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PURIM TO PASSOVER! 3-16 to 4-16 join us as we watch and pray through one of the most strategic seasons of American and global history. The Lord is marching forth as a warrior. Lets follow His lead!

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FIRST—ON A PERSONAL NOTE—thanks for praying as Jon recovers from surgery yesterday to remove a skin blemish near his right eye. All went well! In the meantime, Chris Mitchell Jr did an exceptional job leading yesterday’s Turnaround Tuesday broadcast. Jon and Jolene return tonight to lead the Wednesday Lamplighter call. Please join us!

SECOND—PRAY OVER SUPREME COURT TUMULT! Senate hearings continue with Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman to be nominated for the Supreme Court. President Biden’s nominee embraces a liberal jurisprudence that allegedly endorses judicial activism, and views Roe v Wade as settled law. Today’s sparring surrounds critical race theory and allegations of moderate sentencing for criminals. Judge Jackson is expected to be confirmed. 

As the hearings continue, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas apparently remains hospitalized from an infection. He was admitted Friday to Sibley Hospital in Georgetown, and was originally expected to return home yesterday. Please join Jolene and me in seeking God for his full recovery and continued protection, as well as an expedited return to the bench. 

THIRD—PLEASE KEEP WATCH as President Biden joins leaders in Europe to deal with the Ukraine crisis. Pray for all hidden agendas to be exposed, and all hidden sabotage to be thwarted. When the trip was first announced I had a fleeting sense that forces who wanted to expand the war might attempt something against President Biden—even forces from within. This could then be used as a pretext for war. I have been praying ever since for his continued protection.

Our book White House Watchmen, published in 2020, shares a key prophecy about the refugee crisis now unfolding in Ukraine. Just as Joseph and Mary became refugees in Egypt to protect Jesus from ruthless rulers, I saw how many today would be forced to flee evil rulers for their protection:

For today’s freedom riders, the King’s highway is a Revolution Road which always leads to victory. And for 2020 and beyond, the King’s highway is not only a Revolution Road, it is a Revelation Road… Remember the journey of Joseph and Miriam. Once Jesus was birthed, there was a multiple-year window of vulnerability that threatened His life. Joseph was given direction in a dream, and a Revelation Road opened up for them to be protected. We are in a similar hour today. Watch for God’s clear direction to direct your path!

Watch also for crises to break out which even SPARK A MASS EXODUS. The Body of Christ must intervene to turn these crisis highways to Revelation Roads.

(White House Watchmen, Chapter 6, “Twenty Prophecies for 2020 and Beyond,” published by Destiny Image).

Today we are seeing this prophecy come to pass before our eyes. As a result of Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine, more than 6 million have been forced into a mass exodus from their homeland. Thank God the body of Christ is there, ministering as prophesied to so many refugees. Please continue praying and investing in their future!

And as Putin’s forces continue to be thwarted by Ukrainian solders, many are concerned that more drastic and aggressive measures may be employed, even against the United States. 

This was at the forefront of our awareness as Jolene and I declared God’s covenant protection in Hawaii, in San Diego, Portland, St. Louis, and in Columbia MO over Purim before returning home. We knew the Lord had orchestrated our trip for this reason. In retrospect especially Pearl Harbor seems obvious. Same with San Diego, headquarters to both the US Navy’s Pacific fleet and the west coast Seal team. 

But Portland? I was simply excited to see dear friends and minister in one of my favorite churches in the entire nation. 

What I did not perceive until onsite was this stunning city’s call to be a refuge city. After we arrived, Jolene and I were enjoying a late lunch when the Lord began to speak the following prophetic word. Please note I rarely give direct prophetic words for cities like this. Perceptions, yes. Directives, even. Thank God, most have proven accurate. 

But I have rarely given a “thus says the Lord” prophetic word. Yet the voice of God was so unmistakably clear, it was almost as if reading from Heaven’s scroll. In a restaurant! And what I didn’t know is that this word now stands among many, over many decades, that have declared Portland a refuge city. 

That said, I believe a similar work is now being facilitated by Holy Spirit in many areas called as refuge cities for times ahead. Maybe yours. So if this word resonates, seek the Lord about how to position your city accordingly… and then get to work!

Portland as a Refuge City—
Prophetic Word March 13, 2022

“I have found a foundation I can build on, says the Lord! The Father’s House is that foundation. For new contractors, hired hands, have built the city deliberately crooked, skewed from the plumbline I have given them. Therefore your city buildings swayed in the wind and toppled in the quake that l allowed in order to expose the false framework, unholy leveraging, and substandard materials that were being used. 

Fire the contractors! Tell the hirelings their contract has ended! For some have gone hunting at the expense of the people, some have engaged in illicit trafficking, and some have even been hired to devour. Tell the contractors that the corrupt financiers who hired them, and the false media that protected them, are both facing their day in court. 

Petition Heaven’s Court! I call forth lawsuits against these injustices, in Jesus’ Name. Because surely I will judge, says the Lord of hosts. 

For I will indeed have this city as a fathering city, as a mothering city, as a gathering city, as a reflection of Me, says the Lord. AND I SHALL BUILD MY HOUSE IN YOUR MIDST. And Portland shall be known as the refuge city I originally called it to be. 

Drop the plumbline again! Let My workers get to work. For in short time My Josephs, my Miriams, my young families carrying their children, shall stream into your city seeking refuge, says the Lord. 

And I will build you up again upon My covenant foundation! And your sons and daughters shall marry here, they shall build here, they shall birth godly offspring here. 

Sign—Six months window for supernatural unions! 

So ask, says the Lord. Ask Me even this Purim for the city of your dreams! For even as Esther I have cultivated you, I have matured you, I have dug down deep to heal you and train you through even threats to your existence. Watch how I now build you as a refuge to build up multitudes, says the Lord. 

New sound coming from Portland!