With Insights by Barbie Breathitt

Prayer Call tonight! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. 

So exciting to see God move! And it’s exciting to see His people respond. Washington DC is now being invaded by intercessors and leaders converging for tomorrow’s National Day of Prayer. Which has led to some amazing, breakthrough prayer times!

Today we want to pick up on a section of the “Next 100 Days” dream that I haven’t really discussed. I only have time to mention it, not delve into it. But other prophetic voices, including Cindy Jacobs, Barbie Breathitt and others, have emphasized to me the importance of it. It’s a warning to us all. 

So here goes. Remember the Lord recently gave me a commissioning dream to pray through the next 100 days. I saw Washington DC juxtaposed with Israel’s Jezreel valley from Har Megiddo. The view was so expansive, I felt I could see from one end of the land all the way to the other! Within the dream, the Lord spoke two things. First, He wanted us to intercede over the next 100 days. Second, it was time to take the land!

In the dream I saw only one obstacle. A depiction of Jezebel in was resting in the exact geographic center of the field. She was wearing a white robe and sitting on a rock. She smiled at me, leaned forward, and waved. 

Jolene was right by my side, and I turned to her, pointed, and said, “that’s witchcraft.” 

I honestly didn’t ponder this portion of the dream too much until discussing it with our friend Bobbie Breathitt last week. She has a remarkable gift of dream interpretation. Immediately Barbie declared “Jezebel is at the point of the cross, and the crosshairs in your sight!” 

Barbie went on to observe that how we deal with this occult structure tied to nations will determine whether we enter into harvest during these 100 days, or perhaps even an Armageddon scenario. We must honor covenant! We must take this ground. 

Keep in mind again that Jezebel fell from her tower in Jezreel. Because this was the primary enemy identified in the dream, I believe the Lord desires for this spiritual stronghold to fully come down in this hour. This means the defenses of this principality will be down in a way they have not been in decades. Lets take this ground! LET MY PEOPLE GO! 

Here’s a clear warning to us all. The primary risk to the advancement of God’s movement in the earth is still covenant breaking and idolatry. We must pray even for our government leaders in this. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!

Again, it’s important to emphasize that Jezebel was thrust from her tower in Jezreel. May the Jezebel spirit be disengaged from our Jezreel of Washington DC.  Lets finally take this ground, in Jesus’ Name!