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Dear Issachar Revolutionaries,

Revolution this year came in like a storm. Great glory, a little upheaval, and by the end we all were touched by His Throne! One of the best parts of Revolution was the precious connectivity of family. Amazing things happen when we all get together.

On the call tonight and over the next few days, we’re going to share a few prophetic perceptions and experiences which came during the gathering. If you were impacted by Revolution this year, we’d love for you to share your testimony. Please send us a paragraph or two to

Friday became a catalytic day. Martin Frankena led a powerful seminar on healing and deliverance while a few of us journeyed into Washington DC. Reports from the seminar are still coming of deep healing and breakthrough. A love revolution!

Aligning with Israel—Embassy Presentation
In Washington DC, a core team was privileged to present the HAPN “Proclamation of Alignment with Israel” at the Embassy of Israel. The document was originally signed on 12-12-12 in Oklahoma City by the fifty state leaders, under the direction of John Benefiel. A presentation of this proclamation was already made in the Knesset. We had hoped to share it in 2014 at the Embassy of Israel in DC. We were unable to do so because then of scheduling conflicts.

But it turned out that the proclamation and presentation meant so much more in this hour than even in 2014. Literally declaring the tracks for the future as a new administration begins to roll! An administration that has already declared Jerusalem to be the eternal and undivided Capital of Israel, amazingly aligning with the very words of the HAPN proclamation.

And the Spirit of God really convicted us that if we genuinely desired for Jesus to establish His throne of glory in our midst during the gathering, we needed to honor Jerusalem and Israel as His original and ultimate Throne of Glory. Psalm 132 conveys how HE HAS CHOSEN ZION FOR HIS THRONE!


Vision—Window Opened After Two Year Delay!
More on this later. But the Lord began to form a word within me. I saw how many godly expectations from late 2014 and early 2015 had become delayed or sidelined. Kind of like smashing your face up against an unseen window trying to pursue the direction you sensed. To the extent you might even wonder, “was that really God?”

On Saturday night the Holy Spirit spoke to me that He is opening a window now which many had expected to open two years ago. His ultimate intent was kind. I felt the Lord saying that the tracks to what He called many to had not yet been fully formed, and if you had gone through this window prematurely you would have suffered an even greater derailment. But now the window to these intentions from the Lord has opened, with no further delay for Kingdom advancement!

So take a moment right now and seek the Lord regarding the priorities He put in your heart two years ago. What were they? How did you pursue them? Are they still alive in your heart? Maybe some of you actually pursued these goals or connections beyond the shut window in your path, and experienced a derailment. Repent where needed. Pray for the Lord to synergize you again with His Throne Room timing, and watch for a swift recovery. You’ll be advancing down the tracks in no time with no loss of momentum!

Because what I saw in the vision was a train rolling out of a gigantic repair shop, like a garage or a hanger. The shop had been erected along the tracks to our destiny. A window spanned the entire track at the far end of the shop, blocking the train. It was so crystal clear it was hard to even see it was a window. That way the vision of your future could remain unabated.

Then suddenly the window began to roll back from both directions  from the track, and the train went through. I was cognizant in my mind that a two year window had passed. But it looked as though the train never even stopped while rolling through this repair shop.

That’s a word for you. It might seem like there’s been a loss of momentum in what appeared to you as a delay. But in the spirit it’s like time has stood still until it was right for the kairos window to reopen. The tracks have been cleared. Many of you have been repaired, and your tracks to your future have been repaired.

A revolutionary movement of the Spirit of God is now on the move. Watch how the window opens for you in this season. A new way forward!

Jesus Enthroned Friday Night!
So back to Friday. After the seminar for some and the sojourns to the Embassy, to the White House, Capitol, Supreme Court and State Department for others, we gathered Friday evening for the Revolution service.

We had a full itinerary for speakers planned out, but the Lord took over. We declared together the Name of God for about an hour. Worship entered a new dimension. Many entered visionary experiences where they saw the Lion of Judah literally take His throne over Washington DC and its four corners. Rick Ridings then prophesied this in real-time.

It’s honestly very hard to describe, too sacred for words. But we together experienced His Throne of Glory! Below is a vision Marlene Brubaker saw Friday evening.

Vision—Lion of Judah—by Marlene Brubaker
The worship in this conference was extraordinary.  The combination of Jamie Fitt and family and James Nesbit and son carried me to places I had only hoped to go.  While worshipping I saw the Lord as the Lion of Judah and He was laying on the top of the brick partition on the right hand side of the stage/altar.    At first I thought it was my imagination as I felt I had seen the Lion in this pose before perhaps in one of James artwork.  As I kept worshipping it was so real I just kept watching and suddenly The Lion of Judah was no longer lying there but was now seated with such authority and stature that it demanded allegiance.  The Lion was emanating such authority and majesty that I felt He was being enthroned.

As I kept watching I saw people standing in ranks before Him at attention.  They seemed to be standing on something so strong and as I looked I saw that it was the Word of God, their foundation and rock.  Then I saw the sword. that same sword that …was it Jaimie gave to James Nesibt?  come and touch each person on each shoulder as if being Knighted or commissioned to belong to Him or to be in His service.  I realized that this was a people who had warred and prayed and stood for the purposes and inheritance of God in America and Israel.  They had not left their post and now were celebrating the victory that the Lord had given them.  They knew that they were united in Him and in each other and the Lord was taking them into a new season of triumphant victory.

As they stood  after their commissioning, the music changed to a softer, more urethral sound and I saw a whirlwind come and change the alignment and configuration of each soldier, perhaps changing their DNA  into one that stood in unison to the King of Kings.  It is said that the stars and the galaxy’s dance and make music to God.  This was taking place in each person standing there.  Something had shifted and the unity and authority of this body was significant.  I felt they would now move together in such a unity that the enemy could not stand before them.  They had received the Truth of who they were as they followed the Lion of Judah.

As the leaders prayed over the conference attendees in the tunnel,  they  were shifted into a new level of service to the King of Kings.  It was no small matter that Rick and Patti Ridings were there to pray for them.  Perhaps they did not release the full word that night but what they did release was an army in the service of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Overall, I felt that this was an army of warriors, obedient to the king and walking in unity.  It was family.  From the Fitt family, Nesbit family to Lamplighter family, under the Father, a family reunion.  I believe that those attending left feeling a belonging not only to the King but to a greater family.

Thank you for being obedient to follow Holy Spirit.  Father was pleased with what happened and isn’t that what we want? Thank you for this time together with those of like mind and heart.

Looking forward to connecting with you tonight. Covenant blessings to each of you. No King but Jesus!