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Midnight Ride From Maricopa
Greetings from Southern California. Jolene and I are taking in some sun after a midnight ride from Maricopa last night. Thanks to all who participated in a very substantive webcast with Patricia King! It was really our television debut. So much fun! Very grateful to Patricia—first for hosting us, and second for making it so easy.

Turns out that Patricia is yet another forerunner prophet of the Glory Train. Years ago when she was scouting locations for her missions base, she was gripped by Holy Spirit at the Maricopa train station. She began to manifest His presence… with the sound of a train whistle. Glory Train!

So when we talked about bringing the Glory Train to Maricopa, there was a real spark in her already-fiery eyes. Amazing!

Dodging a Dire Question
Patricia asked one question that I all but dodged during our interview. How can we pray for the extraordinary political situation now emerging in our land?

My best answer remains simply, “No King but Jesus.” Always great to prophesy and declare from the Throne! But being relatively new to Patricia’s world, I didn’t want to dive too far into the depths of what we are sensing from the Lord.

To me the elections this year demarcate the tracks we roll on for decades to come. Which track is best±remaining one nation under God, or yielding our nation to the downward spiral of global governance? Nationalism under Christ or globalism under an antichrist spirit, these are the two tracks before us.

And it’s a primary reason I feel that only a move of God’s Spirit has the potential to dislodge the extraordinary evil that has become embedded in our land.

Potential Alignment….
Here’s a scenario I want you just to consider. Lets say Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. She has demonstrated over many years, and especially as Secretary of State, an unyielding loyalty to the direction and directives of global governance.

Now lets say that at the same time Hillary becomes president, Obama is invited to become the Secretary General of the United Nations. It seems unlikely, given some of the guidelines of the UN for choosing a new leader, but it is absolutely not out of the realm of possibility. Especially as the Jerusalem Post and other news outlets have reported Obama is actively campaigning for this position behind the scenes.

Obama and Hillary, the new leader of the globe and new leader of the most powerful nation in the world, aligning together to accelerate global governance. The changes we’ve already seen in our nation, changes promised by Obama from the outset, are marginal compared to what this alignment could bring. For America, for Israel, for the Mideast, for the nations.

Just say no! Please! Lets partner together in prayer to see the restraining hand of the Lord fully catalyze His turnaround. Covenant with God established instead of a pact with an antichrist spirit that empowers both the nation and the world. Despite the most extraordinary efforts of our governmental leaders and biased media, an unsettled populous is throwing off the yoke of control and returning our nation to freedom.

Brexit and the Gideon Anointing!
Which reminds me… please pray tonight for tomorrow’s “Brexit” vote! We will certainly cover this more tonight. But the Brexit movement for the nation of Great Britain to make an exodus from the European Union is gaining momentum for exactly the same reason. Once again, two tracks are before even the nations. Global governance tied to idolatry, or remaining one nation under the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this year of the Conflict of Thrones, I’ve got an incredible idea. Lets be  Gideons! LETS TAKE BACK OUR LANDS!

There’s my answer. Covenant blessings to you, and we’ll talk with you tonight.