Prayer Call tonight! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

NEW VIDEO—REVOLUTION BOSTON! Join Cindy, Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, Jon and Jolene and others this Patriots Day, the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride! 6:30 pm April 18 at Faneuil Hall Boston. 

Cindy Jacobs 6:30 pm April 18 at Faneuil Hall Boston. Dutch Sheets 6:30 pm Passover, April 22 at Davids Tent DC on the National Mall. Make plans now! 

Dear Glory Vav-ers,

Every time I write this I smile. Glory Vav-ers! Just has a ring to it.

Of course I wouldn’t be surprised if Chuck Pierce has already coined the phrase. Hard as we run, Chuck invariably seems to be “there” already. We generally put the stake in the ground right where his footprint was left. We have a few friends like that.

Anyway… thank you for your tremendous response to our call for breakthrough prayer for Washington DC and for our frontline warriors yesterday. Lets keep the “full court press” tonight. We look forward to tonight’s call, which will focus on many of the subjects the posting.

Speaking of which, did any of you catch that the 51 nations convocation of the Nuclear Safety Summit in Washington DC actually ends on April 1? In case you’re missing the irony, April 1 is otherwise known as April Fools Day.

Nuclear Safety Summit on April Fools Day. No wonder they need prayer. Who in the world schedules these things?!!!

Talk to you tonite.