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REVOLUTION 2020—PREPARE THE WAY! December 10-12, 2020 (Hanukkah) at Remnant Church, Brunswick GA. With Ed Watts, Chris Mitchell, Jamie Fitt, Lynn Alderson, more. Hosted by Jon and Jolene, Jamie and Redonnia Jackson.

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TALK ABOUT A MIDNIGHT SHINING. Early this morning a fireball flashed across the skies over Independence Hall, Philadelphia. The celestial flyover came at at exactly 3am, just as the bells of the historic hall tolled, while Dutch Sheets was culminating the nationwide Valkyrie project to take down dark forces tied to election fraud. A sign in the heavens confirmed a dramatic move of Holy Spirit bringing His redemptive exposure. 


Please keep in mind that a similar fireball shot across the skies from Philadelphia to Plymouth on November 8. At exactly 7:22pm. Confirming the Daniel 7:22 turnaround tied to the extraordinary covenant renewal by the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact. 

We are on the 10 day countdown to the first night of Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights, the Feast of Dedication, marking the launch of Revolution 2020. I love the word Ed Watts shared November 8, the night of the fireball’s appearing:

“This Hanukkah will be a KEY TIME in our nation, releasing a sound of Holy Revolution. This Hanukkah will be a KEY TIME (remember seeing a KEY – that Turns Time?) of a Revolutionary Sound and a Revolutionary Army that will cause things to begin to TURN in our Nation – And will Restore the Menorah of God in our Nation. There’s a Judah Maccabee sound coming forth – a Judah the Hammer sound that will strike the gates and shake the gates, dislodging the Enemy!”—Ed Watts.

There’s a Judah Hammer sound that strikes the gates and dislodges the enemy. So excited for this fiery Judah sound to break forth! For the first time, Jamie Fitt and team from Philadelphia are joining with Da’Neil Sharpe and team from Remnant Church GA for a new sound to burst forth. It promises to be explosive. THE BREAKER BREAKS OPEN.

Tomorrow I’m going to share with you a key prophetic word on the Breaker for this season. And it has everything to do with the scrolls of God’s inheritance prevailing! 

Two fireballs in the sky. Double portion. Did I mention there’s another prayer project tomorrow our friend Lynn Alderson is facilitating for Georgia? Not coincidentally she called it “Shock and Awe.” We look forward to hearing from Lynn tonight on it. And join us for Revolution 2020 as this focus is carried through. Who knows what the Lord will do! Because the Lion of Judah is on the move. 

Below is Jolene’s original word from November 22.

Shock and Awe Movement Begins Now!
The Lord is speaking to me right now, He’s giving me a word called SHOCK AND AWE. And what He’s talking about to me is how there are many revelations that are going to come out in this  next period of time, and in this next season, that are going to shock us. That there will be a SHOCKING that will take place. But if we keep our eyes on the Lord and keep Him in our primary focus it will be an AWE-INSPIRING THING. That the Lord is going to come in a way that is going to awe us in this season. 

And I looked up the word shock and awe. And I’m amazed to find out that the Wikipedia says it’s technically known as rapid dominance. That there will be a RAPID DOMINANCE OF THE LORD that will sweep in during this time! It’s actually a power tactic, it’s a tactic based on the use of OVERWHELMING POWER, and SPECTACULAR DISPLAYS OF FORCE, to paralyze the enemy. 

So I just declare in this time where we will hear revelations that shock us, that the Lord is actually doing a plan of rapid dominance, a shock and awe movement right now, where He is using overwhelming power and overwhelming displays of spectacular force to paralyze the enemy in his tracks. It’s just like what happened in Exodus. It’s just like when they came to the red sea take and the Lord began to take the wheels off the enemy. So I declare to us, let the enemy chase us to the Red Sea. Don’t be afraid. Do not be shocked by what you hear. Do not be shocked by what you feel. Because there will be a force that comes against us with the enemy chasing us that’s going to feel like we are going to be destroyed. But the Lord is going to show us a shock and awe right now, where He’s  going to show His rapid dominance of the enemy. He’s been singing to me for three weeks now, horse and rider thrown in to the sea! That is where we are now. 

At the other end of this is revival. It is the consecration of the firstborn. There will be many that will be born again in your families. There will be many that have shunned God. When He brings in the glory He is about to bring in, and the glory that is going to sweep, people will be crawling to the altar. There will be a consecration of the firstborn in your family. Many of those you thought will never serve the Lord will be serving Him and will be the first to come in when the glory of God comes. So we welcome the shock and awe movement of God. We welcome it! In the Name of Jesus!

Overview—Words for Season
I also thought you’d appreciate an overview of apostolic & prophetic directives shared through this season. Very clearly it’s turnaround time. One way or the other, God is showing with signs and wonders His “shock and awe movement” is now at hand. Revolutionary! 

  1. Contested Elections are Coming. The The Lion of Judah is Roaring! (October 19).
  2. The Scrolls of God’s Redemptive Destiny (Rev. 5:8) will Prevail (October 22).
  3. Play the Trump Card, Extract the Joker (Abraham Accords, Sept. 15)
  4. Seat the Rulers and Set the Watch (Sept. 27).
  5. Rule from the Precipice—Do Not Yield Your Seat! (Sept. 25).
  6. God’s Shock and Awe movement begins now!—Jolene, Nov. 22. 
  7. Covenantal Turnaround—Fireball Over Plymouth at 7:22 pm on November 8, while preparing for the Mayflower Covenant Renewal.