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WHAT AN INCREDIBLE month we’ve had this week! Thank you all for praying. The tangible presence of God has been with us in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. He is tabernacling with us! And we have such a great team—110 strong including a delegation of Chinese. Meetings have been poignant and powerful. 

Tomorrow we go to the site of Naboth’s Vineyard. Thank you for keeping vigilant watch!

Forgive me for not posting more. Full days and full hands! I will give a much more comprehensive overview soon. But both myself and our team are posting photos on Facebook. So it’s a great way to keep up with us. Please check them out. 

Sevened on Sunday!
Remember that seven in Hebrew tradition symbolizes covenant. Sunday marked the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles. So it was extremely powerful to celebrate the Feast in Jerusalem… by presenting HaShem with the lampstand! 

The journey which began at the Titus Arch in Rome culminated as we presented our lampstands to the Lord at Aish HaTorah, overlooking the Temple Mount. It was very poignant. We bore witness together that the Lord has severed His lamp stand from the roots of Roman paganism and has reconnected His menorah with our shared covenant roots. 

Lampstand restored. Sevened on Sunday!

It was such an honor to have the son of the founder of Aish HaTorah hosting us. Not coincidentally, his name was Yehuda (or Judah). He really went out of his way to make this dream a reality for us, as Aish was closed for the holiday. Yehuda opened the doors specially for us, joined us in prayer, and shared wisdom and history which enriched us all. 

Here’s something really extraordinary. Remember that the menorah Yehuda or Judah Maccabee relit to reconsecrate the Temple to the Lord was captured as plunder by the Romans. And a man named Yehuda, son of the founder of Fire of the Torah, joined us to bear witness together to the restoration of His menorah to Jerusalem! 

Can’t make this up. Genuinely.

And Sunday night at Succat Hallel was a blowout in the Spirit. Jolene’s been prophesying “standing room only.” And it quite literally came to pass. Ed Watts prophesied about the waters breaking forth. The flow of God’s river burst forth with James Nesbit and Jamie Fitt. And it was awesome to commit our journey to the Lord with Rick and Patricia Ridings. 

This anointing carried us through the next night as our friend Rania Sayegh, director of a house of prayer in Nazareth, prophesied about THE MIDNIGHT CRY. The Lord actually encountered Rania back in 2013 and told her that 2018 would be the year of the Midnight Cry! In Nazareth! You seriously can’t make this stuff up. I will write more on this soon when I get an opportunity.

We were sevened to the Lord on Sunday, and we experienced the wedding reception on Tuesday! Our team visited Shiloh and then Mount Gerazim, the Mount of Blessing. This is the mountain in Samaria where Joshua called the priests to declare God’s blessings for obedience to God’s covenant. He stood below in the valley of Shechem, where his forefather Jacob was buried. 

We visited Tommy Waller and the team from HaYovel who harvest the mountain vineyards on behalf of Jewish people in the region. The whole service turned into a spontaneous procession under God’s bridal canopy, dancing through the chuppas. Just incredible. 

I would love to share so much more, but time does not permit. I will try to get on the call tonight my friends, but probably should actually get some rest. Tomorrow’s a very big day. Again please pray. And covenant blessings to each of you from God’s covenant land.