NOW THEREFORE ARISE—Conference Call Wednesday 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

RICK RIDINGS CALL TO FAST, PRAY— for Northern Syria, for prevailing breakthrough over ungodly alliances between Iran, Turkey and Russia, for God’s covenantal realignment regarding the US Mideast Peace Plan, for Israel’s elections. Prayer for these priorities will continue through the 21 day “Now Therefore Arise” prayer project. YOUTUBE VIDEO CLICK HERE. 

FIRST—THANK YOU for the flood of birthday blessings these past couple of days, as well as your insights and notes of encouragement from recent posts. It’s amazing how many are genuinely connecting with the “Now Therefore Arise” prayer project. Especially seeing how we’ve been in governmental prayer projects virtually nonstop since… well… I don’t want to talk about it.


It was mid-November when we started the River of Fire Prayer Watch, which carried us through Revolution 2018 and into the new year. The River of Fire shifted into a New Way Forward. We all engaged in a Midnight Cry until 2-22, marking three months of prayer. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that on 2-22, we unexpectedly saw the birthing of a baptism revival. With people describing their experience with God as FIRE IN THE WATER!

This fact emphasizes again what I already know. Lamplighter family, your hunger for the Lord and for birthing His covenant purposes—for Washington DC, for our nation, for Israel and the nations—is incredible. You are really making a difference!

Which is great news. Because this Purim season promises to be history-defining. 

Prayer for Trump, Netanyahu, Brownback
THAT SAID, please lets continue to keep President Trump and PM Netanyahu covered in prayer. Lets continue to pray for the Mideast according to the points shared in Rick Ridings’ video post. 

Lets also immediately pray for Sam Brownback, Ambassador of Religious Freedom. He is making key addresses this week on religious freedom in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Most of you know about China’s horrific resurgence in persecuting Christians—arresting believers, destroying churches, destroying and even tracking believers and their families through extended surveillance tied to what they call a “social credit score.” Families are literally punished, denied rights and privileges in society, if one of their members frequents a church. China is even marketing these surveillance programs to other nations!

I hope you don’t miss the significance of what I just shared. That said, the Trump Administration has trumpeted a message globally on religious freedom with unwavering dilligence. And Ambassador Brownback is bearing this freedom call to China’s doorstep as we even as we speak. 

Thank you for praying. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Looking forward to launching this 21 day prayer project with you on tonight’s call. If you haven’t read the first two posts please review them by clicking on the links below. 

NOW THEREFORE ARISE posting March 4.


Lamplighter in March—Pray!
About two months ago, the Lord spoke to Jolene to clear our public ministry schedule for March and concentrate on Washington DC. A few other friends heard the same thing, and they were kind but ruthless in emphasizing to us this prophetic directive. 

It’s a good thing we obeyed. Or actually that Jolene eventually persevered in persuading me through MANY words to repent of my hard-headedness, postpone a ministry tour I was so excited about, heed the directive and align. 

Because out of the middle of nowhere, many significant private meetings have suddenly materialized here in DC—great ministry opportunities accompanied by greatly magnified leadership responsibilities. 

Now therefore arise—seems the Lord is serious! 

All I can say is it’s a good thing I heard correctly. 

During this time Jolene and I are also beginning our third book. But most of all we are eager to spend increased time with the Lord and genuinely access the invitation conveyed to us these past few months. It’s time to seek Him like Daniel and receive vital revelation from His Throne. It’s time for our schedules to align with His. OK, OK, I’m working on it!

And along with you, we are obviously contending in prayer through this Purim season.

All this said, please keep Jolene and I covered in prayer. Given the potential, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this! 

Please also consider a special investment in Lamplighter. As always, your investments empower us to make our investments in the establishment of His covenant—in DC, nationally, in Israel and the nations. NO KING BUT JESUS!