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NO BETTER TIME THAN TODAY, July 22, to officially announce that White House Watchmen is now available for pre-order! Secure your copy now, and we will ship the book to you as soon as it arrives at our door. 

From the book description: 

“WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL….” Historic turnarounds are now in play. Yet at the same time, powerful forces seek to destroy the very Judeo-Christian foundations which make America great. Awakening must prevail. Prayer must prevail. Life must prevail. The turnaround must be completed. 

You are called to be a change-agent for this unprecedented prophetic moment. Your children and grandchildren are counting on it, your nation is waiting for it, the church is in desperate need of it. And this book will equip you for victory!

Long behind the scenes in Washington DC, Jon and Jolene Hamill have come out of the shadows to expose the true battle and empower you to overcome. In White House Watchmen, the Hamills share incredible untold stories, prophetic words, and revelatory encounters even within the highest halls of government, where a genuine move of God is shaping the course of our nation… 

White House Watchmen will:
Unveil 20 groundbreaking prophetic priorities conveying Heaven’s strategy for the coming days. 

Showcase unprecedented governmental turnarounds in answer to your prayers.

Expose the Deep State Deliverance that Heaven wants to release. 

Empower you to shut the gates of demonic sabotage and secure your inheritance.

Reveal ancient secrets by the prophet Daniel now affecting nations.

Equip you for “secret service” in the spirit as a special ops prayer warrior.

Restore your hope as covenant restoration establishes Heaven’s governmental blessing in your household, family and nation.

Discover how to pray powerful, earth-shaking prayers for America that hit Heaven’s target every time. It all starts with stepping into your assignment as a White House Watchman.

White House Turnaround
Today the Eliakim project becomes the Turnaround Journey. I want you to hear me in this. Every aspect of what we have explored and secured through these 22 days is being carried into this new project. Because what the Lord has granted us is ESSENTIAL FOR THE TURNAROUND JOURNEY. 

Most of you know that every year the Lord assigns a “7-22” project” to release His governmental turnaround into a specific sphere. For six years straight this has become the centerpiece of our year. That said, on July 2 the Lord spoke to me very clearly that the sphere He has assigned for 2020 is the White House. 

You’re probably thinking to yourself “of course!” And retrospect the assignment for this year makes a lot of sense.

But the voice of the Lord honestly surprised me completely. In no way did I expect it. For almost a year I have been planning on being in Leyden, Holland on 7-22, 2020 after traveling from Jerusalem. That’s because on 7-22, 1620 my Pilgrim forefathers began the initial journey from Leyden bringing them to America. 

The Pilgrims began their turnaround journey on 7-22 exactly 400 years ago. And it’s now, on this date, we together begin ours. 

That said, a small team including Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Becca Greenwood, Mario Bramnick and others, prayed onsite by the White House today. Turnaround! It was very powerful. Please continue where we left off. And lets join together for a history-defining Daniel 7:22 turnaround that perpetuates the freedoms upon which our nation was founded!