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Welcome to the first full day of spring—and a new season of spring training! After three weeks of sowing into the west coast, Jolene and I have just returned to Washington DC from Alaska. Either the weather followed us here, or the forerunner anointing has come to a whole new level. Because on the first full day of spring, Alaska is somehow being superimposed on our nation’s Capitol. A blizzard is now blanketing the entire region. 

Great day to start spring training. The prayer project, at least! More on this in a moment. 

First, our time in Alaska was simply profound. I know it sounds crazy, but something occurred in conjunction with the prayers of these Alaskan firebrands which somehow affected this entire hemisphere. Maybe even the world.

Alaska Crowned!
Our hosts Kathleen Liska, Candy Sutherland and other leaders felt a few months ago that Holy Spirit was launching a new prayer movement from this gathering. It came to pass before our eyes. I can say with full assurance the governmental authority to prophesy—and step into—this next phase of the Daniel 7:22 turnaround was released to the entire continent. Even more. Because as I was prophesying, I kept seeing in my spirit all the way down the coast to Central and South America. Pole to pole. 

And the word kept coming in worship that Alaska was being crowned. His Crown & Throne!

Since October we’ve been praying into the release of a new Moses Movement. In a vision during the Global Prophetic Summit, I saw a convergence of angelic hosts from all the nations connected to this global roundtable of prophetic leaders. There was a supernatural synergy. And I prophesied that history would even be made as Heaven and earth joined together for this council. 

We began by praying for Zimbabwe. Real-time revelation and prayer immediately led to history being defined. Literally within hours, Zimbabwe’s cruel dictator Robert Mugabe had been removed from office, just as Cindy Jacobs prophesied. 

On the second day, I saw the convergence of angelic hosts being sent back to their respective regions of the world from the mountaintop where they had been assembled. As I looked over the rugged mountains surrounding Palmer, Alaska, I couldn’t take my eyes off of nearby Pioneer Peak. Like, it was right out of my vision of the Moses Movement being released! And I knew then the Lord had given a “green light” to prophesy the full release. Turnaround. Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the kingdom. Second phase of God’s turnaround verdict!

From the East Coast on 2-22 to the West Coast shortly after, FROM THE RISING OF THE SUN TO ITS SETTING, this next phase of God’s work has been governmentally released. No King but Jesus!

Spring Training and Angelic Councils
A few weeks ago, the word of the Lord came to Jolene that He was calling us to “spring training.” A season to embrace greater discipline in prayer, worship, the Word, fasting and fitness, so as to maximize the potential the Lord was holding out for us through the remainder of the year. This potential involved exactly what we perceived and experienced during the Global Prophetic Summit. Even the intervention of angelic hosts of the Lord in the midst of corporate roundtables.

Jolene’s perceptions had come in conjunction with a discussion on Chuck Pierce’s recent word about angelic councils connected to apostolic and prophetic councils. This is really important friends. Because each weekly Lamplighter call is essentially a convocation of the ekklesia as an apostolic-prophetic council. Lets press into this even for tonight’s call!

And lets position ourselves the next 21 days to hear and receive from Jesus in a greater measure. Seek the Lord about how the Lord desires to re-order your daily routine. What is He calling you to fast, or forsake? What is He calling you to press into? How is He calling you to invest your time, your finances, your capacities? 

Where is He calling you to regain sharpness or strength? To grow even in physical fitness? Begin now! 

The facilitation of apostolic-prophetic roundtables in conjunction with Heaven’s council is a major facet of our calling in Washington DC. Our home actually overlooks the entire city, with the governmental seats of the three branches of government clearly visible from our “watchman’s perch.” 

And this perch was conveyed to me in a dream a few years before  the Lord gave it to us. 

The Roundtable House—2012 Dream
On November 12, 2012 I awoke to the following prophetic dream while visiting Paul and Cheryl Amabile on Cape Cod. They are dear friends of ours, and both our prophetic revelation and ministry journeys have run on parallel tracks. The night before, on 11-11, we had the honor of celebrating the anniversary of the Pilgrims’ signing of the Mayflower Compact—remembering the founding off our land and government by covenant with the Lord.

The dream on 11-12 seems to be about securing a “prayer home” in a marketplace that emphasizes apostolic community. In the dream, Jolene and I were looking at a glass house built right in the middle of a large shopping area. The house was inexpensive—only $32,000—and was near large mountains.

David and Tracey Ruleman, formerly the pastors of the Gate DC before retiring in Florida, were showing us the house and selling the house. They served as real estate agents in the dream.

The house was large and spacious. It had a very unusual kitchen area. In addition to appliances, the kitchen area had a glass or plastic pulpit with a very large table. The pulpit and the table both made of clear glass, and the table was round. The round table had round benches around it, almost like a picnic table.

The apartment/condo was very close to a 247 Fitness Center in the mall. Very large bedrooms featured wooden floors. Large windows showed the mountains and the traffic outside. I believe there was a very big road with a lot of traffic as well as lots of mall traffic. But I could not hear the noise from the outside; only when the cars beeped the horn did I hear anything. So it was as quiet as most rural homes, and more quiet than most urban homes.

Securing the House
I sat down to talk with David about putting a $500 deposit on the home to take it off the market before someone else tried to purchase it. In the dream I would have signed the papers immediately, but needed to show Jolene the home, and she was still en route. The price was amazing, everything in the apartment was amazing, though parts of the apartment were unfinished. Everything seemed very upscale, and I could not figure out why there wasn’t more demand for the apartment/ townhome/ condominium, I don’t know which one it was.

Towards the end of the dream, just as I was waking up, I saw a gang of young kids with shotguns walking through the mall. They were acting like security staff. I couldn’t figure out were self-appointed or were actually sheriffs, but they patrolled the mall. I never heard any gunfire but it was like they were going into the mall and they didn’t seem to be on the “up and up.”

The Ruling Roundtable—and Call to Training
Biblically, mountains often represent government. God seems to be indicating a ministry house or prayer center that impacts both government and marketplace.

This “Roundtable House” was close in proximity to a 24/7 fitness center. I believe the 24/7 fitness center represents 24/7 prayer, and also indicates training and strengthening towards this end.

One of the reasons I believe the “Roundtable House” is in Washington DC is because David and Tracey Ruleman were the agents. Again, they pastored a work called “The Gate DC.” Can’t make this up! Their last name, Rule-man, resonates with the “Crown and Throne commission” to RULE from the HOUSE OF DAVID.

Now lets explore the imagery of the table. As shared, the Lord is putting a major emphasis this year on roundtables. Where people from different streams share insights and giftings that bring a more complete expression of His heart and work. Like the elders before the Throne, participants will gaze on God’s majesty and together legislate His Kingdom expressions in the earth.

A kitchen table conveys community. God desires mature expressions of apostolic community, with people of different strengths who are united by a common cause, sharing not just their labors in the gospel but their very lives.

His Name will be Great Among the Nations!
Finally, the cost. Somehow the house was priced at only $32,000—and required only a $500 deposit. Jolene and I both agreed—deal done, we’ll take it! That said, despite much debate, we remained relatively clueless about the meaning of the numbers. At least until responding to our last-minute invitation to a national roundtable… with 500 participants!

This group leaders from prayer centers, churches and missions agencies convened to focus on accelerating the dream articulated in Malachi 1:11. What a verse! And what an honor for all of us to be a part of this move. The cost at this time may seem very great. But when we see the magnitude of blessing and impact, it will be more than worth it all. No King but Jesus! 

“For from the rising of the sun even to its setting, My name will be great among the nations, and in every place incense is going to be offered to My name, and a grain offering that is pure; for My name will be great among the nations,” says the Lord of hosts!” (Malachi 1:11)