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Earlier this week, Cindy Jacobs issued a severe warning to pray against a potential coordinated terror strike in cities across our nation. Shields up! A day later, President Barack Obama made a stunning statement. During a summit at the Hague, he commented how his worst fear is not a conflict with Russia, but the prospect of a nuclear bomb in Manhattan.

Fast forward to last Wednesday. Our friend Martin Frankena shared with the Lamplighter family a clear warning along the same lines. Martin strongly sensed that “our gates are down” at a magnitude we barely perceive.

Shields Up! Warning by Cindy Jacobs
Cindy’s prophetic warning is below.

Several months ago I began to feel a great unease again about the safety of America. As I prayed, I felt the Lord warning me that there were attacks being planned on America in attempts to strike terror in the heart of the nation. These would be planned on a systematic level and carried out by radicalized persons.

What I saw at the time were the kinds of bombings that occurred in England and Israel at public places. WE know that we already dodged a major bullet when one such attempt was averted in Times Square through what I believe to be God-ordained sequence of events.

This is what I am hearing today: “For the Lord says, shields up! This is the time for the watchmen to have keen eyes and discernment. The enemy is at the door and wants to stir up havoc, but I will give My people eagle eyes to see what is being planned…”

Declare “Shields ARE up!”

This morning, our prophetic friend Lynnie Harlow shared the following:
I think we probably need to listen and pray…”SHIELDS ARE UP” over DC. Somethings coming and the air is super charged with it. Stay alert!!!! We are on a collision course with Heaven and there is no going back.

I agree with Cindy and Lynnie. Lets take our place on the wall IMMEDIATELY. Lets declare to our cities and regions that God’s Shields ARE UP, in Jesus Name! Declare God’s watchmen in the spirit and natural receive “eagle eyes” to perceive, warn, expose and restrain.

Gideon Army: Stand in Faith!

Remember how God is exposing and restraining the Usurper in this hour. LETS STAND IN FAITH for terrorist cells to be exposed, terrorist plots to be exposed, and for the Usurper to be restrained at the gates of our nation.

And lets continue to pray for our military and intelligence communities. Remember how Gideon’s prophetic action to tear down his father’s altar to Baal prepared the ground for military victory. We are seeing God honor the same prophetic action in our time, as preparation for the release of His angelic hosts to bring the needed deliverance. In partnership with the Lord and His angelic hosts, we can trust that our continued, vigilant intercession on their behalf will truly empower breakthrough.

I want to also call us to continued vigilance in prayer for President Obama and his family. I was deeply impacted by First Lady Michelle Obama’s stand for freedom during her trip to China. Your prayers are making a difference!

Jon & Jolene—Africa & Intensive Season of Ministry

Finally, I am asking you to pray for us during an intensive season of ministry. We just returned from a very fruitful ministry trip to Florida, which set us on a tremendous course for the upcoming 13 Colonies Freedom Journey. This weekend we are with Pastor Rick McKinnis for ImpaCT Connecticut, a statewide gathering to see God’s new move released to a new level across many streams. I don’t know a state in the nation moving forward like Connecticut at this time. We will then be ministering with Linda Clark in Plymouth MA before returning home to participate in intercession for the “Washington Man of Prayer” conference hosted by Pastor Dan Cummings.

And immediately following, I leave for Africa! Pitts Evans, a pastor in metro DC, is hosting a gathering in Sierra Leone that will introduce “Crown and Throne” principles to a convocation of leaders from throughout the nation. We started the year off prophesying at his church about a move of deliverance this Passover, and this Passover I am with Pitts and his apostolic team in Freetown! LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Jolene will remain stateside this trip, missing the tropical weather with no AC, cold showers, etc. She will be ministering in Albany NY at Rock Road Chapel’s yearly missions gathering along with Randy Demain and others. All this said, PLEASE PRAY! And if you feel to contribute financially towards these undertakings we would be most grateful.

Many have wondered why I felt to go to Africa at this time. I felt compelled by the Spirit that His “Crown and Throne” work is for all nations to shift into freedom. And as we invest in this nation so loved by the Lord, I am convinced we will be ministering directly to Him, and will therefore share in His rewards even as a nation. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

That said, please pray. And if you would like to participate financially with us in releasing this blessing, we would be so grateful!

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