PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. 

WATCH prayer gathering at Founders Cross! Click here. 

NEXT MONDAY! Glory Covering—Metro DC Prayer Gathering! 7:30 PM August 28 at Grace and Favor House, Sterling VA. With Mario Bramnick, host pastors Franklin and Rossy Cerrato. 

NEXT WEDNESDAY! Lamplighter call for Glory Train launch.

Glory Train Marietta OH! Sept. 2-3 with Rodney and Stephanie Lord, Freedom Gate Church. 

Glory Train Louisville! 7pm Wednesday Sept. 6 with Bunny Warlen, Awakening Church Louisville.

We are just back from an incredible launch of the Glory Train this past weekend. Your prayers and your gifts have once again made a way for breakthrough—for us and many other ministry friends who are pushing the limits of their capacities towards Tabernacles. More on this in a moment.

First—we are hosting a special Glory Train conference call next Wednesday evening, August 30, with the Lamplighter family to launch our journey across the nation. After the Glory Train call Wednesday, we will roll out from Washington DC Friday for the 40 day journey to San Diego on Tabernacles. 

Next Week Key! Please Pray
Why next week? I can’t share too much, but key last-minute meetings in Washington DC next week have mandated a shift from our original schedule. Please pray for us. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of both the meetings and the launch.

  1. On Monday, we are co-leading a special “Glory Covering” prayer gathering for metro Washington DC with Mario Bramnick. Information is above. If you’re in the area, PLEASE JOIN US!
  2. On Wednesday, we have our Glory Train call with the Lamplighter family.
  3. On Thursday-Friday, we’ll have special DC meetings, and will also host a private roundtable with a few key leaders. What an incredible time to meet and pray!

And what incredible timing as we literally step from these meetings into the Glory Train journey. Pray for grace, strength and clarity as we move forward. Pray for synergy for the team and open doors in DC as the Lord desires. Seriously. No King but Jesus!

Ok. As I mentioned before, the Glory Train Launch in the Tidewater area of our nation was nothing less than extraordinary. Here are a few highlights.

Virginia Beach—Launch!
It was the privilege of a lifetime to launch the Glory Train from Virginia Beach. We had prayed there often, but this was the first time we actually were invited to minister.

On Friday morning, Virginia Beach pastor Chris Mitchell Jr. met us at the Founders Cross at the First Landing. With Chris was an unexpected friend—Texas leader Tom Schlueter! At the last minute, Tom traveled all the way from Fort Worth to join us at the place where America was first covenanted to the Lord Jesus Christ. We had such a powerful time there. As you’ll discover, it was very KEY. To watch the prayer time, click here

The service that evening, hosted by Pastors Chris and Aletia, was equally extraordinary. Jolene shared a spontaneous prophetic word about “The Key of See.” She felt that heavenly sounds were being released which will usher in a clarity of prophetic vision to God’s people. Tom Schlueter gave a powerful word on the “east gate” as the “sheep gate” of the land. It is this gate which Jesus entered during His procession towards His crucifixion and resurrection.

My primary focus was on the “east gate” as well. For more than two decades, the Lord has highlighted Ezekiel 43 to me. God’s glory is restored to the nation by way of the “gate facing east.” I have long felt that Virginia Beach is the center of the geographic east gate of our nation, the place where the gates of the northeast and southeast connect and open. Not a coincidence it was founded by such an historic, precedent-setting covenant with Jesus Christ! 

Ezekiel saw God’s glory “coming in by way of the gate facing east” (Ezekiel 43). In a vision three years ago, I saw the “Glory Train” moving along tracks connecting Virginia Beach and San Diego. This vision has established our steps ever since. In 2016, most of you know that Jolene and I felt led by the Lord to circle the entire nation in prayer and revival by train. The “Glory Train-Turnaround Tour” became an apostolic witness of God’s intended work in our land. For 2017, we are following Bonnie Jones’ prophetic mandate to focus on the restoration of God’s glory in our land. Compelling the restoration of God’s glory… across our nation by way of the east gate!

A final—and perhaps most important—emphasis of the evening was how the Glory of God impacts regions when He comes. Remember the Moravians. This deeply divided group became united as one as the Holy Spirit fell in what was termed “the Moravian Pentecost.” We are seeing the movement of God’s glory in this hour break through division and unite us as one!

Williamsburg’s Star is Rising! Freedom Journey Begins
On Saturday night we ministered in Williamsburg VA, hosted by Pastors Ryan and Jade McAdams, their congregation, as well as many regional leaders. The room was actually packed. And the word of the Lord came with clarity.

I shared much of the same as the night before, with a focus on governmental prayer to see the Glory of God come. As my friend Mario Bramnick has said, God is releasing to America a second wind! Remember that Williamsburg—or more specifically nearby nearby Yorktown—is the battlefield where the American Revolution culminated in victory. It’s where “No King but Jesus” became the law of the land. It’s where we became a sovereign nation. 

It’s where our covenantal freedoms became secured.

What an honor to prophesy to the region once again, and welcome the winds of God’s glory to blow. “Come from the four winds, o Breath, and breathe on these slain that they may live! Breathe on Your freedom movement once again! Secure our sovereignty in this hour of revolution. No King but Jesus! 

A fresh word for Williamsburg came unexpectedly. I saw a star rising from the Williamsburg region to guide our nation in this hour. I felt the Lord specifically highlighting our intelligence communities in the region, as well as military bases and especially the body of Christ. I saw regional roundtables receiving the counsel of the Lord, helping to establish an open heaven for Heaven’s direction to be received.

And the lamp of freedom, entrusted by God to guide our nation from Williamsburg, is burning brightly again. Glory! May He lead us as we face the challenges of this hour’s freedom journey.

Fredericksburg—the Tabernacle Movement
We closed out our launch of the Glory Train Monday night at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace. Amazing to drive to Fredericksburg from Virginia Beach during the solar eclipse! Thank God for His eternal lamp to lead us when things get really dark and eerie…

It was such an honor to join with David Bradshaw and team to briefly share the Glory Train vision, and then prophesy into the Tabernacles movement they are establishing this October 6-9. You might recall how the Lord spoke to me to finish the Glory Train by the first night of Tabernacles as an apostolic, governmental witness from coast to coast that His glory is being restored. But the Glory Train journey actually culminates back in Washington DC, as Awaken the Dawn brings 50 tents from 50 states together for 24-7 worship on the National Mall! 

You don’t want to miss this.

It was a privilege to share recent revelation from the Lord on the “Tabernacle Movement” of Moses’ day. Moses led his people in a similar “Glory Train” journey, a procession from slavery to freedom. The literal glory of God directed them, and angelic hosts visibly accompanied them. 

But things shifted on Mt. Sinai. God visited Moses for 40 days as his people affirmed their covenant with Him. It was there he conveyed how He wanted the glory of God, seen visibly on the mountaintop, to now dwell with His people. Build a tent! Construct an Ark for the Covenant I have made with you. Fashion a lampstand all of gold! And take a contribution from all those whose hearts are moved. Because I am going to tabernacle with you, My people!

Tabernacles. Not a coincidence that Awaken the Dawn is being held over the Feast of Tabernacles this year! Amazingly, David Bradshaw did not even realize it when he picked the dates. 

As Moses was instructed, we took up an offering, and gave a contribution for the Tabernacles movement David and team are forerunning. I mentioned how the hearts of the Lamplighter family have been knitted together for this work, as so many of you sowed into Awaken the Dawn over the past few weeks. They were deeply impacted and encouraged. 

And so are we. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the Glory Train and to the movements joining together to see breakthrough. In Washington DC, and from coast to coast, God is tabernacling with His people! Keep praying. NO KING BUT JESUS!