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Note: The Resounding Scrolls Project will officially culminate next Monday, the 200th day of President Trump’s presidency.

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From old scripts to new scrolls. This word from the Lord really seems to resonate! Jolene and I are excited to hear some soon-coming testimonies about the breakthrough revelation you are beginning to receive. Now is the time! 

As of Tisha b’Av, we have entered into a time of breakthrough in Washington DC and the nation. Amazing that the Dow hit 22,000 today. We’re in an Isaiah 22 season, where the key of David has been restored to open the gates no man can shut. We will become thrones of glory to the Father’s House!

Your Life as a Prophetic Scroll
Sometimes our own lives, our respective journeys suddenly become scrolls upon which the Lord writes or conveys His “now” word. I want to take a moment to share such a journey in my own life last week. In retrospect especially it was one of those times “you just can’t make up.” 

I wrote yesterday about the vision the Lord gave of an angelic company descending with scrolls to be released to His covenant people. We were in Augusta, GA. The angelic hosts were glimmering white, and in the vision they hovered over the Savannah River. As I shared in yesterday’s posting, these scrolls were virtually indistinguishable from the angels—almost as if the angels themselves embodied the scrolls they were releasing.

Please keep in mind the Lord has rarely shown me visions of His angelic hosts before. In the few times He has opened my eyes, the longterm impact of the encounters have been far beyond what I could have imagined. I anticipate this again!

Through the Gates—White House, Plane Door
This Resounding Scrolls project has been focused on the commission to “take the land” in this season—for our own lives, but also for the Trump Administration to fulfill its mandate on behalf of the American people. There has been so much warfare these 100 days leading to Tisha b’Av! Yet in the midst, our actions and intercessions and leaps of faith have together been part of a larger movement to reverse the curse and secure breakthrough from the blockades now at hand.   

With this at heart, what followed a few days after I received this vision was an orchestration of circumstances which somehow governmentally conveyed the breakthrough God was bringing us. A breakthrough scroll. Here’s the journey.

We as a company had contended vigorously for the Trump Administration over the previous 100 days. So last Thursday I found myself making an unexpected visit to the White House—the Old Executive Office Building to be more accurate. The very next day I found myself leaping out of an airplane in Florida, skydiving for the first time compliments of my friend Jamie Jackson. 

White House one day, skydiving the next. I felt a little like Jack Bauer or Jason Bourne. Who gets to do this!

But through both experiences the Lord was conveying one single word. As in the days of Joshua and Caleb, the gates are now open and it’s time to go through. Time to access the promise and step in. Time to possess the land sworn to our forefathers by covenant!

Hearts Tested
In truth, both open doors tested my heart. Remember on Tisha b’Av the ten spies came back with the report that there were giants in the land—and that they were like grasshoppers in their sight. Their perception was tied to their identities—the old scripts tied to subjugation that were still directing their hearts and lives. Only Joshua and Caleb saw the potential beyond the giants’ initial intimidation. Only Joshua and Caleb saw the Lord had fashioned them to be equal to the task. 

Breaking intimidation… let me just say Joshua and Caleb mentored me both days as I prepared to go through both doors.

The first door could have easily been more intimidating to go through than the open door of an airplane. To be honest, not many years ago I would have felt very intimidated. It’s only been in recently that God has corrected my internal script. 

And this time I went through the gates knowing I had something vital to contribute. The meeting with other faith leaders at the White House went great. It was an honor to meet Paula White, and I was delighted to make many new friends while reconnecting with many old friends. 

My greatest honor was to stand as the tip of your spear—declaring God’s Daniel 7:22 turnaround while ushering in the intercession we together had engaged in during these 100 days That was my true purpose for being there, just in time for Tisha b’Av. 

And the things we’ve all been praying for have begun to come to pass right before our eyes. You can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t.

“One Way or Another, You’ll Be Back Down Soon!”
I actually had to fly back early to Jacksonville to keep the reservation Jamie had made for Friday morning to jump out of a plane. Got in from the airport at 1:30 am and could barely sleep. My alarm went off at 7:22 am. On purpose. Because while preparing to leap out of a perfectly good airplane two miles above the earth, I wanted to rehearse the fact that judgement had been rendered in favor of the saints! 

My brain worked hard to get my body out of bed after only five hours of sleep. I returned with Jamie to the Jacksonville area. Right through the gates… of an airplane! Never been this way before.

Our parachute guides did their best to reassure us. “You’ll definitely be back down soon,” one guide told us. “One way or another, you’ll be back down soon!” 

On the way up, I peered out the window to take in the view of northern Florida and southern Georgia. Jamie and I joked about how we were like Joshua and Caleb, taking the steps to take the land. Then my guide tethered himself to me and nudged me towards the door of the plane. We were the first ones out.

Standing on the precipice of a free fall two miles high, I suddenly lost all my fear. We leaned forward. And eyes wide open, I tumbled into the sky.

Take the Leap—A Prophetic Parable for You
You might be asking what jumping out of a plane has to do with Tisha b’Av or taking the land. All I can say is this. Seeing the view from the windows of the plane is like rehearsing a vision or a prophetic word. You see it, you sense it, you know the potential of its fulfillment on the other side of the window. 

But a leap of faith is absolutely required to step into your prophetic word. You can either remain at the window and watch others reach their destinies, or you can shift from the window to the door and step out ourself. Once you do… the vista you experience is beyond your wildest imagination!

Taking Covenant Ground
And you possess the land. It’s no coincidence that the whole vista before us was land that our Huguenot forefathers cut covenant with the Lord to receive. They made it across the waters, but didn’t make it long in the land. Spanish conquistadores from Cuba martyred almost the whole colony. It’s on this very ground that Jean Ribault, leader of the Huguenots, died chanting Psalm 132. He literally begged God to remember his afflictions the way He remembered the afflictions of His servant David. Generationally. That this ground would become a dwelling place generationally for the Mighty One of Jacob. 

It’s one of America’s foundational covenants. And just by chance, Jamie and I were catapulting out of a plane to take this very ground. Covenant land. 

The Breakthrough Scrolls
As we prophesied and processed through the weekend, I became aware that the Lord had released an angel of breakthrough to move us all forward through Tisha b’Av. It’s like the angelic hosts have returned to the journey. 

I don’t want to spiritualize this more than it warrants. But the journey itself, from Washington DC to Jacksonville, Brunswick and then back to Washington DC, was orchestrated as a scroll to be perceived and understood. Dealing with governmental gates secured by covenantal foundations. A living demonstration of the breakthrough pathway the Lord is now forging for us all.

You may not understand right now the steps you are being led to take, because they are like words still forming on a scroll. A breakthrough scroll. Only as you pass through the gates will you will truly understand your journey. 

Guaranteed, the activation of this journey requires a leap of faith that will test your heart. But don’t worry, you’ve already been trained to succeed. Smile. Do what the Lord has already commissioned you to do. And know that by these gates you will step into the vast fulfillment of your promise. 

So all that said… Go through the gates! Prepare the way of the Lord. Don’t let anything hinder you. We have entered the movement we have dreamed of. It’s now time for the saints to possess the Kingdom. No King but Jesus!

“Behold, I am going to send an angel before you to guard you along the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. Be on your guard before him and obey his voice; do not be rebellious toward him, for he will not pardon your transgression, since My name is in him. But if you truly obey his voice and do all that I say, then I will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries.  For My angel will go before you and bring you in to the land” (Exodus 23:20).