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IT HAS BECOME SO CLEAR. We are on a forerunning journey right now, seeing God shift America from a covenant with death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of LIFE empowering a culture of life. 

In Washington State we saw the Lord governmentally shut a gate of sabotage tied to national abortion that had created a breach for the west coast and nation. 

In Colorado Springs over Fathers Day weekend, we had the honor of meeting our new grandson!

In Tahlequah OK last night we genuinely began to forerun the breakthrough tied to the turnaround on Roe v Wade. Apostle Garland Thomas saw a panoramic vision where the Lord showed him breakthroughs in ministry coming as the curse tied to abortion is lifted!

NATIONAL JUBILEE AT HAND? Prophetic Insights by Lori Perz
We are moving through year 49 of legalized abortion through Roe v Wade. Keep in mind that the 50th year is a jubilee year, where debts are forgiven and inheritance restored. Our friend Lori Perz has been given incredible insight on this. Take a moment to grasp the full scope. And lets move into Jubilee! 

From Lori—During Purim 2022, the Lord began to strongly highlight Native Americans.  I heard “jubilee” specifically for them.  About two weeks later, a friend sent me an article that spoke of the Rappahannock Tribe in Virginia literally getting some of their land back near the Rappahannock River!  Land returning to the original owner is literally a dimension of the Year of Jubilee.  I thanked Holy Spirit for this confirmation!  Later, I discovered that something similar happened for a tribe in northwest Minnesota.

It is time for JUBILEE to manifest for the Native Americans and for this nation in many dimensions.  Yeshua IS our JUBILEE (Luke 4:18-19).

William Penn-Chief Tamanend Treaty: June 23, 1683
Since Purim, the Lord has continued to put Native Americans in His spotlight.  He began to speak to me once again about the William Penn Treaty.  This was essentially a covenant made between William Penn and Chief Tamanend of the Lenni Lenape tribe in that region.  Some historians believe this treaty was made on June 23, 1683 at a large elm tree in Shackamaxon (“council”), so it has been called the Tree of Shackamaxon.  The covenant language used in this treaty is beautiful and profound.

This treaty was the only unbroken treaty between our government and Native Americans for more than 70 years.  You can imagine the weight that this carries in the spirit.  This is why some have called this treaty and this historic tree the “taproot of MERCY” in the United States.  

Mercy and a Confirming Dream
All of this was stirring in me and without knowing any of this, prophetic intercessory leader Brenda Mitchell began to share with me recently on a prayer call that she was hearing “MERCY” so strongly from Father God.  We began to prophetically swirl together and the Lord highlighted to me His COVENANT MERCY, called “chesed” in Hebrew.  

Dream—Tim Sheets
The next day, a friend of mine emailed me a video of Tim Sheets sharing a dream he had on June 16 of this year.  As he shared the dream, he recounted an experience in 2017 in which he was praying at Lafayette Park near the White House with several other leaders and an angel encountered them.  They saw a man coming and Tim recognized him as an angel.  The angel said “Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy”.  I was stunned when I heard Tim Sheets share this exact word of “mercy” less than 24 hours of this prophetic swirl.

Tim Sheets went on to share that in his dream, he had gone to Washington D.C. on July 4.  He was, once again, in Lafayette Park by the White House.  He was led to go where he had gone 5 years prior.  He encountered another angel who was very large and muscular.  This angel was actually carrying a TREE trunk about 12 feet long under one arm.  The angel looked him in the eye and spoke in the language of a soldier and said it wasn’t a tree trunk, it was a battering ram.  He said that there were 4 of them (angels) surrounding the White House to break down the enemy’s protective barriers of Baal roots there.   

Tim asked the angel why he revealed all of this to him.  He said, “Sir, permission to proceed.”  Tim said, “Soldier, proceed”.  End of dream.  Tim said that Michael and his angels will be releasing battering rams to unlock this nation.  What a dream! 

Tree Confirmation
I found it also notable that a TREE was mentioned in this dream, just as I had been hearing about the Tree of Shackamaxon, the taproot of mercy in America, prior to this.  Interestingly, the same day that my friend sent this video of Tim Sheets’ dream, our neighbors were having a tree trimming service come out to cut down a massive willow tree (that unfortunately had died).  

It was such a large tree that a crane had to be used.  At one point just the trunk remained, standing upright–actually pretty close in height to the 12-foot tree trunk in Tim’s dream.  I knew that God was speaking through this “tree” convergence, too!

June 23 Covenant Convergence
Currently, there is a statewide assignment I’m a part of in Minnesota.  Several weeks ago, the Lord highlighted to me to do my prayer strike on June 23 at 9:00 a.m. CT, in connection to the William Penn Treaty.  I knew that this treaty and this taproot of mercy was being highlighted by the Lord–including the fact that we were right on the precipice of the SCOTUS Dobbs verdict and potentially the reversing of Roe.  Essentially, when we see federally-legalized abortion removed from our nation, it will ultimately be God’s COVENANT MERCY to America.  

Once again, today is the anniversary of the only unbroken treaty in our nation with Native Americans.  The tap root of mercy in America.  There is a profound convergence that God is highlighting in all of this and the theme of “covenant” is central.

New Decree Overruling Genocidal Decree
Additionally, the Lord appointed Jon and Jolene to be in Oklahoma doing a meeting with Apostle Garland Thomas before this SCOTUS verdict is released.  Oklahoma, more than any other state, has led the way in reconciliation with Native Americans.  They have formed a prototype for the rest of the nation. A friend of mine noted that this meeting fell on the time gate of Sivan 23,  the very day that Esther and Mordecai’s “new decree” was released that literally overruled the genocidal decree of Haman (Esther 8:8).

This is also a remarkable prophetic convergence!  Including the Hamill’s release of their new book TURNAROUND DECREES–just like that historic turnaround decree that Queen Esther and Mordecai released.  And now on June 23, the anniversary of this historic William Penn treaty.

Oaks of Righteousness
Tragically, Native Americans have been targeted for genocide (including reservations) for hundreds of years in our nation.  But, God!  I believe we are seeing, and will see, the very people that were most targeted for genocide in our nation, Native Americans and African Americans, lead the way in this post-Roe world in America.  When Roe is reversed, the decision for LIFE will then be in the hands of each state.  Godly wisdom and leadership will be greatly needed—and these groups will be forerunning and building kingdom blueprints for LIFE!  A powerful picture of redemption and restoration.

As we speak of leadership, it’s interesting that trees can represent leaders.  In this time of history, we are seeing unrighteous, unrepentant leaders being felled like trees.  But we are also seeing “oaks of righteousness” (Isaiah 61:3) standing tall amidst the chaos–bringing others under their shade to partake of life-giving fruit, so that they can be established as oaks of righteousness as well.  Yeshua IS the Tree of Life and we are growing as His Bride to live from this place of oneness with Him and be nourished from the Tree of Life as a lifestyle.  To be life-givers wherever He leads us.

Full Circle for Life in Minnesota
Amazingly, on June 23, Jon and Jolene will launch from Oklahoma and head to Minnesota for a series of meetings at Josiah Center, an apostolic center in St. Paul.  The Lord highlighted to me that one of the central reasons for their visit, and the timing of the visit, was connected to LIFE and the Dobbs verdict.  Two of the most influential SCOTUS justices on the Roe bench were from Minnesota—the Chief Justice Warren Burger and the Justice who wrote the majority opinion for Roe, Justice Harry Blackmun.  

What the enemy sought to release from Minnesota (through these two justices) to the nation with the scourge of federally-legalized abortion, God wants to NOW fully reverse and release LIFE and JUSTICE to the nation from Minnesota!  This state has a weighty destiny as the Threshing Floor and Altar of the Nation.  Including a strong justice anointing.  All of this is another remarkable prophetic convergence that only the Lord could orchestrate!

Covenant Mercy and Lid Coming Off Third Great Awakening
None of us can fully comprehend the magnitude of what we will see unfold in our nation as the scourge of abortion is removed federally from our nation.  Praying that June 23, 2022 marks a window for a glorious, historic moment–after 49 years!  Remember that the trumpet for the Year of Jubilee was sounded in the 49th year.  That is what God showed me last year:  the 49th anniversary of Roe in 2022 is giving way to the Year of Jubilee for the unborn!  This comes full circle to what I shared in the beginning about jubilee manifesting for Native Americans.

One of the most historic moments in the history of the United States is upon us—what many of you have been contending in prayer for decades!  It’s truly a synergy of the ages moment.  What an honor that God appointed you and I to play at part in this—to stand for LIFE, which is at the very heart of Creator God.  

Ultimately, when we see federally-legalized abortion ended in our nation it will be because of Yahweh’s faithfulness to His COVENANT with our nation–cut by the Pilgrims on 11/11/1620.  Today on June 23, on this historic time gate of covenant of the anniversary of the William Penn Treaty, we are truly tapping in to Father God’s covenant MERCY.  May we see the LID COME OFF this Third Great Awakening and the end times harvest catalyze in a way we have not seen yet!  May Jesus, the Author of Life and the One we are in a betrothal covenant with, be greatly magnified and receive the full reward of His suffering!  


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