PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. 

Revolution DC 2016! Dec. 8-11, 2016. Thrones of Glory! With Rick Ridings, James Nesbit, more.

JON AND JOLENE THIS WEEKEND! With Tim Sheets, Karen Kruger and more. “Positioned to Soar Conference,” Nov. 10-12, Maplewood MN. More info please click here!

Glory Revolutionaries,

Jolene and I are so looking forward to greeting you tonight on the prayer call. I am overwhelmed. We have crossed a threshold of victory!

Yet as in Abraham Lincoln’s hour, we must continue to pray for the fullness of this “new birth of freedom” with Heaven-sent union binding up our collective wounds.

Establishing New Government
It’s important to remember that every revolution is fought not only to take ground, but to establish new government. With this in mind, please make plans to join us for Revolution 2016 this December 8-11, as work for new governance nationally. The conference will be focused on establishing “Thrones of Glory” here in DC and from state to state. You will receive a fresh impartation to build for the future.

By the grace of God, a limited window has opened for national turnaround. Lets worship the Lord and fully access its potential!

Need personal freedom? We will also feature a day-long seminar by Martin Frankena to bring many through to healing and deliverance. Hopefully including healing from the trauma of this election. In any case, more information coming soon.

A Revolutionary Election, a Revolutionary Movement
Very briefly I want to remind you of a few remarkable prophetic expressions surrounding the historic election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

  1. A Revolution of Justice—9-11 to 11-9. A primary factor motivating many voters was the hope of justice in our land—restoring a constitutional balance of power, securing the appointment of conservative Supreme Court justices, overcoming election deception, and seeking justice regarding Benghazi.

    Lets talk Benghazi for a moment. As Jolene prophesied in 2012, we have now seen every household affected by the Benghazi terror attacks on September 11, 2012. Hearings on these attacks led to the investigations on the email server and the scandal that followed. It is interesting that the journey which began on 9-11 became sealed on 11-9.

  2. Pennsylvania became the turnaround state. Jolene prophesied this about Pennsylvania during the Glory Train gathering in Pittsburgh. She saw a baby in the womb of Pennsylvania which was breached. But the hand of the Lord came to the womb of Pennsylvania and turned this breached baby around so that it could be born correctly! We shared the following on April 3: It’s a turnaround womb—and not only do you have a turnaround here but you get launched into your destiny from Pittsburgh… 
  3. Trump a team player. Pundits and politicians were surprised at how much the Trump/Pence ticket advanced their party in general. But remember the dream about Trump on the baseball field. His goal continually was not to be a star, but simply to hit the ball to advance the players on the field. Clearly this goal was accomplished in the election!
  4. Trump and Homeland Security. My first dream about Donald Trump came January 5. Trump had won a contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security. Strengthening the security of the nation must remain a top priority—especially in prayer. Please keep vigilant against sabotage, internally and externally.
  5. Movement much greater than Trump. Throughout our tour we prophesied how no political party has the full solutions to secure America’s healing. Instead, it’s going to take a move of God to dislodge the level of evil that has become embedded in our land. And this aspect of the turnaround is truly still in play. We must contend for the fullness of His new move, releasing blessing in every sphere.
  6. Turnaround 2016—Glory Restored 2017. During the call from Hawaii which launched the Glory Train, Cindy Jacobs prophesied this movement is a “Glory Revolution!” In this quest, let the words of Bonnie Jones focus your expectation for the future. Bonnie shared that 2016 would be a year of God’s turnaround. March 2017 would mark the 40th anniversary of the date Bob Jones saw the glory of God lift from our nation. According to Bonnie, Bob always believed the glory would be more fully restored in 2017. Lets take this to heart, and set our course accordingly!
  7. America, married to Jesus. What an honor to present the Lord Jesus Christ with the finished “wedding ring” of this Glory Train-Turnaround Tour Monday evening. I believe His turnaround reflects His covenant commitment to our land. And it’s for the blessing of ALL.
  8. This Freedom Revolution is for All. I plead with you to remember God’s intentions for this new move. It’s a freedom movement, joining the miracles of Exodus and Acts as an entire nation is shifted from subjugation to freedom. This freedom train is now on the move. No King but Jesus!

    I believe again this is why the Lord chose a black pastor from Detroit to mantle Donald Trump for the Presidency. He was making a point. Because this freedom revolution is truly for all.