPERNATURAL! Sid Roth is interviewing me tomorrow, with a preliminary interview today, featuring the book White House Watchmen. The episode is scheduled to run in late August or September. Please keep Jolene and me covered! 

THIRD—I’VE GOT GOOD NEWS TODAY. Over the past two days I began to experience the breakthrough of “dawn’s early light.” As with many of you, this season as been somewhere between difficult and agonizing spiritually as we pursue completing God’s covenantal turnaround. 

Fire on the Altar—Sign of the Lampstand
As we traveled Monday for the taping with Sid Roth, Lori Perz texted the following to our Gideon Group:

Hey Guys. Today is Sivan 23, the day that Esther and Mordecai overruled the evil decree and with the signet ring of the king, wrote a “new decree”. It went forth on swift horses/messengers…

Wow. Really sensing that as the ekklesia exercises our “superior authority”/exousia that our King has given us, our holy decrees, especially today, will bring a major overruling of the evil decrees of the Haman spirits operating so intensely in our nation.

Lori was right! True confessions here. This was one of the few times where a great prophetic insight actually frustrated me when I read it. Not because I didn’t believe it to be true. But because in no way was I feeling it in my spirit at the time. Instead the wrestling match over riots and looting the previous weeks was still weighing me down. 

When we started the “Sign of the Lampstand” prayer project two weeks earlier I saw prophetically how forces of darkness would seek to destabilize our nation. As with Iwo Jima the flag and all it represents must once again be secured. I also saw how the Lord would bring the Zechariah 4 “sign of the lampstand” to the White House as a signal it was time to complete the turnaround He had begun. It is for this reason I created the graphic above. 

During this time I had felt to circle the White House in prayer, burdened for both the Trump administration and the Secret Service. It was great that the perimeter I circled day after day was never breached. 

But at least 60 Secret Service agents, and 150 local and federal law enforcement officers, were injured. This is not okay. Seems trite to say, but in an era where abuse by law enforcement is being exposed, good cops matter too.

According to CNN:

The officers and agents were injured when protesters threw “projectiles such as bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks and other items,” according to the statement. “Personnel were also directly physically assaulted as they were kicked, punched and exposed to bodily fluids.” (to view story CLICK HERE)

Body fluids. In an age of coronavirus that exposure could be more lethal than a weapon.

Washington DC Looked Like a War Zone
The morning after Pentecost, just before driving to Brunswick GA, we toured downtown again. Fires from the night before ignited buildings and cars while the national Lamplighter family was engaged on our “Sign of the Lampstand” call. More on that in a moment. But with shattered windows, burnt buildings and graffiti on virtually every building and monument, my city looked like a war zone. 

We went as well as the Lincoln Memorial. This monument is sacred to me. It is a true symbol of justice, freedom and equality for all—a victory which we fought a Civil War to attain.

To my utter astonishment the very steps of the Lincoln Memorial had been defaced with graffiti. Martin Luther King thundered his “I Have a Dream” speech from there. And in memory of Abraham Lincoln and Dr. King, we chose to gather on these very steps in 2011 to divorce Baal and seek God for covenant restoration.

Again, I took this all very personally. It felt like my city had been raped. 

The Breakthrough
That said, like many of you I know what it’s like to read a prophecy, feel in my bones it’s right, yet feel completely distanced from its promised manifestation. 

Thank God He does not leave us there! Yesterday morning in a dream, God finally broke through. His Presence came in a powerful way and literally awakened my spirit. My spiritual eyes got an extreme makeover. I again began to see. 

Fire on the White House Altar
If you joined our Pentecost call, you might remember how fireworks ignited just as I began to pray for the White House to receive God’s holy fire. James Goll had prophesied fresh fire for the house church movement, which the Lord showed him was a new wineskin for this season. My thoughts went to two places immediately—our house and the White House! 

To my utter amazement flames began to show even from our vantage point a few miles away. Cars were on fire. Buildings in the area were on fire. Even St. John’s Church was on fire.

Note that we were just about to present our altars of covenant mercy to the Lord, with our costly offerings upon them. Following the pattern of King David, we had spent a week in repentance and consecration. We were culminating a week of presenting our costly offerings. And we were believing God that, as with David, He would respond with fire on the altar in response. We lit the lamps by our altars nationwide as a prophetic action releasing this reality.

Yesterday morning I saw how this White House fire was actually no mistake. We asked for fire, and in the midst of the protests the Lord allowed an unprecedented fire to immediately blaze on the very grounds we had been praying over. Our supernatural enemy meant it for evil. Genuine protesters meant it perhaps as a warning that change must now come. 

And from God’s throne room perspective, the fire by the White House on Pentecost evening became a genuine sign He had heard us—and that His covenant mercies for the nation are being restored. 

The sign of the lampstand. And by God’s Spirit the window is opening for His turnaround to be completed. Not by might nor power but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts! (Zechariah 4:6).