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The unveiling of the Peace and Prosperity proposal was met with loud applause and cheers yesterday, an extreme rarity for any White House function. Especially one dealing with Israelis and Palestinians. Alongside President Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had just begun his historic speech when news hosts began to talk over him. Bigger breaking news. Republicans and Democrats were actually walking back into the chambers, preparing to reconvene for the Senate impeachment trial. 

Serious? Cutting off the Prime Minister’s perspective on an historic, trajectory-changing proposal simply to show suits in motion in a Senate hallway?

Earlier on the same day as the unveiling, a hearing in the Knesset presented Prime Minister Netanyahu with the dubious honor of becoming Israe’s first sitting Prime Minister to be indicted. Netanyahu indicted. Trump impeached. And the first practical pathway to Israel-Palestinian peace unfurled.

It was so interesting that the Elijah List decided to release our word “The Gavel has Fallen for an Impeachment Turnaround securing LIFE” yesterday. Again, on the same day as impeachment drama, the indictment vote, and the “Peace to Prosperity Plan” were all in play. Not sure what this all means. But Steve Shultz and team did a fantastic job editing the word for context. And choosing to release prophetic insights that convey our best understanding of Heaven’s verdict, at such a strategic moment, was simply astounding. We are grateful! 

To read the Elijah List word CLICK HERE. 

By direction from the Lord, much of our ministry is focused on Israel and the Mideast. At the beginning of his presidency, when President Trump honored Jerusalem as capital of Israel, he promised innovative, practical solutions to replace failed strategies. I like to call this the “Trump Doctrine.” 

And at the core the “Peace and Prosperity” Plan delivers the promise. A hallmark of this fresh approach is pioneering collaborative economic development between the Israelis and the Palestinians, paving the way for Palestinian self-sufficiency. Trump’s plan makes clear that all advances towards Palestinian self-determination are clearly predicated upon the repudiation of terrorism and embrace of Israel’s statehood. As the plight of Gaza proves, this is the only viable pathway forward. Thank you President Trump for a generous, practical gift to empower both the Israelis and the Palestinians. Overall—brilliant!

That said, let me be clear that I am in turmoil over a few aspects of the proposal, especially ceding land promised by God to Israel through His enduring, eternal covenant. 

But in the end, that’s not really the point of the proposal. The road map to come to those terms is what matters. Because the current leaders of the Palestinian Authority have already clearly insisted they will never agree to the terms by which Israel is willing to cede this land. Including officially honoring the State of Israel as a nation, repudiating the empowerment of terrorism against Israel, including the cessation of state-funded rewards to terrorists and their families, and more. 

All told, the Prosperity to Peace proposal is an innovative starting point, engineered to bring the true colors of all parties to the surface in a way that surrounding nations and a skeptical world can all clearly see. Perhaps this is its most brilliant aspect. 

Looking forward to tonight’s call.