PRAYER CALL TONIGHT WITH BRUBAKERS! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

NEW YEARS EVE IN METRO DC with Jon & Jolene. Dec. 31 & Jan.1. Launch into the new year with fresh vision, prophetic direction and REALLY GOOD BARBECUE! Whole Word Fellowship and NOVA-HOP, Oakton VA. Make plans now to join us.

CROWN & THRONE ISRAEL TOUR with James Nesbit, Ed Watts, Jamie Fitt, Jon & Jolene, more. March 12-26. You are invited to a journey of a lifetime! For more info email: edwatts2013@gmail.com

Coming Soon—Thrones of Glory Prayer Project!
Dear Fire Keepers,

God has called us this year to focus on the restoration of His glory! Beginning January 1, we are beginning a 22 day prayer project focused on seeing Washington DC and your respective states transformed. You’re going to receive real-time prophetic revelation as well as life-changing principles to build and frame your future.

So make plans now for January 1-22! We will launch regionally with a special New Years Eve gathering at Whole Word Fellowship Saturday night, December 31, and Sunday morning, January 1.

What you get out of this project is worth every effort you put into it—especially as this new year begins. So plan now to set aside extended times for fasting, prayer and worship. Seek the Lord now for personal direction on how to structure your days. Pursue each day as you would an exotic vacation—making every minute count!

Crown & Throne
For this project I highly recommend getting a copy of our book “Crown and Throne.” We share foundational keys for establishing your life and sphere as a “throne of glory.” We also provide you with vital prophetic perspectives on our nation—covering where we’ve been, where we are, and where the Lord is summoning us to advance. Crown & Throne is a roadmap, bringing proven and consistent results in so many lives as well as in our nation.

Prayer For Trump Administration
Much of our prayer concentration now and during this watch is focused on the administration of Donald Trump. I say without apology we must be for his success, without hypocrisy. Lamplighter veterans know we extended this same grace leading to President Obama’s first term and his second term. Praying in the Spirit, by the Spirit, for God’s Kingdom to be established.

Then and now, a primary burden of the Spirit is to intercede against assassination. It’s such a volatile time. Pray for Homeland Security, our military and our intelligence agencies. Pray for the protection of our embassies and consulates, especially after the tragic assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey. Finally, lets keep the Secret Service covered as they continue to cover both Obama and Trump at the same time. You cannot imagine the pressure they are under.

OK. Get ready to see your spheres transformed into Thrones of Glory! Again, plan to join us January 1-22 for the prayer project. Between now and then we will be sending you key postings from this past year as part of our “year in review.” We’ve been on an incredible journey together, and it’s only going to become more impacting!

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