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Hey… Tomorrow’s posting today!

Because I’m sensing the urgency, I felt to get tomorrow’s posting to you early enough for us to pray about it during tonight’s call. A few days ago we shared warnings by Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce to maintain vigilance in prayer for America, Israel and Iran. I am adding Washington DC to this list. Over the past few days, prophetic watchmen locally and nationally have begun to sound a similar alarm—especially for the protection of our Nation’s Capitol.

In the Spirit, Jolene and I have both felt an unsettling sense of urgency of late. Why? We don’t know. But the Spirit of God is compelling us to watch and pray. And as yesterday’s posting conveys, the Lord is also compelling many to prepare our spheres by the Spirit for protection and breakthrough in potential challenges ahead. Remember—Gideon’s work positioned Israel for military victory!

Dream—Rough Waters Ahead for DC
Five days ago I had a vivid dream that seems to warn of turbulence ahead. I was on an old naval ship, similar in stature to the USS Constitution. The ship actually seemed more like a barge or a tanker than a frigate, but it was clearly valued and highly honored.

It was night, and the ship was berthed in a very wide space with a cement, square-like dock on either side. Suddenly the water began to churn, producing waves with large whitecaps. Tossed by powerful currents, the ship rocked and reeled as if caught in a violent storm, even plunging underneath the water in the harbor.

In the dream I was pulled underwater, and began to swim towards the dock to the left of the ship. I do not recall having any fear, and even seemed to be able to breathe underwater. I pulled myself on to the dock. The ship was still under about 3 feet of water—not nearly as bad as at first. I watched in amazement, noting how the sea itself was turbulent, but the dock area surrounding the ship remained very stable.

What does this dream mean? Were my visions of the night overtaken by too much “We the Pizza?” Hopefully. But I rarely have such lucid dreams, and Holy Spirit flashed an interpretation while praying afterwards. The venerated barge represents Washington DC, and the two cement docks represent the border states of Virginia and Maryland. The dream indicates that severe instability may be ahead for Washington DC specifically. The “USS Washington” didn’t sink in the storm, but part of the ship certainly remained underwater—at least by a few feet.

How was the storm generated? What currents caused the whitecaps—and how? None of this was clear. In the dream I knew the ship—which I’m calling the USS Washington—was similar to the USS Constitution. If the dream is conveying a constitutional crisis alone, it is already one of the most accurate I’ve ever had.

And the timing? Not clear either. I do know that another high level prophet gave a private warning to friends about potentially severe challenges in Washington DC after July 4 of this year.

That said, I sense the urgency now to pray. And it was after this dream that Holy Spirit spoke the phrase “Gideon’s Torch,” confirming yet another prayer project. These projects seem to be coming this year as frequently as winter snowstorms—breaking all the records! Anyway, I knew we were to prepare the land like Gideon to receive God’s protection and ultimate victory. And I knew that the “burning lampstands” He has been cultivating would become like beacons, driving out darkness and restoring clarity of direction.

There’s probably more to both the overall warnings and specific interpretations than I am currently perceiving. Please feel free to share your thoughts! And above all else please pray. Again, I am sending this along early enough that we can intercede together on tonight’s prayer call. Covenant blessings to each of you in this Gideon Army…