As most of you are aware, around the beginning of the year I became aware of a level of evil in Washington DC that I had never sensed before. It was like an upper air current in the spiritual realm. And I knew it was attempting to co-opt the turnaround and breakthrough the Lord has ordained for the nation, including all three branches of government.

I knew in the spirit this force was seeking to coerce and claim the new leaders coming in. Bow your knee to Baal, and all this can be yours.

I also became very aware of our immediate need to pray and contend for Israel and the Mideast through the duration of this year. Especially to bless Israel covenantally from the United States.

Because as in the days of Purim, the Hamans of this world must be restrained from carrying out any plan to harm Israel and the Jewish people, or sabotage our own land. It’s turnaround time!

Purim Watch—February 14 to March 4
We are now engaged in this Turnaround Project to see the Lord enforce His decree and restrain the evil the enemy is trying to manifest. When the Lord spoke to carry on through March 4, I had no idea it was Purim—only that it was my birthday! It continually amazes me how the Lord makes things so personal.

At the Lord’s leading, I want to invite you to join us for a special Purim Watch to close out this time. From Valentines Day, February 14, through Purim, March 4, lets engage in vigilant prayer and regular fasting in the spirit of Daniel and Esther. We will be praying for America, Israel, and the Mideast.

Purim is where Esther’s favor brought a governmental turnaround that preserved her people. The scepter was extended to the righteous, and rescinded from the wicked! Daniel 7:22 judgment in favor of the saints. Psalm 125:3, the scepter of the wicked must no longer remain on the land allotted to the righteous.

Purim Watch—Four Fronts
The message of Purim is a timeless witness to the Lord’s faithful intervention. We need the same intervention in this hour to protect and defend God’s covenant people, especially on three fronts—ISIS, Iran, Israel and America.

We must continue watch and pray against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, as well as potential terror strikes in our own nation.

While seeking a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration has risen publicly against Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Seeking to marginalize his voice as he warns of potential catastrophe. Obama’s top campaign director is even leading a campaign in Israel to unseat Netanyahu in the upcoming elections!

As in the days of Esther, I honestly feel that the destiny of Israel is actually in the balance. I feel our fasting and prayer here in America must focus on the Iranian nuclear deal, Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech in Congress as well as the upcoming Israeli elections.

Israel Tour
And here’s a big announcement, for us at least. Immediately following Purim, Jolene and I are traveling to Israel. We will connect and pray onsite in Israel for the same. for God’s intended turnaround. The Lord spoke to us just this weekend that we needed to go.

  • We will be ministering at Succat Hallel with Rick and Patti Ridings March 9.
  • We will be praying onsite through Israel’s elections, which will be held on March 17. From Washington to Jerusalem!
  • We will be praying for the Lord’s intervention to preserve both Israel and Iran in freedom and peace.
  • We will be praying for the Isaiah 19 highway to be built.
  • We will be praying onsite for God’s “Elijah Mantle” to be released. His mantle in the Whirlwind!

This Israel tour was not anticipated. Like a whirlwind, it just came up—suddenly and unexpectedly! We are scrambling now to obey the Lord’s direction and access this window. If you would like to sow towards this strategic trip, we would be very grateful. To donate please click here.

Extraordinary Events During Watch
Remember that early in the year, the Lord spoke to us prophetically to align our schedules with the windows of opportunity He is opening. Our own evolving schedule reflects this directive.

Consider the strategic direction being decided upon in the timing of this watch:

  • Today—ISIS. Just yesterday, President Obama sought Congress for authorization to engage the US military against ISIS. Unverified reports have indicated we are considering troop deployment and even re-activation of soldiers.
  • March 1—Iranian Nuclear Deal. March 1 is the deadline for Iran and western powers to agree upon a framework for a nuclear deal, with the resolution accomplished by June 1. Both Iranian PM Rouhani and President Obama have agreed that the talks will not be extended no matter the outcome.
  • March 3—Netanyahu Speech. March 3 is the date Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress on his perceptions of the Iranian nuclear threat. This speech is hotly contested by President Obama, who believes it could jeopardize the deal with Iran.
  • March 4—Purim. God’s scepter of favor extended! The scepter of the wicked must no longer remain on the land allotted to the righteous.
  • March 17—elections in Israel.

Quarantine Pharaoh—Three Branches of Government
Let me close with this. We must continue to pray for God’s covenant to be established, for the balance of power to be retained, and the enemy’s plan to be restrained over the seats of authority in the three branches of government. It’s time to quarantine Pharaoh… wherever Pharaoh is found.

Judicial Branch—The Supreme Court just forbade Alabama to continue restricting gay marriage. April is the time when the Supremes will hear four cases that decide forever the legality of the issue, and whether or not individual states have the right to decide on the issue for themselves.

Legislative Branch—Once again, the immediate focus must be on the Iranian nuclear deal, sanctions, and Speaker Boehner’s invitation for PM Netanyahu to address the joint session of Congress. Many Democrats, who traditionally receive the majority of the Jewish vote, are declining to attend the speech. Please pray.

Executive Branch— Pray for continued exposure of truth. Again, ISIS is named after an Egyptian god. Pray the forces behind Pharaoh’s seat of authority, including all anti-semitic forces, to be disempowered and restrained. More to come.

Looking forward to sharing more on tonight’s prayer call. Thanks and Purim blessings to each of you.