Prayer Call TONIGHT with Allen and Diane Lake! Coronate the change agents of My turnaround! Such a powerful prayer meeting yesterday, we wanted it to continue with you. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. 

GLORY TRAIN COMMISSIONING with Faisal and Sabina Malick! Powerful time. To watch replay on-demand CLICK HERE.

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Covenant blessings to you from SOMEWHERE in Montana this 3:16. I have to say it is such an honor to pray through the northern states of the nation. The unimaginable vistas before our eyes bear witness to God’s immeasurable glory!

We look forward to joining you on the call tonight from the Glory Train. Allen and Diane Lake of Montana will be joining us. According to what we shared yesterday, lets plan to pray over the elections. Cell coverage for us should be ok, but Bill and Marlene Brubaker will be hosting so we can make sure we are covered for the entire call.

The Lord clearly spoke to us corporately that He is coronating the change agents of His turnaround. I wanted to mention another aspect of our prayer time yesterday. I saw a vision of black dogs, thousands of them across the nation, being muzzled by angelic hosts. The interpretation came immediately. I felt the Lord was very plainly saying that He wants our agreement to muzzle the guard dogs of the “elite” tied to idolatry. The dogs are assigned to guard the influence, power, people, treasures and even criminal activity of an agenda aligned with spiritual darkness. They have been chasing, barking and even biting as they guard territory to keep their agenda from being exposed and disempowered.

But the Lord has granted us a verdict for a true turnaround in our nation, and as pictured in Revelation 19:11 He is both judging and making war to execute His judgement. That’s why at an increased level, these black dogs are now being muzzled. Very similar to the days of Pharaoh, when horse and rider were thrown into the sea.

A plumbline has dropped. Therefore lets really seek the Lord for right alignment personally, and pray through alignment issues related to all the candidates. Lean into Holy Spirit for this, praying through mysteries He alone knows but we do not.

Final thought. I have been inspired by Marco Rubio throughout his campaign for the presidency, and he left the campaign nobly. Lets keep him in our prayers. And lets continue to declare the gates of sabotage are shut, and the gates of Heaven remain opened. A limited window for national turnaround!