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Revolution 2015! With Chuck Pierce, James Goll, Charles Stock and many others. Make plans now to join us over Hanukkah, and receive fresh fire from God’s Throne!

Mantle in the Whirlwind
Last week’s HAPN gathering was pure breakthrough. Tonight as we pray for the nation, I want to share briefly on a word by Faisal Malick on a new level of protection being granted by the Lord in this hour. Really good news!

During the HAPN gathering, Jolene and I were honored to be mantled by Apostle John Benefiel in the prophetic office. I feel that we are now in a new place spiritually. Thanks for the notes of encouragement from so many of you!

This time of impartation should actually be a blessing for each of you as well. First because we intuitively know our blessing is extended by the Lord to the entire Lamplighter family. Second, and equally important, because the mantling demarcates a very significant new season in the spirit—the pursuit of which has consumed most of our journey together this year.

It’s time to receive from the “Mantle in the Whirlwind.”

Remember the Lord gave us for 2015. In this “year of the whirlwind,” we felt strongly that the Lord was going to release fresh mantles of intimacy, authority and power. A mantle in the whirlwind! An impartation and manifestation of the Elijah anointing.

A Divine Exchange
Lets review this sacred transfer. A whirlwind appeared. Chariots of fire were sent to escort Elijah in his ascent to Heaven. Back down the portal came Elijah’s mantle, granting Elisha a double portion of the anointing of Holy Spirit that Elijah carried.

Therefore it was both powerful and poignant that Joann Swallow, wife of renown prophet Jay Swallow, was the first one mantled at the HAPN ceremony. Jay was an “Ellijah” to the HAPN family, to his First Nation tribes, and to the United States. When he ascended the portal to Heaven earlier this year, we knew something sacred had occurred, a divine exchange that defies any description words could convey.

And the ministry Joann later gave bore witness that Jay’s mantle had indeed been passed. A double portion of holy thunder came forth!

I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that, during the mantling ceremony, a major storm had enveloped Oklahoma. Rain poured down. We even heard tornadoes—whirlwinds—descended upon neighboring Texas!

Can’t make that up.

Releasing and Receiving
Here’s a personal story of why this meant so much. Last December, during Revolution 2014, we were really focused on seeing God’s “turnaround mantle” released. Precious friends were highlighted to us by the Spirit. They chose sacrificially to join the gathering, and during a visit to the National Archives they were greatly rewarded by a touch from the Lord. We saw God’s turnaround!

And I felt to give them my mantle.

I had carried this mantle up the east coast during the “Glory Procession” through the original 13 colonies earlier in the summer. It meant so much to me, and it was really hard to release! I actually felt a void of power afterwards, much like Jesus said after a woman sought healing by touching His mantle. “I know power has gone out from me.”

Double Portion in Same Year!
But God! This year Jolene and I truly received a double portion. In March, right after my birthday, we connected in Jerusalem with Linda Wyatt. She’s a good friend and a powerful prophetic intercessor. And the Lord spoke to her to bring us a mantle she received by the Jordan River—right where Elijah was taken to Heaven! This became a true treasure to us.

Then to our surprise, Apostle John Benefiel approached us with a request to mantle us in the prophetic during the HAPN gathering. At first I privately resisted. We’ve already been commissioned by Apostle John as apostles in a very powerful time. Do we need to be mantled as prophets?

You know, with some questions before the Throne, you don’t actually GET the answer until you EXPERIENCE the answer! And during Friday’s commissioning service, the pieces of the puzzle came together.

Apostle John even gave Jolene and me the exact same mantle we had released! Stunning. Sacred. In the faithfulness of Jesus, we just received a double portion! WE ARE BELIEVING GOD FOR THE SAME MIRACLE FOR EACH OF YOU.

And no, you cannot have either of them. This time these “mantles in the whirlwind” are for keeps 🙂