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AS WE APPROACH THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF 9-11, another 9-11 call is resounding. Chuck Pierce described our hour as “the crossroads of crossroads.” And I believe this to be true. Jolene and I are grateful beyond words for your engagement in prayer at this time.

As I’ve walked the streets of Pentagon City a cloud of vitriol and grief seems tangible. And no wonder. Because as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9-11, when the Twin Towers fell and the Pentagon’s western wall was blown up by terrorists who turned hijacked planes into weapons of mass destruction, the President of the United States has just done the unthinkable. He ceded Afghanistan to the brutal regime that harbored these terrorists—a regime we initially displaced, and then spent two decades fighting in our war on terror. Not only that but by default, President Biden essentially armed the Taliban with our strongest and most advanced weapons, including tanks, attack helicopters, and M-4 rifles for all. 

The word of the Lord is this. Amidst overwhelming challenges, as of 08-08 a genuine window for national turnaround has opened, as prophesied. The Lord has a way through this morass. Exposure of corruption coupled with genuine repentance can lead to a better future for our land. 

We’ve just got to take our stand. That means standing on the wall as watchmen in prayer, and demanding accountability and truth from our leaders. Remembering that you are neither the left wing or the right wing of the eagle. You are the eyes of the eagle, which direct the body towards God’s intended destiny. 

Fast forward to this past weekend at Josiah Center in St. Paul, MN. As we worshipped, an unusually strong manifestation of prophetic clarity was coupled with an equally unusually strong manifestation of governmental authority to decree God’s turnaround. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s video introducing “Turnaround Tuesdays.” 

Today we’re going to share a video message from Thursday August 19 that is exceptionally revelatory in its content. The theme the Lord focused us on carries through every other part of the conference. “Secrets of the Seals and Scrolls” has everything to do with where we are right now as a nation. We again hope you enjoy! And looking forward to connecting tonight. No King but Jesus…