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PASSOVER ALASKA! March 27-April 3. With Chris Mitchell, Jon and Jolene. Launching Glory Train 2021. 

HEAP OFFERING! NOW THROUGH PASSOVER. Launching Glory Train 2021! “In the third month they began to make the heaps…” (2 Chronicles 31:4-7). TO DONATE CLICK HERE.

IT IS KNOWN AS THE END OF THE ROAD. No better place to launch the Glory Train than Homer, Alaska, which is also known  as Land’s End because you just can’t go any farther west in America on a connected highway. It’s only fitting that the “end of the road” actually became the beginning of the Glory Train journey as we launched over Passover 2021. 

Friends, it’s all eastward from here. We ministered last night and are going again tonight in Palmer, a town north of Anchorage. Grateful for your prayers, and looking forward to connecting tonight just before the service! 

Jolene, myself and Chris Mitchell have been so powerfully impacted by the fierce spirits, generous hearts and intense resolve of the body of Christ throughout Alaska. A sacrificial dedication to independence is not just a concept here, it is a way of life. Never have I met so many genuine forerunners in one place. No wonder the Lord is speaking about the glory from Alaska impacting and directing the future of our nation. 

As is often the case with forerunners in a region, the message we are bringing seems to be resonating deeply, primarily because the call has already been heard. It’s new and fresh to us. 

Three simple words define the movement being launched in conjunction with the Glory Train 2021 this Passover. The Resistance Revival. We are in a day similar to the Jews in Egypt in the days of Exodus. As Moses learned, resistance man’s way did not advance the cause of freedom too much for his people. But when God arises to resist—watch out. And that is exactly where we are! 

Remember, where the Spirit of the Lord is, THERE is liberty. Freedom is always sourced in the Spirit of God, and is therefore always tied to covenant. We had a very powerful time Saturday evening in Homer, declaring together the Covenant Renewal between the Lord and our nation. I can’t explain it other than to say it was as if the earth reverberated in response. 

Resistance Revival. From Moses to Joshua to the Maccabees, from the Pilgrims and Huguenots fleeing religious persecution to the American Revolutionaries and the generals of the Underground Railroad, from the Allied forces defeating Hitler to the catalysts of the Civil Rights movement to the firebrands standing today against injustice and totalitarianism even in our government, those who dare to sojourn the pathway to freedom will find themselves engaged in a RESISTANCE REVIVAL. The Lord marches forth as a warrior…

We will share more tonight. But as we’ve shared many times it will take a genuine revival, a move of God’s glory, to dislodge the magnitude of evil that has become embedded in our soil. No wonder the Lord promised Bob Jones back in 1983 that He will marry the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts!

Look for Alaska to play a major role. There’s a reason the Lord had us launch the Glory Train 2021 from this soil!

And with that, we are grateful beyond measure for your intercessory coverage. Remember that from Passover to Pentecost we will engage in 50 days of prayer. Then the Glory Train moves through Texas and America’s heartland over Shavuot, directly to Minnesota. This train is bound for glory…


Jon & Jolene