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WHAT A YEAR IT’S BEEN since Joe Biden was inaugurated into America’s highest office one year ago tomorrow. I honestly don’t know what else to say, or to write. Except that the soul of the nation aches.

So I’m going to lean into a prophetic experience the Lord gave over a year ago, two weeks before the 2020 elections. This is an excerpt from our coming book Turnaround Decrees. The draft of the book, by the way, was submitted to Destiny Image TODAY! Thank you Jesus… and thank you all for your prayers. Word is it will be published in late June.

One more thing. Look for a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT from us Friday about an upcoming event. No King but Jesus! 

Vision—Lion of Judah Roaring Over Nation (excerpt, Turnaround Decrees Draft, Destiny Image 2022)
Two weeks before the 2020 elections, I was in Oklahoma City for the annual HAPN prayer conference when the Lord gave me a vision conveying how He is redeeming scrolls of destiny, even for our nation. A form materialized before my eyes. I knew immediately this was the Lion of Judah. At first His appearance was translucent. As I continued to watch, His appearance increased in vibrancy and glory. Then this Lion began to roar over the nation. The manifest Presence of God accompanied the visitation.

In the midst of the vision, times and seasons began to become clear. I saw how the season we were entering was similar to the midnight hour when Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. Eventually at dawn he prevailed. Until that time darkness obscured both the form of the Lord and the surroundings of his environment. They were barely able to be perceived. 

And a word from the Lord then came. It has seemed to you that a veil of darkness has been restricting your full capacity to perceive and understand. As you now engage with the Lord, the dawn begins to awaken. Your wrestling leads to breakthrough. This veil of darkness that has obscured both your perception of Jesus and your understanding of the times IS BEING REMOVED. 

Remember names convey identity. Just as Jacob became Israel, many of you are even going to be given a new name from the Lord prophetically. The Hebrew meaning of Jacob means “Deceiver.” The name given to him by the angel was “Israel,” meaning “Prince of God” or “One who wrestles with God.” Only after this blessing was bestowed was he allowed to cross over, entering the land of Israel as Israel. 

It is the same with you. It is the same with our nation. Deception must and will be left on the other side of the river. As you enter into your new commissioning as a king and priest you become legitimized, authorized, and anointed to possess your portion of God’s inheritance in your nation. It will take a war! 

In the midst of this appearance of the Lion of Judah, the Lord began to show me great turmoil coming in the 2020 elections and beyond. I saw and prophesied on record that the elections would be contested. I also saw how travailing prayer and fasting needed to continue at least through November 11, the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact. It was as though, in the end, only covenant with God would have the power to settle the coming conflict over our land.

The Lion Releases the Scrolls
As you already know, in the entire Bible there is only one direct reference to Jesus as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and that is found in Revelation 5. The Lion releases the scrolls. In this passage He is revealed both as the slain Lamb and the Lion of Judah. Victorious in His resurrection after paying the price for our sin, He has been granted the authority to steward the scroll of God’s redemption.

By the Spirit of revelation I saw how, in conjunction with Jesus’ redemption and our combined intercession, the scroll of the Father’s intended destiny for our nation had been redeemed. And the Lord is roaring His enforcement over our land! 

Beloved, it’s turnaround time. 

Remember this vision of the Lion of Judah was given just two weeks before the 2020 elections. Given the timing I initially figured the elections were going to ensure a second term for President Trump. But when I prayed, in my spirit I sensed anything but this assurance.

Beware again of presumption. Friends I’ve learned this the hard way. In all things we need to rely on Holy Spirit instead of our own understanding. The vision I initially interpreted as an indication of an election victory was actually given as a stabilizing anchor through a very difficult season spurred by very different results. And through it I discovered God’s agenda to advance His kingdom is often radically different than our own. 

Scrolls from Heaven are being unfurled and released, bringing extraordinary shaking and exposure. His turnaround decrees are now being roared across the spectrum for you, for your children, for the body of Christ, for Israel and America, and for many nations of the earth. A window to a new era is opening. This book is written to educate and equip you to maximize your opportunity. And in a way not unlike Esther or our nation’s founders, you are now invited to partner with Jesus Himself to define this new way forward.