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SEAT THE RULER AND SET THE WATCH! FB VIDEO With Chris Mitchell, Lynn Alderson, Jamie Jackson. Covering historic nomination of Amy Coney Barrett in conjunction with the Prayer March and the Return. Amazing revelation just poured forth Sunday. And as we moved into the final portion the word of the Lord came in power. Receive His commissioning! To watch CLICK LINK:

PROPHETIC INSIGHTS FOR LIFE! FB VIDEO with Matt Lockett, David Cannistraci, Robert Henderson, Yolanda McCune. Sharing the extraordinary events which transpired the week leading to Rosh Hashanah and Justice Ginsburg’s passing.

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WITHIN 34 DAYS the seat of the most powerful office in the world will be secured, one way or another. And during these historic moments Amy Coney Barrett is set to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Here is the word of the Lord to each of you as we move into this historic window. It’s time to SEAT THE RULERS AND SET THE WATCH. 

Really we have been in this season since 7-22. But the fullness of the window really opened around the time of the Abraham Accords. As we’ve shared on the “Prophetic Insights for LIFE” video above, Jolene and I were privileged to lead a team of leaders for meetings at the White House complex and other venues in DC. In between briefings etc we had time to pray. And there was an immediate grace to hear from Heaven and make decisive, Spirit-directed declarations to frame the new era we were approaching as of Rosh Hashanah 2020. 

Very simply—seat the rulers in A SWEEP FOR LIFE.

What ensued was absolutely unprecedented. On the opening moments of Rosh Hashanah Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed. And an unprecedented window opened nationally to secure LIFE for generations to come. 

This past weekend, amidst the blast of shofars from some 300,000 believers gathered on the Mall for both the Return and the Prayer March, Present Trump officially nominated Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court nominee. Repentance was heard from on High. Covenant with God was restored and affirmed. The lowest place became the highest place, and the high ground was taken in a way that secures our inheritance. 

And amidst the gathering, I sensed the Lord completing the declarative sentence He began the week before. SEAT THE RULERS… AND SET THE WATCH. 

We will share much more tonight. Please be ready with communion elements. And again, you might want to review the above videos “Prophetic Insights for LIFE” and “Seat the Rulers, Set the Watch” for full context. Both are historic in magnitude and will provide context for tonight. 

No King but Jesus…