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TODAY you receive a double portion. Mainly because as I was preparing the previous posting featuring Chuck Pierce’s word (below) during our flight to Fort Lauderdale, the Lord gave me another word. In a time for spies.

Sounds like a good title for a thriller novel, right? But remember that the days between now and Tisha b’Av, which is 7-22 this year, mark the historic window where the 12 spies were sent to gather intelligence on the Promised Land God had called them to possess. Note that the intelligence they gained was indisputable. Giants in the land! Two spies, Joshua and Caleb, evaluated this intelligence through the eyes of covenant and faith that they could indeed conquer. Not fantasy, but fact. The ten spies evaluated the same intelligence depleted of faith and concluded that their defeat was inevitable.  

This is what the Lord is saying:

There is a force of divination coming against many of you as demonic watchers seek to disrupt God’s Kingdom advancement, particularly between now and Tisha b’Av or 7-22. There is a targeted attack to deplete your spirit and soul of visionary faith. This force seeks to intimidate you so you will draw back. This force seeks to cause the holy scrolls of your title deeds to appear to fade before your very eyes. 

And the Lord says, I am about to remove the shadow which gained access to stand between you and your burning scroll. I will restore its luminance to your spirit! Repent as I direct you, says the Lord. Take dominion over your own being. Take dominion over your home, your family line. And LOOK AGAIN! I am coming to you now with an impartation of My might and power. 

Watch how in the next four weeks I begin to expose the spies in your midst, America.  Watch as that which is right in front of you becomes uncloaked and exposed. For I will not allow the interjections of the enemy to sabotage the turnaround I have ordained for My covenant people!

Be My Joshua, My Caleb, My Gideon in this hour! See through the eyes of faith and prepare to take the land I have assigned you in a new way. Seek My divine intelligence as a rare jewel, which supercedes the intelligence of man in quality and authenticity. 

Now I call you to contend for the intelligence community of your nation as I shake out the few betrayers of America. I will cause My Joshuas and Calebs to see in a new way that accelerates your mission beyond the obstacles the enemy has set before you to halt your progress. I will unplug divination from its power source within these agencies, and clear the air from the fog of war which has cloaked these betrayers and drained you of life and substance. Seek for My turnaround to be enforced! For surely even as Haman was exposed, I will expose the Hamans in your midst says the Lord.

And in this time of spies, I will cause My Joshuas, My Calebs, My Gideons, My Mordecais to prevail!

Lamplighter family please pray through this as the Lord directs. And be sure to receive communion daily. 

As part of your communion, pray over our intelligence and law enforcement communities. I have a sense by the Spirit that a heightened war between intelligence agencies of nations is going on even right now. I sense that other agencies are even channeling occult practices, including witchcraft and divination, as weapons of war against our communities. It is literally an attempt to blind them. 

Don’t be surprised at this. The Bible declares that “rebellion is as the sin of divination.” Pray for the divination which has depleted many to people be covenantally and governmentally restrained. Pray for eyes that see by the Spirit and ears that hear. Take a portion of the bread and hand it to Jesus to expose the betrayers. Pray for the genuine breakthrough, for your and for our intelligence communities by Holy Spirit to be released and received. And may a fresh wind of faith come forth! 

I rarely do this. But Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word is vitally important for the Lamplighter family. And it is right on with what the Lord is showing us for this season. 

Yesterday we shared key revelation about this summer and Tisha b’Av. Don’t be like the 10 spies and repudiate your own title deed! Yes there’s a battle ahead. Yes there are giants. But you are in the Kingdom for such a time as this!

After sending yesterday’s word I received an email from Chuck with a fiery confirmation of this this direction. It’s time to advance into the coming clash of kingdoms—the conflict of thrones!

We’ll get to Chuck’s word in a moment. First, a prayer request. 

Trump in Minnesota Tonight—Antifa Protests Expected
Speaking of a clash of kingdoms… PLEASE COVER PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RALLY IN DULUTH MINNESOTA! Intifa is being recruited to protest and disrupt the meeting. A serious clash is planned. 

Note that we have been contending for Minnesota for some time. Bonnie Jones just prophesied over Duluth that revival is coming. And Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets just gave a word about deliverance coming out of Minnesota. We have seen this as well. All that said… time to engage in this clash of kingdoms! 

Kingdom Clash is Upon You! Word from Chuck Pierce
The KINGDOM CLASH is Upon You!  Do Not Resist the Head-On Collision!

“There is a KINGDOM CLASH that is upon you, and you are in the midst of this KINGDOM CLASH! You are seeing, feeling, and called to embrace this KINGDOM CLASH. I am causing kingdoms to realign, and without you there cannot be a realignment. The Kingdom is within you!  Therefore, you are vital in this realignment that is occurring. 

Do not resist the clash!  Allow the Kingdom within you to rise up and realign the earth around you!  Don’t shrink back! Don’t shrink back! Don’t shrink back!  Backwards is calling you, but rise up and clash with Me in those things around you in this head-on collision.  You may want to shrink back and go backwards to avoid what you are about to collide against, but go straight forward!  Don’t try to veer to the right or left!  This is a time you must collide head on!

“My Kingdom has come to this earth.  Many have not walked in this reality because the clash has never come into their lives.  This is the hour of the clash that will demonstrate and reveal the reality of My Kingdom.  There is a reality in heaven around you that you do not understand. For the heavens are around you, the heavens are above you, and the heavens are warring over you. Enter into this heavenly realm and your eyes will see in a dimension they’ve never seen before. I have opened portals and gateways – to your right and to your left, above and behind. I am opening pathways for you to move in the heavenlies.  Are you willing to come and align? Will you move forward on the paths I have created? I have created lines in the earth and in the heavens, and My people will align with My lines at this time.

“Come with Me, for I am pouring heaven down into you. In other days, what I poured down has leaked out. Come with Me!  I am opening the portals over you and pouring down, and what leaked out in the past season will now rise up within you and cause you to become buoyant in faith. Come with Me now and I will fix the leaks that have allowed My spring to run out of you. You will not just have springs, but you will enter into a river. Come with Me now, for I am pouring the river through the portal.  Will you allow Me to penetrate through layers you’ve not allowed Me to penetrate in past seasons? There is much within the layers of the strata within you – much abundance and prosperity deep within you.  Will you allow Me to drill and access the portal that goes down deep within you?  Will you allow an enhanced recovery of everything that is within you?

“I am writing ‘FIT FOR BATTLE’ over your spirit! I have put eternity in your heart, and there is a portion of eternity only the warrior can see and know.  If you choose to enter the next season of war I am calling you into, I will stamp ‘FIT FOR BATTLE’ over you and allow you to enter a portion of eternity that has been locked inside your heart.  As you move in – step by step by step – you are moving into portions of eternity because you are fit for battle. I am restoring the heart of the warrior!

“There is a fight between life and death.  In the clash of kingdoms there are some who are in a literal fight between life and death. There is a spirit of death that is trying to take you prematurely and that opposes the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. Despite the diagnosis you’ve received, hear My word over you: the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus will give life to your mortal bodies. Enter into that dimension of My Kingdom! Enter into that dimension of My Word that is stronger than any power of death, hell, and the grave! Grab it! War with it! Let the kingdoms clash, and sing your song of victory, “His Spirit gives me life!  Some of you have encountered death in the past, and that’s what has caused you to lose strength. In those places where death pushed you backwards, you must rise up and see eternity. When you go into death encounters, you lose vision of eternity. But I have set eternity in your heart.  When you go through loss, confusion, and hope deferred, I am ready to push out of you the death encounters of the past and return you to a place of victory so you can see eternity.” (Chuck D. Pierce, Amman Beeftu, LeAnn Squier, Acijam Otxoa, Brian Kooiman, Tobias Lyons, Linda Heidler)