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Special 2 hour call on conference call and Facebook Live. Please note that it is at the beginning of Pesach Sheni, or the Second Passover. Details coming. Promise you… you don’t want to miss! 

“THE CIRCLE OF MY COVENANT TRUMPS, triumphs, and prevails against the circle of Baal meant to confine you, and even define you!”

Looking forward to connecting with you for tonight’s call.  Note that this year, the National Day of Prayer converges with Pesach Sheni or the Second Passover. That’s not a mistake. God’s timing is so specific. As Jolene prophesied, I believe this season of Passover has been intentionally extended by the Lord. This coming Thursday you will see the beginning of His movement. 

Know that the Breaker is breaking open! We are moving into a forerunning a season of comprehensive breakthrough where the hand of the Lord is going to usher you out of confinement and into the securing of His freedom movement in your life and world.

Acts 12, Exodus 12—Passover to Pentecost
Remember God promised to marry the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. In other words, Passover and Pentecost will be joined together to forge this new move of God, this freedom movement. Note that Exodus 12 shares the Passover miracle, where the blood of the Lamb is applied to the thresholds as God moves into Egypt to cover His covenant people. The gods of Egypt and pharaoh structure of subjugation are both brought to judgement. And a nation within a nation enters into freedom.

In Acts 12, the story is very much the same. The Apostle Peter is cast into prison, with Herod intending to kill him on Passover. But saints are praying night and day at Miriam’s house for Peter’s release. Suddenly there’s a visitation in the depths of the prison. An angel of the Lord brings breakthrough. The jail cell door opens. The door to the prison opens. The gate to the city opens. Watch now. The apostolic government of the land is broken out of confinement!

The circle of God’s covenant trumps, triumphs over, and prevails against the circle of Baal meant to confine and even define an entire movement. And from that time forward the word of the Lord spreads rapidly once again.

That’s where we are going. I feel that many of the miracles we are hoping for over the first Passover are going to come across the threshold on the second Passover, and find a great manifestation as we keep watch through Pentecost or Shavuot. Remember after Jesus’ death the disciples remained essentially sheltered in place, focused on receiving the movement of Holy Spirit that was promised by Jesus. 

During this time of Shavuot it’s like the forerunner anointing itself is coming out of confinement. I don’t know how to explain it any other way. Hope you’re getting this. God will not fail you. Just remember, the Breaker breaks open!

During this week especially it is imperative to seek the Lord for His movement of breakthrough for President Trump. The Herods of this age have sought to confine God’s work through him. I will say that a Herod plot globally is being overcome, even through the dissipation of the coronavirus. Lets seek God’s face for the fullness of the “mid-term visitation” God has promised. With the Lord Himself taking the lead of this freedom movement. 

Isaiah 6: Countering Death with a Holy Visitation
So what exactly is coming over Pentecost? Exactly one year ago Jolene and I were in the United Kingdom after praying and ministering in Israel. A word was sown in me in Jerusalem which burst forth in London. It was one of the highest anointings I have personally ever experienced. 

Consider the text from Isaiah 6: In the same year King Uzziah died I saw the Lord seated on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple. 

I prophesied then about a global shaking that is a prelude to a global unveiling of the governmental glory of God. That within a year—which is now—God was going to unveil His unshakeable Throne similar to the way He encountered Isaiah within a year of the season of death and loss he had endured. The majesty of God would be unveiled. Respect for the true Sovereign would be restored. The fear of the Lord would penetrate the highest halls of royalty and kingship to the nation as a move of awakening breaks forth and an anointing of holy conviction grips all of our hearts. From Israel to the United Kingdom to America and the nations.

Beloved, I believe that Passover 2020 and Pentecost 2020 serve as gateposts for this movement. Lets stay focused on the Throne. Lets follow the lead of the seraphim in Isaiah 6, who prophesy from the Throne into our world. Then the thresholds shake at the voice of him who cries. A breaker anointing is released. And the substance of Heaven fills the earth.