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Greetings all! Jolene and I are in California for writing, a little rest as well as a private roundtable with friends. The 222 conference was phenomenal, in a God-kind of way. Holy Spirit came in power during the opening session. Leave it to our longtime friends David and Tracy Ruleman, founders of the Gate DC, to impart power that really accelerated things. All of the sudden an impartation came to bring forth a women’s movement. I can’t get into it now but this is such a vital expression of the move of God we are calling the Freedom Movement. 

All that said, when the glory came it was powerful. And the Lord moved so strongly in the baptism revivals. I will write more as I can, but this baby called a book is in the final status of being birthed. Another week of prayer and we should be good! 

So I want to share with you a dream the Lord gave me during our time in Brunswick and Saint Simons Island. I feel this is a word for us all. Take some time to rest now. Because soon we are all going to be moving full steam ahead! 

Also I know you are doing this already but please lets continue to pray God’s protection over the nation against the coronavirus. It’s already been a subject of prayer and discussion at the roundtable. Daily communion is wise!

222 Dream—Cleansing from the Wilderness
In the dream I was going to meet my dad. It was very foggy. I turned right off a road, following the route I would normally take on our regular visits. Headed to meet dad at ocean. 

A road block block was ahead, forcing me off my normal route. It directed us to the right, on a very wide arc. The pathway on the road was lit with flares because of two separate accidents, one on either side of road. Though they had just occurred, firemen were already on the scene treating the wounded. The arc detour continued to direct us across the road on to the driveway of a white service station, through the service station and on to the highway again. 

I pulled in and decided to refresh and get gas. Called my dad to let him know I would be 15 minutes late. Because the route through the service station was a parallel road to the regular route, just not on highway. 

When I opened up car door to get gas, all of the sudden gobs of sand fell out. Another massive pile of sand was on the area by the speedometer. I had to clean the car of piles of sand I did not even know were there. Where had all this sand one from? 

While praying over the dream, the word of the Lord came to me. This is a time where I am bringing to the surface unseen consequences of your past disobedience which have accumulated without you knowing, so that you can be internally cleansed and refreshed. I desire to cleanse you from the wilderness! Even the dimension of the wilderness where you have dwelt. Therefore I have offered you a stopping place for cleansing, refreshment and a fresh start. 

For as you have prophesied I am brining my people through the cleansing waters into their inheritance at this time. Passover 2020 marks the true beginning of the season to possess the land. In this season I have called many to return to the secret place for rest and refreshment to conquer in the days ahead!

For many decided to press forward when I told them to stop, says the Lord. They understood the times but disregarded aspects of their condition tied to the wilderness. Therefore a hard stop was mandated. 

And the Lord is saying, your rest stop becomes your gateway out of the wilderness!

Father God I pray for a season of refreshment and re-strengthening for the Lamplighter family, in Jesus’ Name. Draw us all to Your secret place! Revitalize and refresh. Prepare us for Passover and the season ahead, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN!