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The Glory Procession culminated Sunday in Yorktown VA. A small group stood of us prophesied and prayed on the battlefield where victory was finally secured to end the American Revolution and birth the United States of America.

Significantly, Jolene and I had just experienced glorious services at Faneuil Hall, Boston, known as the “womb of the Revolution,” and Trenton NJ, known as the “turning point of the Revolution.”  On this battlefield where our liberties became secured, we prayed for a new season of victory for each of you. It has been the privilege of a lifetime to share this journey with so many with you.

Revere Tornado!
The very next day, we were deluged with texts and emails about an unprecedented tornado… in Revere MA!

“Tornado hits near Revere in Boston, first recorded for that county. “The Lord is coming! The Lord is coming!” —Randall Baker

“My name is Theresa Visconti. I’m a little Catholic gal who met you in Plymouth, when you were in our area for the 13 colonies tour. I also joined you in Boston at Faneuil Hall and was very impressed with everything you folks did. I thought it was interesting that today, the day after Jon (the new Paul Revere) finished his tour, a tornado touched down in Revere, Massachusetts.  Rated EF2/EF1 (with 120 mile an hour winds), it uprooted trees (quite prophetic), flooded streets (we’re crying out for Living Water), damaged many homes, disrupted life in that city, closed City Hall…but miraculously no lives were lost.  It was the only city in MA hit by this tornado…Talk about all of creation groaning for the revelation of the true sons and daughters of God.  You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried…” —Theresa Visconti.

“It is interesting that after these events and the releasing of the many Paul Revere forerunner watchmen that the following news showed up from Revere, Mass:  7/28/2014  REVERE, MA (AP)  A storm system wreaked havoc across the eastern half of the US spawned a tornado just north of Boston on Monday, ripping roofs off homes, uprooting dozens of large trees and forcing businesses to close.  The tornado – a rarity in Massachusetts and virtually unheard of in the Boston area – touched down in Revere, a coastal city of nearly 52,000.   CT likewise was hit with similar storms that spawned tornadoes”—Janet LeBoutillier

Crownsville MD, Delmarva Tornadoes
The storm cloud over Revere isn’t the only tornado that touched down during the Glory Procession. We had just finished ministering in Annapolis, sharing the Crown & Throne message, when the next day a tornado swirled down in nearby Crownsville.

Crownsville. Can’t make that up.

And we were deeply saddened to hear of a tornado that killed three people on the Delmarva Peninsula the day we arrived in Delaware to minister. I believe it’s significant that the tornado literally crossed the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, somewhere close to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, before hitting in Northampton County VA, right on the border with Maryland.

Hurricane Arthur & Kill Devil Hills
Then there was Hurricane Arthur, which raced up the 13 colonies’ coastline from Florida just as our Glory Procession began. Crazy that the hurricane hit Kill Devil Hills on July 4! Kill Devil Hills… really? We felt strongly that, though the enemy had laid claim to our land, the Lord was annulling these claims and giving America another window of opportunity.

Winds of Awakening
What’s the message in all this? Please keep in mind tornadoes and hurricanes can actually symbolize God’s glory. Ezekiel 1 records God’s glory as a whirlwind, with lightning flashes, angels in the whirlwind, and above all the Throne of God! Isaiah 19 also declares how “God is riding on a swift cloud” and toppling the gods of Egypt.

We believe God is restoring His glory, pictured as a whirlwind, by way of the gate facing east, according to Ezekiel 43. The storm cloud of the Lord is upon us! Ezekiel 37 pictures these winds blowing on a valley of dry bones, and resurrecting the Army of God. Come Lord, in power! Breathe and revive us. Winds of awakening blow on America and Israel!

Pray! Tisha b’Av August 4-5
Remember Cindy Jacobs’ clear warning at the beginning of our Procession! Jolene and I really want to rest. But we feel compelled by the Spirit to engage these next few weeks in watchman prayer for America and Israel. Many warnings are still being issued about potential terrorist activity in America, including shopping mall bombings and more. This threat is being compounded by the alleged border crossings of many Islamist terrorists into our nation.

Further, many feel these Islamist extremists are planning to strike on a date that is symbolic to their cause. Another 911? Maybe. But I really feel we need to ramp up prayer now through Tisha b’Av, which occurs August 4-5. On this date historically, both the first and second temples were destroyed. European pogroms began. And these historic tragedies were all set in motion on this date by the people of God who refused to heed God’s command to enter the Promised Land. A forty year wilderness journey ensued.

So no matter what it’s vital to watch and pray for Israel and America during this time. Make plans now! And looking forward to visiting tonight.