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2-22 thru 2-23 GLORY REVIVAL! Remnant Church, Brunswick GA with Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Jon & Jolene. Our first conference since Revolution at Trump Int’l, carrying forward move of Spirit which began on New Years Eve. The glory of God is in our midst! With special baptisms Sunday. 

REVOLUTION REPLAYS! From key prophecies for 2020 to a move of Holy Spirit, Revolution 2019-2020 is already proving historic. Access to all archived messages. With Cindy Jacobs, Becca Greenwood, Chris Mitchell, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Jon & Jolene. Complete archive only $40 CLICK HERE.

WHAT A TIME TO RIDE. From the White House just before the State of the Union address to the National Prayer Breakfast the morning after President Trump’s acquittal, last week was full of incredible moments of prayer. It was an honor to pray onsite as the “tip of the spear” for the Lamplighter family. And see first-hand the fruit of our year-long prayer project. The word of the Lord has come to pass. And a new season of victory is at hand. 

We’re going to share a few stories tonight. Promise you don’t want to miss.

By the way, my apologies for missing last week’s call. Thank you Bill and Marlene Brubaker for leading the charge! To fulfill duties at the prayer breakfast I had to arrive onsite at 4am. A dose of melatonin early Wednesday evening, followed by a hasty prayer to make up for lost sleep, and this midnight rider was on the move at 2:30am.

It was well worth it. President Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast brought many extraordinary, somewhat controversial, moments. We can all draw a few vital lessons in the midst of all that transpired.

Jolene and I are also very excited to launch into the 2-22 Glory Revival conference with Jamie and Redonnia Jackson just 10 days from now! 

Here’s a backstory. About a month ago the Lord highlighted 2-22 to me in prayer as a demarcation date where He wanted to move in Brunswick GA. It marked the year anniversary of the “firewater baptism revival” breakout when Todd Smith ministered. You might remember that the move of Holy Spirit continued throughout the rest of the year. We even brought a mobile baptismal throughout the east coast together, spreading the “firewater baptism” with healings and restoration at every stop.

So I mentioned my perception about 2-22 to Jamie on the call. At the time we were scheduled to visit two weeks earlier, and I actually told him how bummed I was to miss it. 

Another morning prayer time brought another strong sense prophetically. The Holy Spirit outpouring which began at the Trump International on New Years Eve would be carried through on 2-22 at Remnant Church in Brunswick. I sensed the governmental glory of God would again visit His people. Please understand I do not say this lightly. 

I called Jamie again. This time to tell him we were going to completely rearrange our schedule to be there. 

The New Years Eve outpouring was the strongest move of Holy Spirit I’ve experienced in at least a decade. Which is saying something. Because for the past four years we have had great meetings throughout the nation, prophesying the restoration of the glory of God through the “Glory Train” journeys. 

But it was entirely different when the governmental glory actually came through the gates. At the Trump International just as we were shifting from 2019 into 2020. I believe this move of God actually defines not only the year but the Pey decade. Becca Greenwood and I felt to welcome the glory of God into the nation during the Sunday evening meeting. On Monday Jamie shared two recent dreams where the power of the Spirit was coming to an upscale ballroom of an upscale hotel. Hard to miss which upscale hotel he was referring to. The next day it happened, while Cindy Jacobs was ministering. The glory of God came. Many were dramatically touched. 

Our favorite Gatekeeper Chris Mitchell brought tremendous clarity on the move on the afternoon of New Years Eve. Then Jamie ministered again. Or at least tried to. The man couldn’t even stand to minister. Trembling and weeping behind the podium at the Trump International Hotel, he kept trying to speak but could form no words. Finally Jamie simply slumped to the floor. He was caught Chris Mitchell, who immediately slumped to the floor as well. The presence of God so swept the room that few wanted to leave. Three hours later, many including us had completely missed our New Years Eve dinner.

The evening service began right where we left off. Shortly after midnight we held a special consecration service, receiving as a nation God’s hand in marriage during the opening moments of 2020. 

And now to 2-22. Lamplighter family, please join us Saturday, 2-22 and Sunday 2-23 for a time in the Lord. We have no agenda except encountering God together, moving with Him, and conveying what He is saying. 

Dreams do come true. No King but Jesus!