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Greetings from Washington DC! Lets continue to thank the Lord for the dramatic turnaround regarding the Iranian nuclear deal. This next phase of the Daniel 7:22 turnaround is absolutely in play—on a national and global level! 

Jolene and I look forward to sharing key revelation with you tonight on the prayer call. Unfortunately I am once again finding myself without much time to write. So we’ll give another foretaste now, share a lot tonight, and hopefully follow through with postings over the next few days.  

The Last Days seems kind of in vogue, so lets begin with the ‘last days’ of our Israel trip… Featuring Iran, Russia, Armageddon, Jolene and me. 

Gates of Armageddon
On our final day in the land, friends Linda Wyatt, Ann Anderson, Jolene and I journeyed from Jerusalem to Jezreel and Nazareth. Suddenly we needed to stop and refresh ourselves. 

Where to go? I couldn’t find a Sheetz or a 7-11 nearby. But thankfully Tel Megiddo was right around the corner. Also known as Har Megiddo or Armageddon, it is a large hill on which many dwellings and ancient fortresses once stood. The museum area features great restroom facilities, a great gift shop and fantastic ice cream. 

As we pulled into the parking lot, I couldn’t help but wonder, who goes for a pit stop at Armageddon! 

But the day was beautiful, and after refreshing ourselves our little team purchased “Armageddon” hats in the gift shop and made a brief trek up the trail into the archeological dig. A sign along the way declared we were at the city gates. In other words, literally the Gates of Armageddon. In this “Year of the Gates,” it seemed a pretty good place to prophesy and pray.

Not Yet!
That was the primary substance of our words and prayers. Most of you know that Iran, Russia and Turkey have aligned together to influence Syria and the Mideast towards their dark goals. This axis is actually prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. Many believe the battle conveyed in the passage could actually reference what the Apostle John saw prophetically in the great end-time Battle of Armageddon. 

So the very existence of this alliance is a bit unsettling.

But our prophetic friend Lynnie Harlow sent us to Israel with a prophetic mandate to fulfill. She saw us praying on the Syrian border, declaring “NOT YET!” Throughout our 19 days in the land, we tried relentlessly to plan an excursion, but the doors all shut to us, even as convoys of Israeli tanks were making their way there.

We settled for Jerusalem. Succat Hallel to be specific. On the night we ministered, which also happened to be the night Prime Minister Netanyahu gave his televised address exposing Iran’s nuclear intentions. 

Not yet, Iran. Not yet!

That said, declaring “Not Yet” onsite at Armageddon just seemed to be the right thing to do. The wayward glances from locals and tourists simply had to be endured as we engaged in this forerunning, special ops prayer assignment. Not yet! 

I will tell you there was much governmental weight from the Lord on the declaration. That’s probably what they were all perceiving as they stared at us.

What’s Next?
Conflict between Iran and Israel—and therefore the United States—is virtually assured. But thankfully, yesterday President Trump took the immediate measures necessary to prevent an Armageddon-like experience from coming to pass immediately. Iran seems dead-set on using Syria as a battleground for an eventual invasion of Israel. In fact, they are amassing missiles and deploying more than 80,000 troops near Damascus. 

Have you ever taken I-95 from Washington, DC to Baltimore? That’s about the distance from Tel Megiddo to Damascus. From the Israeli border along the Golan Heights to Damascus is even shorter, some 40 miles. And if you’ve ever traveled from Washington DC to Philadelphia, that’s approximately the distance between Damascus and Jerusalem.

Now imagine that 80,000 enemy combatants were hovering that close to our borders, to our capitol, pointing their missiles in our direction. What would we do? What would you do? 

Exactly. Lets continue to keep watch. And lets continue to declare together, NOT YET!

Covenant blessings to each of you…