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By now you probably know that the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 virus a global pandemic today. Given the circumstances this seems an accurate evaluation. Please continue to exercise wisdom. In our “conflict of crowns” pray Psalm 91 and receive communion over yourselves, your families and your spheres. Always remember. The Blood of Jesus always covers! 

It is amazing to hear the insight God is giving to our friends. And finally they are beginning to write the vision to make it plain. Chris Mitchell’s revelation yesterday brought strong confirmation of direction seeded into our Lamplighter family even during Revolution 2019-2020. We’ve entered the season where it’s finally time to build the altar of the Lord with our stones of remembrance. We will be following through with a special call this Sunday evening. Chris will join. So mark your calendars now.

And then leave it to Jamie Jackson to continue the flow today with a posting on the Crystal Crown. As you will read, the genesis of this word was also the Revolution gathering. Without Jamie knowing, God was giving him insight that even counters the enemy’s work through the coronavirus. 

Two things about the post caught my attention immediately. First, Jamie’s word count was exactly 911 words. Secondly we live in Crystal City in Northern Virginia. The most recent cases of the coronavirus have been in offices nearby. Thank God that in Jamie’s dream, the crystal crown handed to the body of Christ prevails.

The Crystal Crown—by Jamie Jackson.
It was on the second day of the revolution gathering that Holy Spirit swept across the ballroom at the Trump International in that I had the vision that follows. I was taken to the National Mall where I saw a crystal crown coming down from Heaven. As the crown reached its destination everything around it became crystalized. Places like the National Museum of American History, The US Capitol, The Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial and the White House just to name a few.  

To dream or have a vision of crystal symbolizes the release of a higher level of clarity, transparency, completeness, being spotless, growth, healing, expansion and unity.  

Revelation speaks of a river that flows from the throne room that gives the appears of crystal. In one final glimpse into the future, John sees this river flowing from the throne of God. It is the source of eternal life that emanates from God.  

In Isaiah 62 we find where a beautiful crown is held high in Yahweh’s hand. This we will address later in this post. So what we see so far is a vision of a crystal crown coming down in our Nation’s Capital ushering in God’s agenda to bring into America a new level of purity, transparency and unity which will bring healing to our great nation. Setting the course for the healing of the nations as America comes into alignment with God’s plan. 

Eight days later (new beginnings) the outbreak from Wuhan China was identified as a coronavirus.  So eight days after Heaven releases into the earth the crowning of our nation the enemy released a counterfeit engineered to bring fear, gripping the heart of the entire world.  

I want to suggest that the coronavirus is a counterattack to the true movement being released in the world today. “Corona ” means crown, named for the shape of the virus. So the enemy has put a fake crown upon his own head and declared himself king in this season. He is exalting himself against the Lord and this movement, declaring  that Coronavirus will be seen by every person and take over their thoughts and hearts. He is mocking God. 

It’s time we counteract the devil. We don’t bow to this “crowned” virus. Coronavirus is not king, Jesus is King!  No King but Jesus!!

Crown, in Hebrew, is the word “atarah.” It means to be encircled for attack or protection, to encompass. So you see that the enemy has tried to crown the earth by encircling and attacking. 

So what is God doing? Because every time I see the enemy moving, I know it is to counter-produce what God is already doing in the spirit. The enemy wants to stop this movement from spreading so he spreads his own lies in the hearts and minds of the people by creating a fear epidemic. So what is he so afraid of? 

Obviously we are in the beginnings of a global awakening and the greatest intake of a billion soul harvest prophesied by the late prophet Bob Jones. Isaiah 62:3 (MEV)

You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord
and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

Glory in this verse is the Hebrew word Tipharah -meaning “Beautiful, brave, comely, fair, glorious, honor, majesty.” God is wanting to release bravery in the hearts of His people, not fear. You will be an encircled brave people!

And you are in the hand of the Lord. Hand here is “yad,” the powerful enclosed hand of God. We are completely surrounded and encircled by the powerful hand of God. He will bring down every enemy that comes against His beloved.

So you shall be a crown of glory, an encircled, protected, and brave people in the closed hand of God.  

So here again, we are crowned with revelation of the truth of our kingdom authority with Christ. We truly are seated with Him in heavenly places.

So you see that the enemy has tried to stop the proclamation of the Gospel by counteracting the move of the Holy Spirit with fear tactics and lies. Movements have been springing up all around the world with clusters of people who won’t take no for an answer.  A remnant that truly believes in such truths as now is the time and we are the people. God is moving on His people and He has awakened a sleeping giant. The enemy saw this and had to construct a plan to isolate every tribe and nation. The days of the restoration of all things is upon us and that means the everything that has always been on the heart of Father God will come to fruition. 

So there it is. The plan of the Coronavirus is exposed. The enemy wants you to wear a crown of fear and bringing a silence, but Jesus has come to crown you with faith, and release you to roar in this season. Now you decide what you do with this truth. Do you cower in fear or arise in faith and let your voice be heard. 

You will be a crown of glory! In the hand of the Lord! You will be a royal diadem in the hand of your God! Now GO in Signs, wonders, and miracles. This year is the beginning of a global awakening. And the devil can’t stop it!!!