CALL TONIGHT WITH DANIELLE FREITAG! 9pm EST. Danielle is a pioneering leader in God’s new womens movement. She and her husband Corey are hosting the Justice Awakening 52 conference Super Bowl weekend to confront sexual exploitation and trafficking. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

Justice Awakening 52 Conference! Feb. 1-3, 2018, with Benji Nolot, Danielle Freitag, Jon & Jolene, more. Please see for more information. 

NEW BOOK—THE MIDNIGHT CRY! Prophetic perceptions for 2018-2020 including Donald Trump, National Turnaround, more. To receive your copy of our new book click here.

This Friday is March for Life in DC. Lets continue to press in for breakthrough regarding abortion. Please cover President Trump and his administration for protection, direction and courage to set a new course for America!

L’Chaim… TO LIFE! Today begins the Hebrew month of Shevat. According to Chuck Pierce it is a month where righteousness becomes your foundation. And without a doubt it is a very important time for a new standard of righteousness in our nation. As part of this Midnight Cry prayer project, lets continue to honor God’s covenant by receiving the Table of the Lord each day. Lets continue handing the bread to Jesus to hand to the betrayer, exposing those who remain in systemic betrayal, corruption and abuse. There is no more important time than now for this!

And as we continue focusing on Washington DC, lets expand our tent pegs to Minnesota… for Super Bowl weekend.

My emails and texts lit up last Sunday evening. “The Minneapolis Miracle” had just occurred. Against all odds, the Vikings made a midnight comeback, winning the game in the final seconds. They play the Eagles this Sunday for a shot at the Super Bowl… which, whether they win or not, will be hosted this year in their hometown. 

Minneapolis miracle… our friends up north saw it as a sign.

Danielle and Corey Freitag are hosting the “Justice Awakening 52” Conference over Super Bowl weekend, standing for the overthrow of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Danielle and Corey are joining us on tonight’s call. Prayer for this event has shaken the Richter scale for an entire year now, with Karen Kruger and the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network coming alongside. 

Because the Minneapolis Miracle they are seeking is a breakthrough against sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Their invitation below says it all:

“Large events like the Super Bowl have created an increase in the instances of exploitation, including human sex trafficking.  Hundreds of thousands of fans descend upon the state that hosts the event. This time in history becomes optimal breeding ground for exploitation, including trafficking.  All people should be free, but exploitation means that slavery still exists.  In the past, this injustice has been hidden, but is now being publicly addressed by policy, law enforcement, and news media. This injustice is also being addressed by abolitionists and watchmen who will not be silent and who refuse to be inactive. 

Minnesota will host Super Bowl 52 in 2018.  The Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network, joined by Action169 will host Justice Awakening 52.

Who will cry out and fight for righteousness and justice? Our sons and daughters are not commodities to be sold.

What if a justice sound, a war cry sound was released by those the industry once held captive? What if former captors and former users joined in the war cry?  What if abolitionists and watchmen became equipped to intervene in the places where exploitation and trafficking was happening?  

The alarms are sounding in this awakening 911 hour, for the abolitionists and watchmen to answer the call by combating that which fuels the sales of souls.  Justice is awakening at the sound of the Bride who is tuned to God’s justice heartbeat.”

Justice is awakening. LET MY PEOPLE GO! Lamplighter family, I am asking you to adopt this breakthrough conference in vigilant prayer for the next few weeks. Many of you will also want to join us. We together will have an unprecedented opportunity to become equipped in prayer and action as part of this new freedom movement.  

Final point. It was in St. Paul last April that Jolene received her groundbreaking dream about this very movement. At the time we had no idea about what was already being planned. But this is what Jolene prophesied in our April 25 posting:

“God is bringing a new womens’ movement empowered by the prophetic and releasing His justice, especially to other women. What one carried, many will soon carry. God’s justice is that they grow and mature into full stature in their identities and lives. The weight on their backs which mandated their sexuality be emphasized to gain favor and attention will be broken. Many who have been subject to sexual abuse and trafficking will be freed from this weight of bondage.”

Friends, this is that. Literally, a new move of God. And it’s for all of us together. Please join us tonight.