CALL TONIGHT—9PM ET. Passover 2020—a Global Midnight Cry! With special insights by Jamie Jackson. The moment has arrived…. Please be prepared with communion! (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

ALASKA CALL AFTER—10PM ET. Excited to join Robert and Eleanor Roehl’s Facebook Live call afterwards. In the beginning of the year the Lord spoke to us about the significance of Alaska on Passover. We were originally scheduled to be there at this time! So glad Eleanor and Robert, key apostolic leaders in the state, are hosting this prophetic war council tonight. To connect click here:

What an extraordinary moment in history. For the first time ever, the entire globe is sheltering in place, following the example of our Jewish forefathers the first night of Passover. 

We are following the instructions God gave to place the blood of the Lamb on the thresholds. A solemn plea is ascending before the Throne. In the synergy of the ages we are joining our prayers to theirs, praying that God cover us so the death angel passes over.

It was about this time three years ago, overlooking Washington DC at night, that the Lord spoke to me about a series of crises that would come by 2020. Our nation would enter a midnight hour of history. In a moment I knew we would face down perils similar to those which the Bible attributes to the final days of an era known as the end times. Both the challenges and the victories in our era would even become a prototype for their watch in history. Aspects of our future became very clear. 

From this prophetic experience came our book “The Midnight Cry.” Much of what was prophesied within its pages is already in play. A midnight crisis. A midnight watch. A midnight cry. 

The good news is that in the midst of our midnight crisis the Lord is offering our nation a turnaround. A longterm course correction which secures His best intentions for our land. A midnight awakening follows. This awakening would usher us out of our chambers of isolation in an Exodus-like procession, a freedom movement that floods the street with holy fire.

It is amazing that the coronavirus crisis was first reported to the World Health Organization on New Years Eve 2019, just as we were about to cross the threshold into 2020. Here’s some good news for you. If the word on the midnight crises have proven this hauntingly accurate, so will the word on the midnight turnaround. 

Watch for the midnight turnaround in this Passover season. It is at hand. And we are now preparing for many aspects of this Exodus procession. The death angel passes over. We emerge again, out of our chambers of isolation!

With this at heart, it is amazing to Jolene and me to review the prophetic word we both contributed to a year ago on Passover. It speaks profoundly into our time. 

The posting “From Abortion to Awakening,” which we shared again this Sunday, was posted originally just before Passover 2019. As we enter into Passover 2020, two prophecies within the word now prove staggering. 

First, Jolene’s word that “God has been dealing with abortion in America in a way that’s similar to how He dealt with abortion in Exodus. He’s doing the same with the idolatry behind it… You have to understand we’re going into an extended season of Passover, not just a week of Passover. It means God’s work is going to be through an entire time period until He is done dealing with this spirit of death through abortion in America!

Second, my word that “a higher Court is trumping the decisions of the Empire State.” It is heartbreaking to realize that the scourge of the coronavirus plague came within a year, almost to the date, from the decision by the New York state legislature to legalize infanticide.

Our earnest prayer is that the embrace of forced death from womb to old age will be repudiated in New York and across the nation. It is time for this gate of sabotage to be governmentally shut. Sealed, in Jesus’ Name! And never opened again.

And we are grateful for the intercession of the Lamplighter family Sunday evening to release MERCY over this dimension of the coronavirus challenge. Mercy that secures God’s covenant!

Lets stay humble through this. And lets not cast aside our fearless confidence, which has great recompense of reward. No King but Jesus!