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WATCH STUNNING FB LIVE—“CHASING GLORY” with Ed Watts, Kelsey Bohlender, Lori Perz. With breakthrough revelation and a flow of the Spirit that will take you to new heights in Jesus. Apologies for Sunday’s technical difficulties, the video is in its entirety. And it’s a message of a lifetime. Please share with friends!


FIRST—YOU NEED TO SEE the “Chasing Glory” video launch! The presence of the Lord and flow of real-time revelation is still so stirring. Thank you Ed Watts, Lori Perz and Kelsey Bohlender for providing such a profound, penetrating expression of God’s heart for this season. What came forth was a prophetic release at a whole new level.  

We will explore this all more tonight and in the days and weeks ahead. For now please avail yourselves to the video. Glean from it. Take notes. Watch it a few times. Let the word of the Lord form deep enough within your spirit to direct your path.

And lets engage in prayer together through Shavuot. We are returning to two connecting nights. Our 9pm Wednesday prayer calls continue tonight. And we are adding an 8pm Sunday evening broadcast with prayer after. 

And in the midst, please pray daily for the Glory Train and our team.

Early this morning Lori Perz, who shared on Sunday’s broadcast, received a very strong warning dream from the Lord regarding the date 5-5 or May 5. Jolene and I are taking it really seriously. Particularly because Lori has a track record regarding this date. In 2019 she shared a prophetic warning about May 5, 2019, and on May 5, 2019 Israel was blasted with more than 700 rockets.

This dream also warns of explosive attacks. But seemingly from within. Further, Lynnie Harlow received a similar dream. More on this in a moment. All this said… Shields up my friends. Here’s the dream:

Jon & Jolene, I wanted to share a warning dream that I had this morning. There are more details I’m asking Holy Spirit to help me remember and to know how to pray precisely.

DREAM (5/21/21): I was at some kind of gathering and I looked up into the sky and saw a plane. Then I saw what looked like an explosion in the sky (partially hidden by clouds). It turned into multiple explosions. Then I saw streaks of fire like missiles raining down.The city was under attack and it was an “inside job”. 

I was texting my family one last “I love you” message. I was trying to text the Gideons. Was having a hard time with my phone.  I looked at the time and figured that the time the attack started was 5:05.”

What a dream. When I woke up, what came to my mind was a dream I had in 2019. In the 2019 dream, I saw: “May 5, May 5, May 5” and knew there was going to be a coordinated terror attack on May 5.

Just days after the dream, on May 5, there were over 700 rockets fired at Israel. One of the biggest attacks they had had in years. First day of Ramadan. So, what is standing out to me now with the 5/05 dream is the “5:05” connection to this current dream. Taking it seriously. Including the actual date of this coming May 5. 

I know we’re already on high alert with so many volatile “brink of war” situations brewing here and in the nations. On the wall with you all. Lori.

When Lori shared the dream with our Gideon Group, Lynnie immediately texted the following: 

I had a dream about a month ago too Lori where I saw a plane explode in mid-air and I heard the national warning system being activated. Totally forgot about it until you shared this. Praying over all…

Note that we do not usually post alerts such as this. But given the fact that two prophets with track records of accuracy have both given hauntingly similar warnings, Lamplighter family I’m asking you to pray. Note that threats against both America and Israel, as well as international tensions stoked by Russia, China and Iran especially, make this plausible. 

So pray over your spheres. Looking forward to connecting with you tonight.