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IN THE US CAPITOL I SAW THE GAVEL COME DOWN. Similar to Daniel’s vision, a hand appeared from a wall holding this gavel as the Spirit of God thundered Heaven’s verdict. Covenant with Death and Hell annulled! According to Isaiah 28, the annulment of these covenants with occult powers brings exposure to corrupt government officials. 

At the time, Jolene and I were helping to lead a Capitol tour exactly a year to the day of the 2020 elections. Through the experience the Lord showed me a primary focus for the 2020 elections would be to release this redemptive exposure according to His verdict. We share this experience, as well as teachings on the biblical principles being conveyed, in White House Watchmen. 

Needless to say, Isaiah 28 remains a key verse to pray into as we watch the Senate trial unfold.

From the encounter I saw the Lord’s intention to bring exposure and justice. I just was unsure how it was going to happen. But when the Lord gave this word a month ago, an out-of-focus picture became very clear. Judge not lest you be judged. I shared the word below on January 14. It ran soon after in Charisma. 

Today I want to add just a little insight withheld from the posting. We wrote about this originally in the book Midnight Cry, published in 2017. The Lord has again and again moved according to this mandate from Jesus in connection with President Trump. “Do not judge, so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged (Matt. 7:1-2). 

President Trump is living proof of this. Remember the “locker room scandal” where a video recording of of a private exchange with lewd, degrading language was released right before the 2016 election. It brought astonishment and grief to many, ourselves included. But many in politics and media gloried in outrage and used the video for self-righteous, self-serving accusation. 

Interesting what happened in 2017. One by one many of these same leaders were exposed for the very same sin. If you don’t recall, just ask media mogul Harvey Weinstein. We also discovered the highest players in Hollywood culture were complicit in protecting the “secret” of Weinstein’s casting couch. Soon after Matt Lauer tumbled. Kevin Spacey. Charlie Rose. Al Franken. John Conyers. Roger Ailes. Etc.

Judge not lest you be judged. The exposure crossed all political lines. America wept. We repented. Thank God we realigned. 

And what I sense the Spirit of God saying is that He is poised to release yet another season of redemptive exposure at this time.  Below is our posting from January 14, the day after the House impeached President Trump a second time, leading to today’s trial.

Judge Not Lest You be Judged
LEADERS HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY BEFORE GOD to set an example for society. How extraordinary then that vitriol and revenge became the example of Congress yesterday through the impeachment of Donald Trump. Instead of choosing healing they poured gas on the fire of hostility and division now raging in our nation. 

All day long yesterday I felt a word from the Lord to Congress forming in my spirit. Judge not lest you be judged. God’s standard remains like gravity. And as the impeachment of President Trump for a second time closed, I saw how many members of Congress have literally sealed their own verdict of justice in their lives.  

That said, the impeachment of a president is reserved for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” You know, from Heaven’s perspective, those lawmakers remaining in alignment with idolatry, pride, unjust bloodshed, abuse of power or position, extortion, slander, sexual abuse and immorality, defamation, deception, rule by prejudice and bias, defrauding constituents, hating their brothers and sisters, trampling upon the poor etc—these all constitute high crimes and misdemeanors. 

I love how the Lord summed up the contrast between godly rulership and this criminal activity to William Penn, humble founder of Pennsylvania. Those who rule must rule as Jesus did, by laying their lives down on behalf of their constituents. NO CROSS, NO CROWN. This is a godly plumb line from which all government leaders are to be evaluated. 

And I sensed the verdict from God’s Throne over impeachment is that those remaining in alignment with idolatry, pride, unjust bloodshed, abuse of power or position, extortion, slander, sexual abuse and immorality, defamation, deception, rule by prejudice and bias, defrauding constituents, hating their brothers and sisters, trampling upon the poor etc—in other words, high crimes and misdemeanors—will be judged by Him in accordance with how they have meted out judgement against others. As always, what the enemy meant for evil, God is ultimately turning for good—His time, His way. But I heard the Lord saying that “now, truly, everything changes. And My Crown prevails.”

Judge not lest you be judged. And I even sensed Him saying, “Why did you not tremble when your covenant with death and hell was annulled? Why did you not amend your ways when My own hand appeared to write on the wall of your hearts? For I say to you, I will mete out to you according to your works. For some have even bowed their knee to the Baals, and have even become willing accomplices in sorcery. You have held My people hostage for your political gain. You have defrauded people and nations of their inheritance. You have even dared to shed the blood of My innocents and have fed their remains to the beasts of your deep swamp.

“And the Sovereign King says YES! So you have captured your seats illicitly through leveraging and deception, claiming a manufactured victory that even yielded your Nation’s sovereignty in part to foreign entities. 

“Yet you have not taken it to heart that I was the One who put the hook in your jaw and drew you to this very place at this very moment of decision for yourself and for your Nation. 

“And in this game of truth or dare, know that the truth is by no means hidden from My eyes, declares the Lord. I have dared you to defy Me, and you have responded in your pride. You have chosen a covenant with hell but beware, for the realm of hell you have chosen as a dwelling is actually eternal. The gates of hell have thus been shrunk to accommodate your diminished stature. And as with all of My creation, in My justice you shall no longer avoid reaping what you sow, but shall instead be given over to your misguided choices and their consequences. 

Judge not and you will not be judged. For in the same manner you judge others, you yourself will be judged. MENE, MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN. Amen.

And no King but Jesus…