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WELCOME TO 17 TAMMUZ. Tonight through tomorrow commemorates the date when Moses descended the mountain with God’s marital covenant for His people—only to discover them worshiping the golden calf. Obviously the calf or bull was a symbol of baal and baal worship. Moses then shattered the stones of covenant. He threw down the golden calf and burned it.

Only the tribe of Levi did not worship the golden calf.  Not a coincidence the entire tribe was soon chosen to be priests to God!

FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS, the Lamplighter family has been seeking God intensively to see a new way forward for America, longing for the day when both Covid 19 and destructive riots finally grow small in our rearview mirror. We are vehemently pursuing a turnaround that releases Heaven’s best intentions for every American. It’s not just possible. It’s probable. As long as our nation’s covenant with God is honored, and leaders are willing to genuinely make America great again.

David built an altar to the Lord as an act of repentance, and the plague stopped. Our national mandate today also involves repentance. A good picture of this is found in God’s dealings with Israel as pictured in Isaiah 22. In the pattern of Moses and the golden calf, God once again called a wayward nation to humility, to repentance, to realignment with Him. Yet all the while, a leader named Shebna was building a monument to himself—slaughtering the sheep for personal gain—during this time of governmental shaking.

We’ve seen many Shebnas taken down during this time—most markedly, Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell. Hallelujah! But we’ve got a long way to go.

America is being threshed. Washington DC, our nation’s capitol and a city on a hill and a light to the nations, is being threshed. We’ve had a focus on monuments of our heritage. But to overcome our challenges during this season of threshing, the focus of our preservation must be an enduring altar of covenant to the Lord. His covenant mercy must be the defining legacy that prevails! And where needed, any golden calf should be thrust down.

Albert Pike Statue and the KKK
The outrageous death of George Floyd at the knees of police has rightly become a symbol of racial injustice. Rage, protests and riots were sparked across the nation, including in Washington DC. Unfortunately some of our most venerated monuments were vandalized—including the Lincoln Memorial, the national symbol of racial justice and freedom.

Most statues absolutely must be protected. But as you will plainly see, SOME NEED TO GO.

Protesters took down one statue in Washington DC that absolutely must never be re-seated. That’s the statue of confederate general Albert Pike. Though President Trump initially signaled he desired to put the statue back up, I believe he was severely misinformed. Because if he truly knew the abhorrent legacy this statue represented, he probably would have actually been the first to pull it down!

I will say I felt in my spirit the tumbling of the Albert Pike statue was a dramatic sign from God that Shebna was being removed. Here’s why. Albert Pike is a symbol of the worst, most brutal form of bigotry and injustice, sourced in the worst, most brutal expression of idolatry. This confederate general was a primary architect of the Ku Klux Klan, the hit squad whose flaming cross and hanging noose traumatized generations of black families into subservience after their constitutional freedoms had been secured.

The noose became the symbol of the KKK’s brutality. But in addition to lynchings there are also numerous historical accounts of homes and even churches being set on fire, with entire families perishing. Their horrific violence became a prelude to the atrocities of the Nazis, inspiring Adolf Hitler towards the Holocaust.

And it goes without saying that genuine justice for blacks within a judicial system in a jurisdiction validating intentional prejudice, and especially the influence of the KKK, became a virtual impossibility. The blockbuster movie “Just Mercy” vividly portrays this.

Which is why it is all the more horrific that the the statue of Albert Pike, confederate general and renown leader of the KKK, was placed as a “guardian” of our entire federal justice system in Judiciary Square. What does it say to the family of George Floyd or Ahmaud Aubrey, to the descendants of Harriett Tubman and Martin Luther King or to black men and women across our nation questioning their loyalty to this nation under God, when a founder of the Ku Klux Klan is erected to symbolically preside over America’s courts of justice?

The Albert Pike Statue and all it represents is as America’s golden calf. For the sake of liberty and justice for all, IT MUST REMAIN DOWN.

Pike, Idolatry and Racism
Another bitter realization is that Albert Pike, confederate general and framer of the Ku Klux Klan, was also the primary architect of modern freemasonry. It was Pike who, in his foundational book Morals and Dogma, shaped masonry into venerating Lucifer as “top god” over his idolatrous pyramid.

Many of today’s riots have been taken from the playbook of “Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky’s treatise on community activism which was celebrated by both Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Unfortunately it was actually dedicated to Lucifer. The harm this invocation to Lucifer has brought to the justice movement over decades is actually immeasurable.

Albert Pike made the same invocation of Lucifer over an entire institution. As the chief architect of modern freemasonry he dragged this fraternal order into luciferianism as a national and global expression.

Here’s a hard truth. The root of racism is always idolatry. Pharaoh called himself a god, worshiped demonic gods, and by their influence enslaved the Jews. Albert Pike invoked his idolatry to keep white supremacy as the rule. He was even willing to wage an insurrection against America, called the Civil War, to accomplish this. When he lost, Pike then helped establish the KKK to regain the subservience of former slaves.

Nation Under God
To acquiesce to either racism or idolatry is the antithesis of everything America stands for under God. So lets stand united in this. Please pray. And please contact your senator, your representatives, even the White House. It’s time for this reprehensible breach of justice to finally come to an end.

The Albert Pike statue could really be seen as America’s golden calf. To genuinely make America great again, in this 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ founding of our great experiment called America, it must remain unseated. Instead lets continue to establish God’s generational altar of covenant. This alone has the power to preserve and perpetuate legacy, stopping the scourge of current turmoil in its tracks. LET MY PEOPLE GO!